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Chapter 14

I took the plates in the kitchen and washed them while Ryder spoke to his cousins. I felt awkward and didn't know what to do. I could see where Ryder got his authority from. Those two men. All of them creeped me out in some sort of way.

"Throw the dress on. It's in the dressing room. I'll be back in a couple of hours. I expect you to be ready at six." Ryder told me as he entered his house with his cousins. I glanced over my shoulder smiling.

"Yes Master."

"Any questions?" He asked me and I turned myself around holding my hands out.

"Can I phone my friend Yasmin please?" He gave me a swift nod and all three of them left the kitchen. Drying the dishes, I drained the water and ran around the house looking for a phone to use. I found a land-line in his living room and picked it up dialling Yasmins number.

"Hello. Erm who is this?" Yasmin spoke when she answered the phone. A grin covered my face.

"Hi. It's Shannon." I was feeling giddy like a child.

"Where are you calling from. This number is unknown." She asked me.

"Ryders house."

"Makes sense. Erm, some guy called Leo called me today. He invited me to an event. He said that he's Ryders brother." Brother? He told me that he would give her number to his cousin. I leaned my head on the palm of my hand confused.

"Brother did you say?" I asked her and she gave me an "mhm." She was eating something.

"And what did you say?" I was intrigued but worried for Yasmin. If Ryder was the way that he was then what was his brother like. How many brothers did he have?

"What's he like?" She asked me. I couldn't tell her. I didn't know his brother. "I can't comment. I've never met him." She didn't say anything for a moment.

"I have to go and get ready. I'll see you later yeah." I swiftly nodded. "Speak soon."

Putting the phone down, I walked out of the living room closing the doors behind me. He always had them closed over. Black doors with glass in the middle. Modern design I thought to myself. Walking up the stairs, I started getting ready for the night in the dressing room just off his playroom.

Strapping the dress up, I smiled and pulled the glittery black heels on my feet. Entering his playroom, I looked around when I heard a bang from downstairs. Running out of the playroom, I stepped in the lift and made my way down to find that nobody was around. Weird I thought to myself looking down into the lobby area.

I stood in front of the mirror. I always thought that I was too short to wear a long gown but there I was with my hair down, my makeup done and the most beautiful long dress with holes in the waist I could have ever imagined. My lips were red, my eyes were black smokey. My sister Gabrielle taught me how to apply makeup. She always wore it day to day and shared multiple tips with me that she would have learned on her journey to becoming a makeup artist.

My pasty skin made the dress stand out and I loved it. Walking down the final set of steps, I waited at the door until Ryder pushed it open in his black suit. This time it wasn't your normal suit. It was a tux, a very expensive one too. My lips parted, my breath caught in the back of my throat as he held his arm out for me.

"Let's go." He stated.I stepped back remembering something. Holding my finger up, I smiled.

"Can you wait for a moment please Master?" He turned his head on the side before giving me a swift nod. I ran through the house to the kitchen and picked up all of the plates. Opening the cupboard doors, I slid them inside and closed them over before turning around.

"Ahh, I see." Ryder stepped inside the kitchen and I stood on the spot like a stick. Holding my hands in front of my stomach, I dropped my head down as he circled me. I felt as if I was his prey.

"Next time, don't forget. I don't give second chances."

"Yes Master." I nodded my head and he slid his arm through mine before grabbing my hand with his.

Guiding me to the front door, he spun around and touched my lips with his finger. "I like this colour. It suits you. I wasn't too sure if it would when I selected it."

I smiled blushing. Looking down at the dress, I was feeling thankful. The dress was amazing. I loved it! It wasn't the type of dress that I would ever be able to afford. It showed my curves off the correct way and didn't make me feel self conscious in any way whatsoever. It was a roundneck with long sleeves, the back had a gold clasp and it was tight on the top half. It flowed outwards with a slit on my left leg. I had to double check the length of my leg hairs. They were too long for me if you could call stubble bad. I didn't think about my legs before I went to Ryders so there I was shaving my leg over the sink. Never again.

Ryders tuxedo was made for a royal. It had golden buttons on it and everything else was black, his shirt was white this time around but the dress that I was wearing matched him.

"Mmm." Ryder sighed moving his lips to my ear. "How fucking delightful. So goddamn sweet." Nibbling the shell of my ear, he stepped back smirking down at me.

Touching my lower back with his hand, he scratched me lightly and I stepped forwards quickly. Chuckling, he guided me out of his house and to a black Audi that sat outside.

"Ladies first." He told me when I looked up at him. Holding my hand, he waited until my bottom touched the black leather and I got ready to shuffle over when he closed my door and walked around to the other side of the car sliding in.

I held my hands together thinking naughty thoughts. The hold he had on them were tight and I could imagine him forcing them above my head. Stop it Shannon, I told myself but I couldn't. I was falling for his spell.
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