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Chapter 15

I needed a cigarette when we pulled up outside a white building in the middle of nowhere. I was afraid of the unknown. I didn't know what to expect. I had tried hard to not smoke, slipping up on the odd occasion throughout the week when I got stressed. I needed one more than ever before at this point. I saw Jessica as she entered the building. She waved at me. Ryder told me not to wave back and I felt as if I was being ignorant but I wasn't willingly going to speak to him about it.

The cool breeze was drifting up my dress. I was freezing cold. I wasn't wearing any underwear which meant that my nipples were poking through the dress and Ryder made it obvious by grabbing them from outside the dress. I whined throwing my head back. He told me not to worry about anyone and that my focus was to be on him at all times. If someone was to have an issue, they were to bring it up with him. I agreed with his decision.

Ryder was making the entire situation a nightmare for me. I was this bubbly character who would shy away from people yet I was talkative and enjoyed having a long conversation. Ryder was the opposite. If somebody wanted to talk to him, he would ignore them and tell them to fuck off. I stood in front of him as he massaged my shoulders awkwardly. His hands never left me... Ever. Drinking a drink, he would have a hand on me, looking behind him, hand on me, needing the toilet, hand on me in the cubicle. He wasn't messing around and I wasn't exactly sure why. It felt as if I had a bodyguard with me at all times.

Jessica approached us in a silver dress. Ryder gave her a swift nod and I smiled.

"It's good to see you both here." She smiled. Ryder didn't.

"Why would we not be. This is my business." Block on a happy conversation yet again for the tenth time. I sipped my drink. Biting the inside of my cheek, I stood quietly until Ryder whispered in my ear. "Go and sit down next to your friend. She's with Leo, Renzo and Marshal."

I nodded my head and walked when he grabbed my hand. "Overthere. Corner." Turning around, I walked over to the table glancing over my shoulder quickly. Ryders eyes were pinned on me. Why was he so protective I asked myself. I didn't know. I knew about his life but I didn't think that it was that bad he had to have his eyes on me twenty four seven when out in public. There again, it made sense. Dominant and I was his submissive.

"You're here, finally!" Yasmin shouted across the table. Marshal and Renzo glanced up at me. I sat down and rubbed my arms awkwardly. I didn't know if I was allowed to talk but Yasmin was my best friend. I couldn't sit there and ignore her. There again, I didn't have much of a choice because Ryder walked over to us and took the seat on my right placing his hand on my thigh.

"Silence." He whispered in my ear. I nodded my head smiling at Yasmin who wouldn't stop trying to talk to me. Marshal and Renzo had their eyes on me. I felt as if I was being tested but I wasn't sure.

"Good evening Yasmin," Ryder gave her a swift nod. Yasmin shuffled on her seat giving him a nervous smile. She stood up and walked around the table to me. Touching my collar she grinned.

"This is beautiful Shannon. Ryder you truly are taking care of her. Thank you." Ryder gave her another nod and a faint smile. I wanted to talk to her but I couldn't.

"Let her bro. She's a good one." Leo told Ryder who grasped my jaw and turned my head around to face him. "You may."

Nodding my head, I sat up straight and took a long sip of my drink.

"Thank you Master."

"That's a good girl."

I spoke to Yasmin. We were catching up with what had happened when I heard a voice behind me. I glanced over my shoulder to see Ryder smirking up at a woman with black hair and brown eyes.

"Is this Shannon?" The woman asked him. He nodded his head taking my hand in his and guiding me to stand up.

"This is she." Different way to say yes I thought. The woman was carrying a strong Italian accent.

"This is my Zia Bella which means Aunty Bella." Ryder told me with a grin covering his face. I nodded my head.

"How nice it is to meet you Shannon." Bella extended her hand out to me and I took it.

"You too," I grinned and retracted my hand. She wrapped her arm around a man who gave me a threatening look. "This is my marito Gino."

"Marito means husband." Ryder gave me a swift nod and I smiled. Ryder grabbed my hand and squeezed it as Renzo whispered behind me. "Don't offer your hand."

"How nice it is to meet you Gino." He gave me a nod and turned on his heels walking away from me. Are they all stuck up? I asked myself. I didn't like Gino at all!

"So, Shannon-"

"Could you please call me Shan?" I asked her. She had welcoming hazel eyes and the most prettiest smile so I knew that I could ask her to call me by my short name.

"No she will not." Ryder told me. I looked down at the floor and Ryder guided me to sit down before continuing his conversation with her. I stared at the table.

"You will get used to our family with time." Marshal told me and I gave him a worried smile. I didn't think that I would.

"Hey boys, ladies," a man with brown hair approached us. I couldn't really tell what eye colour he had because it was dark when he stopped at our table.

"This is my dad Jeck. Dad, this is Shan." I blinked at Renzo confused. Ryder said that my name couldn't be shortened. I leaned forwards whispering. "It can't be shortened."

"Who said?" Jeck asked me and I glanced over my shoulder at Ryder.

"That's the second half of our family. Our side is different to Ryders. We work differently." Renzo told me. Jeck held his hand out to me and Renzo gave me a swift nod. "We offer hands."

I held mine out and took Jecks hand. He smiled before taking the seat next to mine where Ryder was sitting. Kissing the tip of my hand, he let it go. I didn't understand any of it. How would I know who is from which side. I didn't know.

"Drink?" Ryder asked me and I nodded my head. "Yes please Master." Rubbing my arms, I felt awkward to be calling him that in front of his family. Is it normal here? I questioned myself. I was on edge.

I heard screaming and glanced over my shoulder. A child ran into Ryders arms and he swooped her up off her feet. She was wearing a pink dress and had blonde hair. She was around the age of six.

"Adorable," Bella spoke as another woman walked to stand next to me.

"This is Shirl. She's my daughter," Jeck told me. I smiled at her. She looked fierce and scary. I looked down at the table. I didn't want to offend her with a look and she looked like the type of girl who would bite for no reason. Still, I didn't want to judge the book by its cover but it was too damn difficult not to.

"Ryder gave little Rosemary his kidney. Saved her life." Shirl spoke standing next to me. My mouth fell open.
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