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Shannon Moon has secret fantasies the same as any woman. For a dominant man to take control of her life and show her the ropes. Las Vegas knows Ryder Robernero is the brilliant, dangerous, handsome CEO of Robernero Enterprises and a member of the world's most feared family but Shannon knows that there's more to him than what he shows to the world. He's a sexy and skilled dominant who is looking for a new submissive. Wanting to experience a world of pleasure beyond her stressful life as a University teacher, Shannon offers herself to Ryder, to fulfill her secretive desires. After only one weekend with the Master, Shannon knows she needs and wants more which makes her fully submit herself to Ryder, underneath his terms. Despite the pleasure, he notices Shannons willing spirit, but the Ryder who set the rules, still remains cold, distant and unapproachable.   As Shannon falls deeper into his fearful, dangerous world of power and passion, she fears that Ryders heart may never be captured—and that her own might get destroyed in the process…

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Tester chapter. Let me know if you want to read more about Mr Ryder Robernero. Leave a comment letting me know if you want to read more or not. This is the other side of the Robernero family. One that we haven't met yet. Are they as bad as what Renzo says they are? I guess we will find out. If I do continue writing then this will be a separate series.

Book order is as follows:
Conflicting minds
Dantes Possession
Societa Oscura
Bright screws
Pre Robernero discomfort
Two worlds
Senza Cuore
Kenzo-Teenage years
Ryder-seperate series

“Miss Moon,” the young assistant said. “Mr. Robernero will see you now.”

I nodded my head, and stood wondering what I was doing there, inside the tallest building, ready to meet with him. Mr Robernero, a billionaire and a member of the world's most dangerous family.

"This way, " the young assistant told me and I followed behind her looking around. I knew that I was in way over my head as we walked down the long white corridor.

"Through there, Miss Moon," I nodded my head, and went to open the door leading to the office I’d traveled overnight to hopefully enter. I didn't expect to be given a thumbs up. On the other side of that door was my darkest, dirtiest, and most secretive fantasy and I knew that by stepping inside, I’d hopefully be given the chance to make it a reality.

I managed to get inside, now I had to conquer step two. I entered the office with shaking hands. After trying to push the door open, it slid to the side granting me access, making me look a fool in the process. I blushed as I walked across the tiled white gloss flooring in his office.

Ryder Robernero sat at a large glossy black desk, typing on a laptop. I could smell his cologne from the second that I entered his room. He didn’t look up or stop what he was doing. I didn't feel comfortable taking the seat opposite him. In that moment, I wanted to turn on my heels and make a bolt for the exit, still I told myself that I could face him. I knew that meeting him would be the hardest stepping stone to hurdle myself over. Placing my hands in my lap, I dropped my eyes down in case I offended him.

I sat still while I waited. Face looking at his desk, hands in my lap, legs placed slightly off to the side of my body. The room was cold because he had the air conditioning on and in Las Vegas the sun was blazing down on the city.

"Jessica," he spoke through a microphone on his desk and the door opened seconds later. The young assistant entered the room and waited patiently as he closed his laptop and handed it over to her.

"Thank you, Sir," she spoke confidently carrying his laptop to the door leaving the room.

Standing up, he switched the tv, that sat on the wall off and walked out of the room ignoring me.

I inhaled deep breaths tapping my foot on the gloss white tiled flooring. Had it been twenty minutes?

I didn't know but I was growing impatient by the minutes. Standing up, I pushed the black leather swivel chair underneath his desk and walked to the reception area.

"Miss Moon," the young assistant Jessica looked up at me from her desk puzzled. I smiled.

"Has Mr Robernero spoken with you?" I shook my head as she nodded.

"I'm sorry Miss Moon but Mr Robernero has left his office for the day," my mouth fell open. I was annoyed that he wasted my time. I gave her a swift nod and walked out of his building. I couldn't believe that he had done what he did to me. Lighting up a cigarette, I told myself that I would never do it again. A waste of time. Rolling my eyes, I flicked my cigarette ash on the floor when my eyes noticed him. He was getting in his expensive Masserati.

Pushing my cigarette in the ashtray that sat on the wall, I stormed towards him with my hands fisted down my sides.

