Our Silver Lining

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Chapter 3

Brandon's POV

I have no idea what just happened in the kitchen but seeing Scar in the middle of my brothers made my blood run cold. Their track record with any other species other than wolves always end up in a blood bath so I had to get Scar away from them

Walking Scar back to her room she asked me if I would stay the night with her as she felt weird about what happened in the kitchen and a bit terrified so I agreed and now I am lying in bed, next to my best friend in the world trying to fall asleep but my brain doesn't want to

I turned on my side with Scar right behind me when I felt her shift and swing an arm over my side. With any other girl I never even would have been in bed with but Scar is something else so I snuggled closer to her and gave her tiny hand a soft squeeze before she grabbed ahold of my finger and wouldn't let go.

The grip was tight but not painful but it also seemed to calm her down and surprised me and soon I was fast asleep next to my best friend but it didn't last long as two sets of heavy footprints came down the hall towards Scar's room. The door went crashing open and in walked two giant furious looking alpha's that I call brothers

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!" Dimitri growled out between clenched teeth while Alec is trying his best to stay calm but failed miserably

"Will you fucking calm down she is trying to sleep, and what do you mean by what am I doing? What the hell are you doing in Scar's room?" I whisper yelled back at them and it seemed to have anger Dimitri even more

"She is our fucking mate!" His wolf growled out and my heart sank. No no no this can't be!!!

"That's impossible" I whispered trying to get my head around this

"You dare question our feelings?" Dimitri growled again before Alec stepped in to say something but I cut him off. I need to keep Scar away from my brothers seeing as they already announced that they will be settling with their current girlfriends

"I don't care anything seeing as both of you already announced your mating with twin bitches Lila and Dezzy in the next few days" and that got me two growls in return

"Get out of her room" Alec growled while he was fighting with his wolf to stay calm and I can see that Dimitri already lost his battle

"No can do... You see Scar is currently holding me in place and by holding I mean she is gripping something long, thick, and stiff so YOU can get out" I can already see my death coming so I might as well have some fun while I still can and it was perfect to see their eyes flash with fury

"WHAT!" Dimitri yelled out before he yanked the covers from us to see for himself but it wasn't the sight he expected as he froze on the spot looking at Scar and I can see new anger rising in both my brother's eyes

"See," I said motioning to my hand to make sure they saw I didn't mean she was holding my dick but their eyes weren't on my hand but locked on Scar behind me

I loosened her grip on my finger and turned around slowly to see what is going on when Zac pushed to the front at this horrific sight

Scar's shirt lifted while she was rolling around and her entire body was covered in bruises but the one on her ribs looked the worst

"Evan... I growled out feeling Zac trying to take over and shift to let out a cry for war against the low excuse of a wolf that did this to her when two huge wolves leaped out the window of Scar's room and I knew they lost it completely

From what I have read and learned about mates is that they are overprotective of each other and being an Alpha made it even worse and with my brothers fucking around with every she-wolf they could find and suddenly find their fated mate and then to see her covered in bruises... I would kill everyone in my path if this happened to my mate

Tugging Scar in I decided to go and see if I can catch up with my brothers and see if I can calm them down. I am not sure I want them close to Scar with their ability to just snap and kill, she had been through enough but also who am I to stand in way of the Goddess's plans? They have been waiting for their mates for so long that they gave up and started fucking around but who knows maybe they might just turn around and change for her

'Yeah as if' Zac snorted in my head making me doubt it all again

"let's just go and see where they are for now," I said before giving over to Zac to shift. After years of shifting it goes by quickly and doesn't hurt that much anymore and soon I was chasing after my brother's scent deep into the forest

I managed to find them next to the waterfall pacing around trying to calm down and occasionally snarling at each other. Shifting back to my human side I stepped out into sight before they pounced on each other

"Can you calm the fuck down and shift back so we can talk?" I said standing with my arms crossed and butt naked. Shifting regularly made us comfortable being naked and being a werewolf gave us an advantage. You see all werewolves are more attractive and more muscular even the woman so it makes being naked around attractive people more oblivious and we show it off

Alec turned pretty fast while Dimitri was still fighting with his wolf for control until he eventually shifted back

"What took you so long?" Alec asked as he took a seat on a rock next to the water and I was thinking the same. We never struggled with control and our wolves worked in sync with us so we never had this problem

"WHO THE FUCK IS EVAN" Dimitri yelled out

"Can you stop yelling for just one second?" I asked rolling my eyes at him.

"No" he growled out

"He is Scar's lunatic ex. I went to visit her and she asked me to help her escape...

"Escape Evan?" Alec butted in

"Yes. He was holding her captive and abused her I said while motioning to the packhouse. I don't know why she didn't tell me" I said looking to the ground. I should have asked her but it didn't cross my mind that it was this bad

"WHERE IS HE" Dimitri growled again taking a step towards me. I wasn't looking into his blue eyes anymore but rather the golden eyes of his wolf. Looking towards Alec for some help I am met with the same golden eyes of his wolf just waiting for the answer so they can go hunt

"You can't fight him, he is rogue," I said and watched their demeanor change to furious. Even though rogues are not part of a pack they have adapted to being alone and with the help of witches that played Frankenstein they learned to inject something into rogues that make their bites more lethal than pack wolves but don't get me wrong we have the numbers, skills, power and two Alpha's that is stronger than the rest of us

"We don't care what he is, he will die for hurting what is ours," they said together like they practiced this

"Let's figure a plan out first but for now what are you gonna do about you twin bitches?" If they can show me that they are willing to change for her and keep her safe then I will let this go but this topic got them arguing again

"We can't just turn our backs on our only mate! Not after waiting for so long

"You think I don't fucking know that!!!" Dimitri yelled back in frustration

"Then what is the problem," I asked out of curiosity. I am not happy that my best friend is mated to both my brothers but maby with Dimitri acting up I don't have to worry

"What will Lila and Dezzy do if we announce that we are not mating them, dumping them, and then mating a human!" Dimitri asked and it got us all thinking

"They will rip her to shreds," Alec said agreeing with Dimitri

"So what now?" I asked looking between the both of them as I can see this is not going the way I was hoping

"We need to see the prophetess," Alec said looking at Dimitri

The prophetess is the only seeer that can help us in this situation
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