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Chapter 11

He moved to stand on my right increasing the force of his fingers against my sensitive nub. It was becoming too intense for me and I struggled as I cried out.

"Soaking fucking wet. Jesus christ." He stated as if it was a problem but I knew that it wasn't. He was getting turned on the same way as I was. I couldn't see a thing as his lips forcefully captured mine. I opened my mouth granting him access and got lost in the kiss where he was biting my bottom lip, demanding more of a connection as if he couldn't get his tongue inside my mouth enough. I was mush in his hands and my legs wanted to give way from underneath me. My arms were holding me up so I bent them slightly letting my wrists hold up all of my dead weight. With his left hand, he was drawing lines up and down my sides, back, grabbing my neck tightly and telling me how much he planned on fucking me. I couldn't handle any of the teasing anymore.

Removing his fingers from my sensitive nub, he carried on kissing me. I was thankful that he had stopped, but hadn't. The second that he slid his entire palm over my nub, I knew that I was done for because he carried on moving it forwards and backwards. I was making different types of noises that I had never done before. It was all new for me. I no longer cared how my moans came out. My voice box was doing what it wanted. I pushed against him, needing friction, needing something, anything but he wouldn't let me have it. I needed him deep inside me, I wanted him to fill me up and as each passing second went by the more I was in need.

The moment his hand was removed from my nub, just as I was about to release, I felt coldness consume me. I shivered as I dangled from the cuffs not wanting to be in them anymore. It was crazy because my wrists were holding me up but my feet were stuck to the ground. I fell down to my knees when he unlocked the cuffs sending my body crashing down. I groaned out because my ankles were cuffed and I hoped that my ankles weren't sprained from the angle that I fell. Grabbing both of my hips, he forced me up to my feet and I placed the palms of my hands against the wall. I didn't want to stand up but I knew that I had to and I didn't have much of a say in the matter because he was lining himself up with my entrance and pushing himself deep inside me.

I clenched my teeth together grunting when he forced himself deep, to the top. He couldn't get inside me anymore even if he wanted to. Grabbing my breasts, he dragged me back against him and I closed up around him. He pulled back out and I whined. He was teasing me more than anyone had in all the years that I was alive. All I wanted was for him to fuck me and he had other plans which was shitting in my parade. Anger was coursing through me. I was sexually frustrated and in need of him.

Walking around to stand in front of me, he forced me down to my knees and slapped me across the face with his length.

"Suck him like you would a lollipop."

All the conversations that I had with everyone about sex always included sucking off a male. That was one part of sex that I hated! I couldn't stand it. The thought of choking didn't hit the spot for me but I didn't have much of an option.

"Open and take your damn prize woman." Prize? It wasn't a prize. I hated the idea of sucking him off. I didn't want to do it. The thought of baulking put me off instantly. I opened my mouth just to shut him up and in he went with it. What does everyone enjoy about this? I asked myself twirling my tongue around him. It really wasn't doing anything for me until he grabbed the back of my head and forced himself to the back of my throat growling. I was sinking into the floor, my stomach was an excruciatingly tight mess and he was knotting up my hair.

I gagged so that I could listen to him moaning, taking in long deep breaths to try and relax himself. He was pulsing inside my mouth and a small amount of his liquid touched my tongue.

I could no longer think. Wrapping his arms around my stomach, he pulled me up to my feet from behind. He was working quickly now. Touching my ass cheeks with both hands from behind, he gave both of them a light smack and every nerve inside my body tingled. The hairs on my body were standing up. Lining himself up with my entrance, he held both of my hips with his big hands and pushed himself inside me. My eyes rolled to the back of my head, my face was flustered, my skin had a layer of sweat and my feet were ice cold.

Sliding deep inside me, he didn't hit the spot that I wanted. Forcing myself back against him, I tried to grind when he whispered in my ear.

"You want more huh? Is that what you want amore? More?" I nodded my head shouting out "yes, yes I do, yes I need more, yes I need it deeper, please Master give me more."

He pulled out of me yanking me back with him and then crashed deep inside me. My hands were sweating, leaving a mark on the wall as he left and entered over and over and over again. I threw my head back closing my eyes and groaning.

There was something that I couldn't understand. Why wasn't I getting closer to climaxing? Ryder whispered in my ear, "I'm close" but I was nowhere near and I had lived with this problem since I first had sex. Why couldn't I release the same way as other girls could. I didn't understand. I had also had sex previously and never got the chance to release. It was always the male and I was left stranded. Would this destroy the dreams that I had with Dominants and them helping you to release. I had a feeling that it would but he pulled out of me and walked to stand directly in front of me again. That's when his palm slid through my crease and carried on moving forwards and backwards until I was physically crying and releasing in his hand. Literally. I screamed, begged for him to stop, got close to releasing three times before my body rejected me of the pleasure and struggled through stomach cramps until I got that almighty release. I wanted to crash to the floor but Ryder carried on after laughing at me.

"I never leave my girl unsatisfied." He told me. I wasn't even listening at that point. I just wanted to go to sleep but Ryder needed to finish off. I was exhausted!

I tightened up around him fisting my hands. My toes were getting cramps, my nub was so fucking tender I would jolt forwards off the slightest touch. Then there was Ryder who was pumping in and out of me getting ready to release but guess what, so was I. After that one initial release, I was getting closer and closer but he let himself go before I got the chance to set it free.

Pulling out of me, he ragged the blindfold off my eyes and glared at me.

"You didn't tell me. You didn't speak up." He shook his head, his eyes were showing a rage of anger, his teeth were grinding together.

"You always let me know. Always. Number one rule Shannon. Let me know." I didn't know what to say. His body was big. I looked at his chest, the way that he was carrying himself was terrifying yet it was sexy. I wanted to touch his muscles and feel him even if the sweat was pouring off his forehead and down his chest. I felt bad but that didn't last for long. He forced two of his fingers deep inside me and moved them in and out, around in circles that fucking quickly, I was shaking and struggling to stay standing on my feet. I screamed out with my arm on his shoulder, my release came quickly and when I came, he dropped me down to the floor gently before crossing his arms and looking down at me. I was shivering when my body was relaxing. My jaw was shaking, my legs wouldn't stop shaking either and my breasts were cold but I didn't care. I felt free and amazing.
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