"Mr Robernero," I shouted across the parking lot. He stopped, holding his door open, his eyes were squinted.

“Shannon Moon,” he said.

I crossed my arms over my chest. A smile played on his lips as he turned his head on the side obviously enjoying the game of chase.

Not saying another word, he sat down in his car and slammed the door. From what I knew of Ryder Robernero, he wouldn't cut a conversation short. It was a test. Ridiculous!

He adjusted his chair, pushing it back. I stared at him. He was ignoring me and that made my blood boil inside my veins.

Grabbing his door handle, I yanked it open and crossed my arms back over my chest. He got out of his car, slamming the door. I could hear the traffic passing by from the main road as I took a long step back. Looking me up and down, he sized himself up against me walking to stand behind me.

A hand touched my left shoulder and a minty breath drifted up my nostrils. “Your not my type, no offence.”

That statement was offensive! I didn't understand, why he couldn't have told me what he was thinking in his office. Why make me go to all of that effort, to only tell me that I'm not his type? My crazy fantasy was slipping through my fingers. My heart was beating inside my chest, unbearably tight, it was throbbing. Do I tell him that he's my crazy fantasy? No, I stood on the spot staring at the cemented floor silently.

“I will tell you my honest opinion,” he continued, “I am a man who selects his submissives, not the other way around. Your not trained or ready to commit to me. So, with that statement, you should have gathered that, I'm not interested.” He was spitting it through his teeth. His attitude was a problem.

I was insane to still be standing there but it was what I wanted. I needed to be under that man's thumb. If I couldn't deal with him talking to me the way that he was, then I shouldn't be trying to get him to take me underneath his control, I thought to myself. I didn't want another man to do it, I wanted him. I looked down at the floor inhaling a deep breath.

“Are you sure this is what you want, Shannon?” He wrapped my hair around his fist and ragged it back, hard. I clamped my teeth together. "To be under my control, to do as I say, when I say? To give up all of your free time, for me? Now now, why would you want to do that hmm?"

My hands were shaking, instant regret was running through my mind. My throat was dry, scratching as I tried to lubricate it, but I stood firmly where I was. My heart was beating in my ears and I closed my eyes for a brief second trying to pull myself back together again.

Dropping my hair, he walked to stand in front of me and crossed his arms over his chest, staring down at me.

“Eyes, up and on mine.”

It took all of the courage inside of me to raise my line of sight upto his. I'd watched videos of him online and seen various pictures inside of newspapers, but I had never looked directly into his eyes in person before. Everyone knew who Ryder Robernero was, owner and CEO of Robernero Enterprises. Still, his family was taking over the world, building casinos, hotels, restaurants, security companies, architectural works, interior specialist firms, real estates, bars, clubs, including Bdsm clubs and oil rigs, not forgetting that they controlled many, if not all major cities across the globe. They were untouchable.

So, looking up in his eyes was a challenge for me. Unique. What I knew from newspaper articles was that the Roberneros had the best eyes. Ryder Roberneros eyes specifically were a silverfish grey with light blue streaking through them. The pictures and videos that I looked at didn’t do the man justice. His skin was tanned, helping his eyes to stand out. His thick black shiny hair was spiked up at the top, short at the sides. From what my friends told me, he looked the spitting image of a family member called Kenzo. I did my research and came back empty handed. I'm not too sure what that man looked like, but if it was the same as Ryder then he was gorgeous. I wanted to grab his hair and pull him down to me. I needed his lips to touch mine, to capture, dominate, demand and force.

He loosened his tie. Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he tapped rhythmically as I stood watching him. I didn't know what to expect from him, he was a closed book to me. Veins on his hands buldged out, a tattoo travelled across the top of them. My hands were sweating and I was sure that he could hear my heart beating rapidly inside my chest. The street behind him was now quiet. My knees were weakening as I thought about his hands grabbing my fragile skin. I focused on my breathing because I needed to. I had one chance to try and gain his approval.

Ryder glanced up at me and gave the faintest of smiles. I shuffled on my feet slightly, with hopes that he wouldn't send me away empty handed with a devastating outcome. I was biting the inside of my cheek nervously, several minutes had passed by and I still didn't feel any closer to having what I had came to get.

