Our Silver Lining

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Chapter 2

Scar's POV

I finally feel like myself again but I can't shake this feeling that something bad is going to happen. Evan screamed that this I will be sorry and I can't help but wonder what he meant by that. The only thing I am sorry for now is that I dragged my best friend into my problems

"Stop overthinking this. Everything will be ok, I promise" he said before fixing his eyes back on the road. We are on our way to his village then I can start my new life. Hopefully this time it will be better

"Thank you, for everything you have ever done for me," I said giving his arm a squeeze

"What are friends for babe, you know I will always be here for you," he said nudging my shoulder with his and my heart just wanted to explode with the amount of love I have for this goofball.

"You should get some sleep while you can, it is a six-hour drive to my house," he said turning his attention back to the road. I decided not to argue with him and laid back and closed my eyes and sure enough, I fell into a deep and soothing sleep


" Scar... Let me in...

"Scar... Don't forget me...

Jolting awake wake from a distant voice calling out to me I almost forgot where I was. Looking around the huge room I felt instant relief that my running away wasn't just a dream but it happened two days ago.

Arriving at Brandon's place I was expecting a small house where I would crash on the sofa or even a small apartment but instead, he stayed in a mansion with a bunch of other people surrounded by miles and miles of forest and rivers and small comfy family homes. From the moment I stepped out of the car, I could feel everyone staring at me and talking behind my back but it didn't bother me one bit. I was finally free from Evan and nothing can stop me from feeling like I do

Brandon arranged with his brothers for me to stay awhile just until I got back on my feet but I never got to meet them to thank them in person but I can't seem to knock this strange feeling in my stomach the whole time I am here

"Well I'm up now," I said out loud

"Great now am talking to myself," I said again rolling my eyes while getting up from the bed. I go to the bathroom to freshen up, get my contacts and get my robe, walking oast the floor to ceiling mirror I stop in my tracks and take some time to look at myself

I am not very tall at 5'2 and have long, thick brown hair with soft waves that hangs just above my butt. I was always skinny but now I look horrible with some bine sticking out from not having food as punishment and to add insult my entire body is covered in bruises. The biggest bruise is on my ribs and it goes from the front to my spine

Evan was always such a sweetheart until two years ago, on the day of my 19th birthday he changed into this demon that constantly beat me, punished me for something I didn't know, and kept me hidden. Brandon and I were friends before I met Evan and he never liked him but all I could see was the nice side... How dumb was I, right?

There are very few details I can remember of my childhood but I can remember my Mom that fought for her life to keep me safe, I can remember all the flames surrounding us before I heard her scream out before everything went dark. I can remember someone waking me up and telling me to run and never look back before he handed me a bag of what he called cover-ups to keep me safe

Looking at my dull green eyes I still remember opening the bag in the middle of the woods, hoping to find a warm jacket or even a blanket but only finding some travel documents, money, and a bunch of containers with what looked like eyes inside. I soon learned that it was color contacts to hide my natural eye color. I never start a day without them for as long as I can remember and it didn't feel right to start now.

Pulling my robe on I checked the time only to grunt when I saw it was only 02:37 am but got distracted as my stomach started growling at me so I decided to go and get something to eat, that way I can also look around a bit

Walking down the hall to the stairway I notice that it is too quiet, except for the fact that it was 02:37 in the morning I was expecting to hear some people snoring but there was nothing so I decided to go and check if Brandon was up.

I stood in the hallway knocking on Brandon's door hoping he was up to keep me company but nobody answered so I peeked into his room and was surprised to see that his bed was still made up like he hasn't been in his room today and it was empty. My growling stomach reminded me that I needed some food so I closed his door and went down to the kitchen

I decided on sliced bananas and strawberry yogurt mixed as it is light enough for this time of day but will still fill the empty hole. I took a seat on the window sill and stared out into the forest feeling at peace while finishing up my mix

I caught sight of something moving in the forest and for a split second I could have sworn I saw two wolves staring directly at me but when I looked again there was nothing. Shaking off this weird feeling I got up to wash the bowl when I was scared out of my wits when the door was slammed open and this giant beast of a man was staring intently at me

"WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU" his deep voice vibrated through my body sending delicious tingles throughout. I stared up into his glowing eyes and saw them flash between blue and gold before he took a step towards me

"I will not ask again" he growled out as I took a step back. I can't stop staring at his eyes but my mouth does not want to communicate with him so I just bit my lip while staring back at him and occasionally taking a step back as he takes a step forward until I felt something solid behind me

"Answer his question love" I heard another deep voice behind me say and my body froze up but not in fear but rather in lust

"Can you smell that Dimitri?" The voice behind me said before taking a big whiff and I could see the giant in front of me doing the same before his eyes changed to gold and focused back on me

"Do you feel that?" The guy behind me whispered

"No!!! It... It can't be... Can it?" The guy in front asked with a shocked expression on his face. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest before the most amazing scents hit me like a brick, a mixture of mint and pine that was sending my hormones into a crazy fit

The guy in front of me stalks towards me before grabbing my jaw and lifting my head before I felt both their faces in my neck, one on the left and one on the right.


"NO!!! GET AWAY FROM HER!" Brandon yelled before yanking me away from both of them and all I could hear was growling and heavy footsteps as Brandon pulled me back to my room before closing the door

"Are you ok?" He asked with a gentle tone and a worried expression

"I... I don't know"
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