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Chapter 13

I just needed sleep. Four sessions in, we were slowly moving to the fifth. I couldn't hold myself up anymore. I was far too tired and I asked myself over and over again if I couldn't hack it. With work and then having to go to his house to be fucked for hours. I didn't know if I was burning it at both ends. I collapsed on the bed. At this moment I wanted to be in a normal relationship and not with a Dominant. Ryders energy levels were far too complex compared to mine. I couldn't keep up. I was yawning, stretching out. I couldn't even gather enough strength in my legs to stand up and go for a shower. I didn't want it. I wanted sleep. I needed to build myself back up physically.

"Not over yet amore," he whispered in my ear. I wasn't bothered. His cold voice wasn't phasing me. I was past the point of giving a fuck. I didn't care where I was or what I looked like, I just needed heat and sleep. I would have slept on cement at this point. What I do remember is that I didn't want to go for round five.

It was close to morning when he told me to drop to my knees. I couldn't move. I lay there yawning my head off and he picked me up before placing me down on my knees. My eyes were closed over. Standing in front of me, he brushed my hair back with the tips of his fingers and my body was swaying from left to right.

"Open your mouth." I yawned. I didn't open it vuluntarily. Sliding his length inside my mouth, he thrust his hips forwards and made me gag.

My face scrunched up, my complexion was red as I struggled to breathe. I was furious. He ruined my yawn and replaced it with the feeling of wanting to be sick. Bubbles came out of my nose and I wiped them away quickly. Saliva was falling down on my legs, I was holding onto his black slacks for dear life as he fucked my mouth continuously until he was close to releasing. He pulled out and slid his hand up and down his length before ejaculating all over my face. I kept my eyes closed and the second that he let my head go, it dropped to face the floor.

Getting some tissue, Ryder cleaned my face up. I was too out of it to care. Picking me up, he carried me over to his bed and lay me down. Climbing on the bed with me, he wrapped his arms around me and pulled the blankets up. We both fell asleep. I don't even think I had to count to five. I was out cold in no time.

Stretching my arms above my head, I opened my eyes in the dark room and moved to sit up. My stomach was hurting. All the muscles in my body were in pain. I looked around. I was on the floor and Ryder had moved me. Stretching my legs out, I sighed. I couldn't do it. I was in a drawer for fucks sake. I did need a shower and struggled to climb out of the drawer making my way to the bathroom. Entering, I found that there was the choice between a bath and a shower. I went for the first option. I needed to use some of the muscle relaxant that was on the shelf. There was a new robe. It was black again.

I got a long bath and wrapped the robe around me before securing the collar on my neck. Walking down the stairs in my bare feet, I made my way to the back garden. Taking one of the cups of tea that had a cup with my name on it, I walked on the grass.

"Comfortable?" I heard Ryder talk behind me and turned around to face him nodding my head. Once again, he was in a suit but another man stood next to him who I didn't know. They were dressed the same. I dropped my gaze down to my bare feet feeling awkward. It wasn't just me and Ryder but another man was with him. Walking towards me, the man held his hand out and I glanced over at Ryder who gave me a swift nod.

"This is my cousin Renzo and this man here is Marshal." Who's Marshal I asked myself looking around until a hand touched my shoulder startling me. I giggled holding my hand out to Renzo who took it in a strong hold. I didn't know what else to do. Stepping back, I crossed my right arm over my chest to make sure the robe stayed in place.

"How are you feeling?" Ryder asked me with his hands in his pockets as Marshal walked to stand next to him.

"Aching Master. My back hurts too." I looked down at my feet and he gave me a swift nod.

"Breakfast is ready on the table. Remember what I said. What did I say to you?" He raised his eyebrows and I shuffled on my feet.

Stepping towards me, he stopped and touched my cheek. Closing my eyes, I pushed my head against the palm of his hand like a kitten.

"Eat all of the food on my plate."

"That's a good girl. You need all of the energy that you can get." I couldn't agree with him more. That statement was true.

"Off you go." He smirked at me and I nodded my head again. "Thank you Master," before walking over to the table and stuffing my face. I was starving.

Ryder was talking to both men. I didn't know what they were discussing but it didn't take them long to make their way back to the table where I was sitting. I was sipping my cup of tea listening to the birds sing in the bird bath. It was adorable and made me smile. My breakfast was a mix of all sorts. It was basically a buffet breakfast and I could pick and choose what I wanted. I eat everything on my plate that Ryder had picked out for me and eat seconds before they approached the table and took a seat. It was eggs, bacon, your usual breakfast brunch. Ryder was drinking coffee smirking over at me as I yawned underneath my gown. I was still tired, sore, aching and struggling with the thought of doing what I had every single weekend alongside work and my other commitments. It was tense, tiring and I needed to think about the agreement that I had signed. I doubted that I would cancel but it was definitely a thought which would get knocked out by the memories of the pleasure that I had received. I was a lost cause.
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