Our Silver Lining

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Chapter 5

Dimitri's POV

Stepping out of Scar's room I can feel Alec's irritation as my own. I linked Carter to the hospital wing while Brandon went to talk to the doctor about the pills Scar is taking. If what he is implying is true then we have a whole new set of shit to sort out

"You rang," Carter said walking towards us while rubbing his eyes. He was only wearing grey sweatpants with a tired expression

"We need you to stand watch, nothing goes in or out without our permission. The only ones allowed inside is the Doc, me, Alec and Brandon got it" I said getting to the point

"And who will I be watching?" He asked with raised eyebrows as the curiosity is swirling in his eye

"A nobody...

" A girl...

Alec and I spoke together which sparked an interest in Carter

"Mmm and who is this mystery girl/nobody and why does she need watching over?" He asked with a cheeky grin but before we could answer we hear them before we saw them

"Oh God no... it's way too early for this" Carten said with an exasperated sigh when Lila and Dezzy rounded the corner

"There you are babe, where were you?" Lila asked walking towards me before leaning up and kissing me. Yesterday this kiss would have turned me into a hungry wolf but now, knowing Scar is behind this door, this kiss felt empty. Breaking the kiss and looking at Alec I can see he felt the same when he kissed Dezzy

"What's going on with you," Lila said cupping my cheek and I can see the confusion in her eyes

'We need to tell them' Alec said through the link

'No, they will kill Scar' and by saying that I can hear Finn growling at me

"Nothing just had a rough day. Let's go to bed" I said wrapping my arms around her before looking back at Carter to see him roll his eyes

"Roll your eyes at my sister again and I will fucking claw them out" I hear Dezzy yell at Carter

"You and what army bitch" Carter snapped back causing Dezzy to and Lila to growl back at him

"Oohh fuck off shortcake" Carter snarled towards Lila before Dezzy tried to lunge at him but he was quicker and stepped out of the way causing her to faceplant the door

Carter lost it and started laughing his ass off while Alec and I tried our best to keep it in

"Go back to your room your gold-digging bitch before you chip a nail," Carter said to Dezzy causing her to stomp off while holding on to her bloody nose

"Play nice" Alec chuckled to Carter before going off to check up on Dezzy. I turned to Lila and motioned her to go. We got to my room and she immediately started to kiss me again while going at my shirt to get me undressed

I tried to stop her but the confusion and hurt in her eyes together with my raging hard cock won over the warning Finn gave me and I started to kiss her back while tearing her clothes off and soon I was balls deep inside of her making her scream out my name as I kept on pounding her and kept on ignoring the raging fire Finn was sending me

After two more rounds Lila passed out and I was still rolling around not getting any sleep in as my guilty conscious is eating at me. A knock on the door before Alec opened up and peeked in to fund me sitting in bed got me worried

"You too huh," he said with the same guilty look on his face as I am and I knew he did the same with Dezzy.

"Let's go for a run," I said getting up and grabbing a loose pair of shorts, and heading out to get some fresh air with Alec right behind me. Once outside I gave over to Finn and shifted before running off into the woods

Once I felt my paws couldn't go any further I stopped and shifted back before collapsing on the soft grass underneath the stary sky. Alec joined me and we lay like this for a few minutes before addressing the problem... Our fucking hormones

"What the fuck are we gonna do?" Alec asked rubbing his hands over his face

"The only thing I do know is that we need to make a decision right now. Either we stay with Lila and Dezzy and claim them in two days or we tell them the truth and take the chance they won't kill Scar

" I couldn't keep my hands off Dezzy the moment we got in my room," Alec said looking at me with serious eyes.

"I resisted for a second but my dick wanted her so badly I gave in. I think we have been fucking around so much we just don't give a fuck anymore" I said looking back up to the sky

"I can still feel the connection with Scar though. Should we just claim Lila and Dezzy and tri to see Scar separately?" Alec suggested and it sounds like a great comprise. We like Lila and Dezzy and they fucking feel great in bed and we can still have Scar that way we won't lose our mate

"So it's decided we will give this a go," Alec said with a smile, and just like that ever guilty feeling I had vanished. We stayed a while before shifting back and races back to the packhouse to get some rest. We need to do border patrolling in four hours
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