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Chapter 17

His bluish grey eyes stared into mine. I was sitting on the swing naked but I was feeling nervous. Just so you know, I thought that the swing was a normal child's one until Ryder reached me and opened up a hatch in the tree. He had stored chains inside the tree trunk and pulled multiple pieces out connecting them to the swing. One of those things were stilts which he snapped into place before grabbing my ankles and snapping the cuffs around them.

By the time he had finished which took a small while, he had me lying back as I freely swinged through the air with both wrists hooked up above me. My legs were locked in place and he finished it off by covering my eyes with a black blindfold. The anticipation was killing me. He kept on raising it and then lowering it. I didn't know when he was going to attack me. I felt vulnerable not knowing what his plans were. I decided that it would be for the best if I was to try and relax myself. That didn't work out in my favour because I was jumpy when he touched my hands with his.

"Open," he tapped my lips as he spoke in a soothing voice. I opened my mouth and he placed something on my tongue.

"Chew." I nodded my head and bit down on it to find out that he was placing a cherry inside my mouth, sweet yet sour at the same time. My teeth grinded against the stalk as he removed it from my mouth.

It was all of the extra things he did that made sex with him that much more better. I was playing a game of guess what's going to happen next and I was always wrong. He chuckled before pinching my nipples with his fingers. My back arched upwards. He didn't speak. I felt a burning sensation around my nipples and whined before I felt something smack against my skin lightly. I knew that he was using a whip of some sort but he wasn't using it to cause pain, he was using it to heighten my senses. It was definitely working. What didn't work for me was when he tugged on what I knew was nipple clamps. I clamped my teeth together. It was a painful yet a sweet combination as he slid his hand down the center of my stomach. Touch mixed in with pain was new for me and I didn't know how to take it.

The part that I always feared the most was handing over control to him because you never know when somebody will jump over the edge and make a mistake. I decided to trust in him completely and when I felt him enter me, I threw my head back accepting him completely.

"Soaking fucking wet and ready for me," he spoke through gritted teeth. I asked myself how he could possibly have sex with me in a swing. Surely he would slip out and yes that was a fear of mine. It hurt badly when I had experienced it previously but the spots that he managed to hit were some that I had never felt before.

I couldn't figure out if it was because I was outside with him having sex with me or if that swing did actually hit the correct spots because I could never orgasm without my clit being stimulated. This time I was riding on a horse towards my very first orgasm internally by a man having sexual intercorse with me. I didn't know what the feeling was at first and Ryder was pumping in and out of me. Leaning over me, he whispered in my ear "get ready to let it go, you're about to cum."

My eyes shot open but I couldn't see a thing. I nodded my head as he kissed the side of my neck all the way around to the front and nibbled on my windpipe. My eyes shot to the back of my head, my legs tensed up as this almighty feeling washed over me. I wasn't moaning. In fact, I was more silent than I had been from the get go. I was "ahhing" quietly to myself focusing on my release as it closed in on me. My lower stomach was contracting with my pelvic floor muscles. Ryder didn't stop but he shouted out his demand. A demand that I never thought I would be able to follow but it was obvious that he knew I was on the tip of my orgasm.

"Let that fucking orgasm go and cum for me now."

My insides tightened up around him as he moved his hips from left to right sliding across my spot and making me cum. He was so flipping deep inside me that he couldn't get any higher up even if he wanted to. Grabbing my hair, he ragged my head towards him and I felt as I released leaving my sensitive nub untouchable.

My first ever orgasm that came naturally from deep within. He let me ride it until I was completely relaxed and pulled out. Removing the blindfold, he tapped my nose smiling down at me. He was chewing on some gum as he showed me his bright white teeth. I blinked up at him and he worked quickly to unstrap me. That included the painful clamps on my sore nipples. I hissed when he removed them one by one but he sucked on my nipples removing the pain instantly before picking me up in his arms and carrying me towards the house.

"Are you not?" I looked up at him confused. Smirking, he kissed me on my cheek. "I don't need to cum all of the time amore. It was your turn tonight. This is your night."

He changed his direction and walked up a set of stairs which connected to another tree. I decided not to ask him why but when I saw the big swinging bed in between the trees just off a tree house. My mouth fell open.

"I'm a big kid at heart." Ryder grinned at me before moving the grey duvet cover sheets. Placing me down on the swinging bed, he pulled them up to my chest and climbed on it himself lying down next to me. I glanced over the edge at the big drop as two glass doors closed over behind us. The glass was there to make sure we didn't fall off it in our sleep. It was all around us and Ryder clicked a switch which made it rock us forwards and backwards automatically. The main lights switched off and were replaced by fairy lights on the trees, there was a comfortable mattress underneath is. Wrapping his arms around me, he dragged me into him and I lay my head on his chest before he pointed to the sky. Lying on my back, I looked up. The sky was filled with stars.

"I thought that tonight we could sleep underneath the stars." He mumbled sleepily. This man was either adventurous or a true romance at heart. As I say, I still couldn't figure him out but I enjoyed trying to find out who the real Ryder was.
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