He spoke again. “I’m not interested in an explanation as to why you came to me today. What I am interested in is whether you have been given my contract?"

Opening my black bag, I pulled out the thick contract with his application form, blood test sheets, checklists, birth control forms, clothing and shoe sizing graphs, hardlimit lists all filled out, allergy forms and personal information. Holding my arm out, I waited for him to take them in his hand.

"Who gave you these?" He narrowed his eyes at me and I didn't say a word. "Was it Jessica?" Nodding my head, I watched as he ruffled through the paperwork. “I don't-” I dropped my line of sight down to his black shiny shoes.

I managed to get his information a couple of months before meeting with him. He had an opening for a submissive position and Jessica sent his information over to me for review. I missed the deadline and from my sources, I heard that his submissive left him. I knew the contact details for Robernero Enterprises, his hard limits, blood type and things he enjoyed doing. His test results showed that he was clear of STI's, the only information I didn't know was his private, personal numbers, home address and emails. So, I contacted Jessica's number and asked if I could speak with him about the new submissive position that he had available.

“You have no training,” he said. I nodded my head. That was a problem for me. I could never get a place inside any of the exclusive Bdsm clubs because I didn't have any previous training behind me. It's like having the qualification, but no prior experience which held me back.

It was dark. Opening his car door, he threw the documents down on his black leather seat before slamming it. Silence again as he stood on the spot in thought. I didn't know how much longer I could stand around feeling awkward. Raising my head, our eyes met and I looked down again.

“I will give you one chance. I don't recall telling you to look away.” He was abrupt.

I hoped. I really did hope that I didn't mess up, losing my one chance. I snapped my head back up to face him.

“Yes, Shannon Moon. Those eyes are a cause for concern. One weekend, one chance, one offer. That is it.” He squinted his eyes at me. "If you agree, you will arrive at my house at precisely five in the evening. I’ll have a car pick you up from your residence or place of work. We’ll have dinner and if you manage to make it through the first two nights, you will be with me until Sunday. Clear your schedule.”

He unbuttoned the top button of his shirt and removed his suit blazer, laying it in the crook of his arm. “I expect you to meet my expectations Shannon. Eight hours of sleep minimum each night when your not with me, a balanced diet is to be eat, that does not include anything in the junk food category, even if you go to a fairground, cinema, swimming, on holiday. My meal plan is to be followed, always. With this, I have a minimum requirement for drinking water. Four, five hundred millilitre bottles a day, minimum, no fizzy drinks, juice or anything with sweeteners inside it. My dress code is a black dress just above the knee with six inch heels and criss cross tights. No underwear is to be worn when your to meet up or be with me. This includes sports bras. You will attend the gym three times a week where you will engage in swimming, yoga, dancing including on a pole, endurance training, body building workshops and zumba. You will have a personal trainer who will collect you from the front desk of Logans Gym at ten o'clock sharp on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. He will help you with your stamina and you will be taken out on runs twice a week to get your heart rate up. This will clear your mind. I will get you a Councillor and one of my most important rules, no smoking. Do you have any concerns Shannon?”

I looked at him as if he'd grown two heads. To me, that was a very busy week. I didn’t say a word.

He grinned crossing his arms over his chest. “You going to say anything?”

"Urm, Mr Robernero. I work during the week and I'm not sure if I can fit all of that in." I gave him a worried smile and he nodded his head.

"Change your hours. I'm sure you will figure it out."

"But I can't swim." I looked down at the floor. Yes, I couldn't swim, how embarrassing. Typing on his phone, he stopped and glanced over at me. "You will be joining swimming lessons. Once you can swim, you can move to laps. Anything else?”

I shook my head biting the inside of my cheek.

“Very well." Opening his car door, he moved the documents over to the passenger seat and sat down. Closing the door, he switched his ignition on and dropped his window halfway down. "I will see you Friday night.” He gave me a swift nod and pulled his seat belt across his chest. I stood on the spot watching as he drove off leaving me breathless. That was intense! Pulling out my cigarettes, I lit one up and inhaled deeply. I got the position! I smiled.
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