Orphan Beauty

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Moira, beautiful, black, and clueless. Shes an orphan in a place called morrow grove. Desperate for an escape from her miserable life she takes off with her boss after he sells his company to return to his family, what she doesnt know is he was taking her to a safe place for her own good. For her safety especially since she has no clue what's to come. Read and find out some undeniable secrets.

Erotica / Fantasy
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Moira blossom, the name I've come to know as my own. Not from a kind life, not from any fancy bloodline, not even from this little town. An orphan once upon a time never really having a home just tossed around the town till aging out.
Fitting in wasn't really in the cards. Everyone in town is blonde hair, blue-eyed, and of course white. Me, I have long jet black hair, lighter black silky skin, and orange-yellow eyes, strange yes, the only answer for my eyes that anyone can come up with is a genetic mutation, or if your religious they like to say I'm a demon or some other forsaken creature of the deep. People just shifted away from me at all times. Even teachers seemed to either be afraid or just unwilling to engage with me
Leaving this miserable town is my goal, but no one will hire a girl who isn't normal in the eyes of the town. Except, Mr. Bratton owns an accounting firm and is always in need of janitors, he seems to scare off the rest of the town.
I roll myself to my right side in my bed hoping if I face away from the clock time will go faster and my last day on this job will roll around and go by quickly.
After this shift I have enough money to leave, I have a place picked out and a ticket to buy tonight. I climb out of bed reluctantly looking towards the door of my miserable room. The dresser has paint peeling off and spots that look as if mold has found it a suitable home. The bed has clean sheets but the mattress feels to be at least 20 years old., the frame creaks bad enough you cant even toss in your sleep without everyone thinking you had company over. Well if you were pretty that is.
I pull a small bag out from under the bed, pack the 2 pairs of everything I own. And my one book, the book that made me think people could be better elsewhere. I head to work after stuffing the last of my things away. Once at work the day flew by. After work, I walk up to Mr. Bratton to remind him it's my final day and to grab my last paycheck.
He hears me coming and swivels around in his office chair giving off a huge grin then speaks.
"Hello, my favorite employee how was the shift today? Not too bad I imagine?" He says with a smile.
I shake my head and open my mouth to speak but am interrupted by Mr. Brathon.
"Why don't you come to sit and enjoy a tea with me? I'd enjoy the company for a while." His eyes sparkling with excitement like he has something to share.
I move into the room further and sit in his comfy sofa chair. He brings over the tea bag bowl, sugar, and cream placing them in front of me. He turns around to pour the kettles warm water into two fancy china teacups his grandmother collected before she passed, or at least that's what he told me about them.
Sitting across from me he adds an earl grey tea bag and some sugar. I put an English breakfast teabag into my cup then add cream and sugar.
I take a sip and then ask " what's the big news? I can see it in your eyes, sir."
He smiles and turns his head to his desk saying " selling the company and getting outta dodge. Seems people here like me only a bit more than you so thinking of getting outta here."
I look at him shocked, he's been here for as long as I can remember I've been here since I was about 3 and he was an established owner by then. Can't believe he's planning on moving away.
He must have seen my shock and he simply adds"I'm going home I want to be with my family again before my final days. Its tradition to be laid in our grounds."
I nod my head. Knowing family traditions is always something people should listen to.
He turns to me and asks "would you like to join my family? Were always looking for new members. We're kinda like the misfits of the country."
I look at him shocked. Why would he ask me to go with him? Isn't that kinda weird? What should I say?
For some reason, I'm compelled to say yes. As I nod my head I think about what could go wrong but then I think of what might go right.
After I finished my tea and left he had told me to meet outside my apartments since he was headed out around 10 that night. His car pulls up and he gestures for me to hop in. I do so and think of what good could come from this.

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