Our Silver Lining

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Chapter 4

Scar's POV

I woke up with a splitting headache and this pleading voice not to forget me and it is driving me insane. I got up from the bed not even surprised to see Brandon not there anymore as I know he doesn't like sleeping over at anyone.

I went to my bags and got out my special headache pills Evan got me when I turned 19, this seems to be the only thing helping with my headaches but it also knocks me out for most of the day with the most excruciating pain you can think of

'Don't drink it

"Who said that!" I yelled out thinking it is someone playing with me

"Who are you talking to?" A deep voice asked from the doorway scaring the shit out of me... It was one of the guys from the kitchen.

"Who the fuck are you?" I asked holding a hand over my heart while looking into his gorgeous golden eyes... Those eyes can't be real but before I could ask it changed to this stunning sky blue color that complimented his features perfectly.

He was a lot taller than Brandon with hulking muscles threatening to tear the seams of his button-down blue shirt that was tucked into his black suit pants and black... Boots? Looking back at his face he had this cheesy grin while his eyes dance over my body checking me out. He had the perfect pouty lips that mine were itching to touch with high cheekbones and a sharp jawline and his tousled brown hair is just the cherry on top of the perfect specimen

"Like what you see love?" His voice was so deep it sent shock waves directly to my throbbing clit making me clench my legs to hide my obvious attraction to him which only made him smile bigger with a twinkle in his eyes... Almost like adoration... But that can't be, he doesn't even know me

Looking away from his to see if I can find my voice I heard that faint voice again


"Did you hear that?" I asked looking around to see if someone else was in my room

"Hear what love?" He asked stepping into my room with a worried expression

"You didn't hear anything?" I asked looking him dead in the eyes and that very moment I got a crippling headache sending me to my knees while clutching my head

I could feel his huge hands around my body and the heat of his body seeping into mine, it was so relaxing and oddly helped with my headache but not enough

"Are you ok?" He asked and I could feel his body vibrate and not long after that Brandon came rushing through the door with a furious expression

"What did you do to her!" Brandon growled out pushing the guys away from me which caused the other guy to snarl at Brandon and scaring me more... What the fuck is going on!

"I, I need my pills" I managed to say and pointed to my bag

Brandon went and got my pills while the other guy went to get me a glass of water

"What the fuck happened" another loud voice boomed from the doorway, I managed to look up and see the other guy, that I assumed was Dimitri, from the kitchen, and the moment our eyes locked I was consumed by the darkness

I can vaguely hear voices around me, it felt like I was floating on a warm cloud of sunshine. There were no headaches, no screaming, and no weird voices trying to communicate with me. It felt like heaven... Wait... Am I dead

"No my dear, you are not dead" a soft voice spoke before a sharp light appeared in front of me

"Who said that?"

"Don't be alarmed my dear, my name is Eva and I am the moon Goddess" the voice said. The voice was so calm and soft it made me relax and instantly trust her which is weird. I never trust anyone

"Hallo Eva, I am Scarlett...

"I know who you are my dear, I created you," the voice said

"You what?" I asked in confusion

"I created you. And you are so much more than you thought you were" she said and I started to see a silhouette in the bright light. I could see long silver hair floating around a petite body and glowing silver eyes

"I don't understand," I said starting to feel anxious. I say the light grow bigger and brighter before I felt her calming sense around me, it felt like a motherly hug that soothed all on my worries and doubt

"You will soon enough. Stay strong and fight for what is truly yours. You are more than anything out there" her voice said with more determination. I had so many questions but oddly not one wanted to come out, fight for what? How can I be strong when I am already broken and how can I be more if I am just puny little me?

"YOU ARE MORE THAN WHAT YOU HAVE BECOME! YOU ARE THE LAST AND ONLY HEIR AND YOU WILL FIGHT FOR WHAT IS YOURS! She said louder than before making me cower in fear before I felt her hug again

"Do not be feared my child for I will never harm you, you are my child. Now, go before they break the whole house down" she said with a soft laugh before I was consumed by the darkness again but this time I can hear Brandon fighting with someone

"If you fucking stayed away as we agreed on this wouldn't have happened!"

I opened my eyes to see Brandon have leaned over me in a protective stance while yelling at the two guys I last saw in my bedroom


All eyes shot to me and all I could see was worry and anger flashing together. I could see the two guys trying to come closer before Brandon snarled at them and told them to fuck off. What is it with all these weird noises coming from them?

"Scar... You nearly killed us with worry" he said taking a seat next to me on the bed while holding my hand. I felt drained and exhausted

"What happened?" I asked trying to scoot up so I can sit better

"We don't know, we were busy getting you pills as you asked but the moment Dimitri came into the room you were out, what happened?" He asked with a worried expression

"I... I don't know. I started getting a headache when that other guy...


"Ooohhh ok Uhm when Alec came in when he heard me talking to someone"

"Who did you talk to?" Brandon asked with confusion

"Apparently no one, I was alone in my room but I swear I heard someone telling me not to drink my headache pills. Alec came in and the moment I looked into his eyes my headache shot up from a 10 to 1000 and then you came in and the rest you know" there now I said all I can remember

Looking at Brandon I started to get worried as he was very pale with his mouth wide open and his eyes as big as saucers

"Brandon??? Halloo?" I waved my hand in front of his face to get his attention but it didn't work. I started to feel light vibrations coming from his hand before the door burst open with Alec and Dimitri storming in looking pissed

"What is in those pills you are drinking?" Dimitri demanded with furious golden eyes. I couldn't think about anything other than his stunning eyes

"Your eyes... Are they contacts?"

"My what?" He asked taken aback by my comment

"Your eyes, they turn golden just like his," I said pointing to Alec who seemed just as surprised as Dimitri

"No, it is not contacts," Dimitri said with a soft smile playing on his soft-looking pouty lips. His eyes changed into a mesmerizing Silver color that took my breath away but confused me even more

"We need to know what is in those pills Scar," Brandon said

"I don't know. Evan got if me when I turned 19 and it is all that helps with my headaches but it does make me sick for the whole day then I am as good as new" I said turning my attention back to my friend who was fuming just by the mention of Evan

"You need some rest Scar, we will be back in a while with Dinner," Brandon said before motioning to the others to follow him out.

Dinner? Was I out that long? And why does it matter what's in these pills, they work and that is good enough for me.
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