Our Silver Lining

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Chapter 1

Brandon's POV

Finally, after two months, I get to go out and have an amazing day with Scar. I haven't seen her in like forever and was supposed to meet up two months ago but she said stuff happened and had to cancel. I had a very bad feeling that something happened to her but I didn't want to push her so here I am sitting in our favorite park waiting for her


"Scar? Oohhemgee!!! How are you?" I screamed at her while jumping to my feet to give her a tight hug. Squishing her face solidly into my chest I forgot how damn short she is but hearing het giggle just made my day

"Get off of me you big lug," she said while trying to push me away but the huge smile didn't help so I just pull her closer

"Eeewww get a room!!" One of the Karen's screamed from the side while trying to cover her kid's eyes

"Get a fucking life" Scar scream from my chest while trying to lunge at the woman who seemed frozen in place with a shocked expression

"Wow calm down badass, what's gotten into you?" I asked holding on to her shoulders while trying to ignore Karen trying to throw a temper tantrum

"Nothing, don't worry about it. Let go get something to eat" Scar said ignoring the fact that she lashed out. She never lashed out this badly before, she would usually just make a silly joke and drag it out to irritate the poor unfortunate souls. She turns and started walking to the corner cafe where we always have our coffee and a huge slice of cake and that is when I noticed that she has lost a lot of weight

She was skinny before but now she looks like a walking twig just waiting to break. I followed her and got our usual seat and ordered our coffee's and each a big slice of bar one chocolate cake with caramel and nougat filling

I grabbed both her hands on the table and gave them a firm squeeze. She looked at her hands before looking at me with tears in her eyes

"Babe what happened," I asked scooting closer to her. I can see she wanted to say something but nothing came out but her tears. I pulled her into my chest then she let it go and sobbed her heart out. She kept on saying that she is sorry for ruining my shirt but I didn't give a shit about my shirt I was worried about my best friend that was hurting

I used my free hand to lift her chin so she can look at me and that is te moment I almost lost control of Zac, my wolf. Her perfect makeup was smudged around her eyes and I could see the dark blue bruises around her right eye. Her eyes always had this fire inside of them that matched het personality perfectly but all I could see now was a broken soul

"What the fuck happened" I growled out causing her to jump in her seat

"I need your help" she sniffed before looking at me again. I watched her eyes as they showed how she has given up and I hated myself for not being there for her

"Anything babe"

"I need to get away from here. Away from Evan" she said with new tears in her eyes. Evan was this guy she was seeing for a few months and everything seemed so perfect... Too perfect if you ask me and I should have known

"Come live with me" was the first words out of my mouth before I registered what I said

"I couldn't possibly, I just need your help to get away from here"

"I mean it. I will arrange with the Alpha's then you will forever be protected" I blurted out before thinking

"Alpha's?" She asked eith a quizzical look

"Oohh... Uhm... The village I live in is small so we call the mayor's Alpha's" I said while hoping she will believe it while I mentally slap myself

"Nice one hot head" Zac teased me
"Shut up, I don't see you coming up with an idea" I snapped back at him

"Oohh that's interesting but only if you are sure. It will only be until I get back on my feet I promise" she said and I could see the hope in her eyes. How can you say no to that?

"Finish your cake while I make a call then we can get your stuff en go" I smiled at her and gave her a side hug before grabbing my phone to call them

"What!" Dimitri growled into the phone

"Well good morning sunshine" I teased back knowing it will irritate the shit out of him but he just growled at me

"I need to ask you a favor. I have this friend of mine that is in trouble and she urgently needs a place to stay. Can she join me until she gets back on her feet?" I blurted everything out before he can interrupt me


"Oohh and she is human" I forgot to add that part

"WHAT!!!" He yelled through the phone

"She doesn't know about us and I will make sure it stays that way I promise" I waited and waited but all I got was silence until he just gave me a loud growl

"She has one week," he said before cutting the call. One week? How the hell can I make this work in just one week? Maby if she talks to them and they see her bruises they will give her extra time?

"You know this is Dimitri and Alec we are talking about right? They will kill her if she pushes her luck" Zac said and I know he is right. We will just have to make this work.

Walking back to the table I see the waiter busy talking to Scar and he is looking absolutely delicious. He had this full head of curly black hair, baby blue eyes, and holy mother of God he has dimples

"Hi, there handsome can I help you guys with anything else?" He smiled at me and I couldn't help biting my lip while looking at him. Scar giggles out and told him that we are finished and that he can bring the bill and he just winked at me before heading back inside

"Holy shit he is cute," I said to Scar while getting the money out and luckily just loud enough for her to hear but nobody else

"Please I got this. It's the least I can do after you offered to have me stay with you" she smiled at me before paying the bill and handing it back to the waiter who was still checking me out. I was 6'7, muscular built with short brown hair and brown eyes and I was damn good looking. Being a werewolf we automatically looked more attractive than anyone

"Give me a call," the waiter said taking the bill and passing a note with his number to me which made me smile even bigger

"Will do," I said trying to stay calm. He smiled at me before heading back inside

"You better call him he is freakishly handsome and he likes you... Well what is not to like" Scar giggled as she watched my cheeks flare-up

"That's true," I said while striking a pose that made her laugh out loud.

"Let's go get your things, my brothers will wonder what is taking us so long"

"Have you finally told your brothers about you being gay?"

"I wish I could" I sighed out. In our community, it is frowned upon to be gay or even bisexual but maby with time it will all change

"It will all work out you will see" she smiled at me before we went to her place

Stepping into her apartment I immediately smelled another werewolf and it made the hair in my neck stand up as it was not a good smell

"Does anyone else live here except you and Evan?"

"No it's just us, well now it will be just him," she said rushing around to get all of her belongings which didn't take that long before I heard heavy footsteps coming closer, and again that horrible smell hits me


"That's Evan, we need to go out the emergency stairs," Scar said pulling me closer to the balcony. We climbed out as fast as we could before the door burst open and a giant of a man rushed in but he was too late. We were down the stairs so fast that it seemed unreal. I glanced back and saw his red murderous eyes staring at us fore he screamed out so loud it made Zac cower in fear

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