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Chapter 10

"Any questions?" Ryder entered the kitchen through the double doors as I was washing the dishes.

"Like what?" I asked him glancing over my shoulder. Pushing his hands in his black slacks, he shrugged. "Anything you wish."

"Are we going to have any sessions this weekend?" Blunt and straightforward was the direction I was travelling in.

"Turn around," he demanded and I twisted around with wet hands dropping water all over his white tiled flooring.

"Stupid question Shannon." His eyes narrowed as he took slow steps towards me. I dropped my head down to look at the wet puddle at my feet. My face was burning, he was towering above me.

"Boss we have a problem." Ryder spun himself around shouting "I'll be there in a minute, never come in here and tell me that we have a problem when my girl is here. Understood?" Ryder pointed at him and I wanted to step back away from him but his back was practically pressed against my chest.

"Yes boss," the man with brown hair and blue eyes mumbled before turning around and leaving the room. Nothing else was said. Ryder yelling made me want to cry, it felt dangerous to me. To see a fully grown man bow his head down in regret made him even more powerful. He was holding his empire in the palms of his hands and the second that he turned back around to face me, his eyes showed complete darkness.

Guiding my head up with his fingers, he turned his on the side. I felt his breath touch down the side of my neck when he scratched his stubby shadow against my cheek before whispering in my ear. "I will do what I want and you will comply. What you will notice is that I hold the key to more secrets than you could ever imagine. Keep your mouth shut and you shall be rewarded."

Stepping back from me, he squinted his eyes. He had me in the palm of his hands like a melted ice cube. I twisted myself around as quickly as I could so that I didn't have to face him. Washing the dishes, I listened to his footsteps as they left the room.

I dried all of the plates and cutlery before draining the water out of the basin. Opening the fridge, I took a fresh bottle of water out and downed half of it when I heard Ryders voice through a speaker inside the room.

"Playroom in five." I shuddered, the hairs on my body stood up as my stomach tightened. My breathing accelerated, I was on an adrenaline rush of my dreams.

"Get what I'm saying amore?"

"Yes Master." I blurted out. He didn't need to do anything with his body language, it was never forced because his voice could get me to follow any command.

Standing in the center of his playroom was the worst experience imaginable. My mind was running wild, I didn't know what to expect as I played with my hands. The room was silent and he was ten minutes late. Or was he? I didn't know. I glanced over at the black board with red chalk on it.

"Your safe word is Rosso. Rosso means red in Italian."

I thought about the way that he could make me obey just by talking and the way that he walked with so much dangerous energy. The second those doors opened up, I snapped my eyes down to the wooden flooring. Slow, agonisingly tenseful strides.

"Left wall, walk, stand and face it." His cold voice vibrated through me like an earthquake. I ran over to it and faced the red wall with my hands down my sides. I could hear his footsteps approach me from behind until he stopped and breathed down the side of my neck. My pelvic floor muscles ached, I was that wet from the long dinner that he had teased me through. I was dripping down the inside of my right thigh and he hadn't really touched me at all.

His hands slid underneath the robe at my shoulders as he pressed his length against my ass. I closed my eyes gritting my teeth and he growled down my right ear.

"We won't be needing this." He told me sliding his hands across my shoulders until the robe dropped at our feet. Exhaling a deep breath, the tips of his fingers drew a line up my arms from my wrists to my shoulders.

"Russo. Remember it." My stomach tensed up making me even more wetter, his breath that smelled like mint drifted down the side of my neck and up my nostrils. I closed my eyes as he forced me forwards. My hands pressed up against the wall, a quick reflex.

"Arms a little higher." He told me before grabbing the backs of my hands and forcing them up.

"Right there." He spoke quietly pulling a cuff that was in the wall around my right wrist and locking it up. I didn't see it which took me by suprise. That one word was my only way out. The other cuff was snapped in place. I couldn't move my wrists an inch off the wall, they were completely stuck. I looked up.

Chuckling, he knelt down.

"That foot needs to go there." He was telling me what needed to happen when he was restraining me. My legs were wide apart. A shackle came out of the floor which he wrapped around my ankle. I heard it clink shut and before I knew it, both of my ankles were locked in place and so were my wrists.

My inner guidance was telling me to get out of there, to shout my safe word, to get miles away from this man but I couldn't. I was intrigued with what he would do next, at the same time I was anxious and nervous. He had all of the control over me and my body. I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply telling myself that I would be ok. He wouldn't hurt me. I was scared of the unknown.

"I don't think you understand," he stepped to stand behind me and pushed his finger through the collar, pulling my head back so that it rested against his chest. "This collar makes you mine. Your thoughts, your body, emotions, actions you take, plans, everything. It all stems back to me. Out in public and here inside this house, everything about you, who you are, how you think, all of it is connected to me. Mine. You are mine. Understand pet?" His thick Italian accent really wasn't helping me. It would churn things up inside me that not even I could understand. I nodded my head and he smirked sliding his hands from my hips up to my chest. Grabbing my breasts, he groaned.

"It has been a couple of years hasn't it Shannon? Two, possibly three." He spoke before nibbling my earlobe. He was correct. How could he possibly know that? I asked myself. He didn't exactly know me personally.

"Your senses are heightened. Tell me Shannon, how many times has a man made you cum hmm." I couldn't answer his question. There again, I wasn't sure if anyone had ever made me cum, but then I remembered one boy who did.

"Two." I spoke, my breathing was crisp like on a freezing cold day.

"Is that so?" I couldn't see him because he was standing behind me switching from ear to ear, surprising me each time he spoke.

I heard ruffling and he wrapped his tie around my neck tightly. I focused on my breathing throwing out the negative thoughts where I was asking myself if he was going to strangle me. I trust him, I trust him, I told myself over and over again and I did. He wouldn't have me restricted the way that he did if I didn't trust what he was doing.

His fingers slipped down from my breasts, to my stomach and continued further to my crease. He slid his finger in between and then retracted them the second that he touched my sensitive nub. I braced myself to only be left wanting more.

"Not yet." He told me in a dark, demanding, cool tone. My heart was racing. I listened to what he was doing and when I heard his metallic zipper moving down his black slacks, I felt as if I was getting a step closer to something glorious.

Silence. I wanted to glance over my shoulder but I didn't try it. I just listened to movement behind me and when I was too relaxed, I felt skin to skin contact from his stomach touching my back. I jolted forwards, a bolt of electricity shot through my body, my mouth fell open and my eyes were closed. Too bad that they were closed because my vision suddenly turned black.

A hand slid down my left arm, his stomach pressed against my back as his fingers slid through my crease teasing me. I groaned, throwing my head back to rest against his chest. He chuckled not saying a word. I was all his to do with as he pleased, the safe word spiralled around inside my mind and suddenly, I stopped thinking about it. The more he rotated his fingers around my sensitive nub, the heavier I was becoming which meant that he had me completely at his mercy in his hands.

My stomach was doing all the flips it wanted to do, I couldn't keep up. My mouth opened wide. Trapping me between him and the wall, he pinched my left nipple with his thumb and forefinger.

He bit down on the skin at the top of my back. Licking the side of my neck, he kissed, nuzzled his head between my head and my shoulder, nibbled and claimed all of my skin as his. I belonged to him and he was going to make damn sure that I knew that. I didn't have anything to complain about as I fell deeper into his world with him and I didn't mind either. No objections from me Master. All yours to do with as you please.
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