Our Silver Lining

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("Do you feel that?" "No!!! It... It can't be... Can it?") When you are cursed for over a thousand years for a crime you didn't do you tend to give up on finding your true mate... Until the Moongodess saw the truth and sent you a great gift Will this gift be the end of the Alpha brothers or will it strengthen them to overcome the evil that cursed them in the first place Scar being the last of her kind that she didn't even know about will be tossed into a crazy life with treats around every corner. Will they save each other or will it be too late?

Erotica / Fantasy
Mandie Steyl
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Scarlett - Scar for short - silverback lycan, only one of her kind

Dimitri - pitch black wolf (Finn) - one of the Alphas - oldest brother

Alec - Grey and black wolf (Jax) - other Alpha - twin but not identical

Brandon - youngest brother with a HUGE secret - Scar's best friend

Julie - Scar's best girlfriend from the previous pack

Carter - Beta to Dimitri and Alec - best friend and hot head
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