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Chapter 16

Yasmin and Leo were in deep conversation with one another. I smiled as I watched Yasmin giggle and slap him across the chest. I approve, I told myself. Marshal and Renzo were bouncing off each other in laughter playing tricks on people. One of the men tripped over on a piece of clear tape that they had wrapped around two chairs.

Ryder didn't speak. He sat on his chair waiting for something to happen. I didn't know what that was but before I could ask him, he grabbed my hand and said his goodbyes to everyone guiding me out of the function room.

The black Audi pulled up and a man opened the back door. Holding my hand until I sat down, Ryder slammed the door and slid in the other side. I didn't know what his problem was but he wanted to go.

I sat on the decking at the side of his house. There was a white piano on it. I was looking at the open parking area where multiple cars could line up. A fountain sat in the center of it, a man was standing with his arms crossed. Water was flowing out of his mouth. Weird I thought to myself. It was silent outside, dark and comforting. I didn't ask Ryder where he was going and stayed outside. Walking over to the fountain, I listened to the water falling. Soothing and relaxing.

He was capturing my heart quickly which was a red flag for me. The thought of him giving his kidney to a child in need was making my heart beat rapidly. Jeck told me that the party we attended wasn't all about Ryders businesses but it was a fundraiser for Rosemary to keep getting better. Apparently she wasn't very well and Ryder always donated money to charities that helped young, vulnerable and sick children. Rosemary was a child that he met in hospital when he was dropping presents off five years before. The two of them bonded and she looked forward to seeing him every year until he went there the year before and she didn't run out of her room. He noticed that her name tag was still on her door and asked her mother if Rosemary was ok. She told him that she had kidney failure and Ryder decided to give her his kidney if it was a match for a Christmas present and he was. He would send Christmas presents to hospitals. I was touched by his kindness but I couldn't quite figure out who Ryder was or why he always distanced himself yet he had a heart of gold. None of it made sense to me.

Hands wrapped around my waist from behind me and Ryder brushed my hair from the back of my neck touching my skin with his lips. I closed my eyes and hummed in appreciation.

He moved behind me slightly. His hands slid down my shoulders before he quickly unclipped the clasp at the back of my dress. His lips were still on my neck travelling down to my collarbone. "You did great tonight," he spoke and I nodded with my eyes closed.

"My family approve of you." Kissing around the back of my neck to the other side, his hands slid up my stomach to my breasts.

"They want you to come to Sicily and Arlington with me. What do you think about that hmm?" His voice was croaking until he whispered in my ear. I didn't know what to say to him when he said that. I didn't want to intrude. We only had an agreement for weekends and not during the week but I felt as if I was being dragged into his lifestyle. I wasn't too sure if I could carry all of the weight of the world on my shoulders. It was all becoming too heavy for me.

Sliding his hands across my shoulders, he pushed the dress off them and it dropped to the floor like a puddle at my feet. I looked down as a shiver shot up my spine.

"My plan is to take you here and now." He told me. I was stood in front of the fountain naked. Holding his hand out, he waited for me to take it and guided me to step out of the dress in the black heels.

"Turn," he demanded. I turned myself around to face him and looked up in to his greyish blue eyes. Giving me a smile, he touched my cheek before stepping forwards. Wrapping his right arm around my back, he stepped forwards again until I had no option but to step back. My legs hit the stone wall of the fountain and I sat down. Dropping to his right knee, he picked up my foot and slipped the shoe off, placing it down on the floor. Doing the same with my other foot, he dropped on his other knee and pushed my legs open.

"Time for you to get off. I'm impressed with the way that you addressed me, you listened to my demands and you didn't make a show of me in front of my family. Time for me to pay you back for being my Queen."

My eyes widened, my lips parted as I shook my head. We couldn't do it outside! I was mortified.

"We do things my way Shannon. Don't ruin it or disrespect me. Relax, close your eyes and let me show you why being my submissive was a great decision." I nodded my head and closed my eyes.

Pressing his hand against my chest, he pushed me back. I had nowhere to put my hands and ended up having to lay them in the water of the fountain. It was freezing cold as the stream dropped down on my stomach. I gasped but before I could interfere with what Ryder had planned, he was sucking in my sensitive nub. I clamped my teeth together getting soaked by the icy cold water. It was doing things to me. Very very bad things. I wanted Ryder to stand up and for me to jump in his arms. I wanted him to get underneath the water and fuck me, I wanted to straddle him on the grass. I wanted anything and everything.

Grabbing both of my feet, he raised them up and stroked them. There was something about his touch, the way that he would make me feel could never be explained.

He licked me over and over again adding two fingers deep inside me. I threw my head back against the stone statue behind me. I no longer cared about the cold water because my body was heating up, my hair was dripping wet and I placed my feet on the stone wall. Once again, that feeling of you being outside and naked stirrs up something deep inside you. Ryder was fully dressed. I wasn't. Water was streaming down hitting my beasts and travelling to my stomach before it dropped off my body and landed underneath me. I was moaning out loud at this point getting ready to let go. I was so flipping close and before I could even focus on my release, I was flying over the edge, jumping off that tall mountain and crying.

Ryder grabbed my hand and pulled me up to sit on the stone wall. Smirking at me as he stood up, he wiped his mouth and wrapped his hands around my ass picking me up so that my legs travelled around his back. The warmth of his body was comforting for me and I thought that he was going to walk to the house but he didn't. He lay me down on the grass and removed his suit jacket. I looked up at him watching his every move.

"The swing over there. Go to it and sit down. I'll be with you now."

I nodded my head jumping up and running across the garden until I reached the swing. I was like a child feeling excited about what was to come. I couldn't wait. Thoughts about my amazing orgasm shot through my mind until they disappeared suddenly. Ryder was walking across the grass in his black boxer shorts and that was it. He'd wet his hair underneath the fountain. I knew at that moment, he was getting ready for serious business and I was his prey. Yippe. I think I was actually afraid of what was to come and I'm not joking either. I knew that I was in for a long tiring night and I was already exhausted after my orgasm. I needed someone to wish me luck.

He flicked his head, all the water flew out of his hair. Sexy as fuck I thought as my mouth fell open. My feet lifted up off the floor and the swing glided through the air. I was in my very own fairytale.

What did he have planned? I guess that you will find out.
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