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Chapter 18

I had the most amazing sleep that night. I was playing in a park. I put it down to the swing that Ryder fucked me on the night before. Waking up the next day, I found that Ryder was gone and I could hear a dog barking. Ryder doesn't have a dog I told myself sitting up with the blanket wrapped around me. There was a fur black one over the top of me. Glancing down the side of the swinging bed, I looked at the grass and saw Ryder standing with another man in his suit. He was talking business so I lay back down and cuddled the blanket.

"Shannon come down. Wrap yourself up in the throw, your breakfast is waiting for you on the table."

"Yes Master," I shouted down pulling the blanket around myself. I had to try and figure out a way to get out without flashing to the man he was stood side by side with. Well that was until the bed came to an abrupt stop connecting to the side. My worries instantly faded away and I stood up as the doors opened. Stepping out, I walked down the wooden staircase until I reached the grassy area. My feet touched down on the grass. I felt myself become instantly grounded.

"It's always good to bring yourself to the here and now. We don't want to focus on the future or the past. Right here and now is what counts." Ryder commented. I nodded my head smiling.

"Good morning Shannon. It's a pleasure to meet you on this sunny day." The man spoke in a thick Russian accent. I nodded my head smiling. The man had black hair and brown eyes. Walking to stand next to Ryder, I felt as his hand touched my lower back. I knew that he was placing his hand on my back as a way to show that I'm his property to the man. His way of telling the man to keep away.

"Go and sit down in your usual spot amore. I'll be with you soon. I just have some important business to sort out here. Take your time and enjoy the sun. Off you go."

Nodding my head, I walked across the grass until the biggest most vicious dog I had ever seen sprinted towards me. My eyes widened as I stepped backwards, I was terrified. It was barking and vicious as it squared up against me. I looked at Ryder and back at the dog that was ready to eat me when the Russian man spoke.

"Иди сюда сейчас же!"

What did he say? I had no idea but the dog ran over to his side and he snapped the lead on it. I loved animals, dogs especially but that dog was pure muscle and it's head was huge.

"Are you afraid of dogs?" The man asked me. I shook my head. I was a dog lover all day everyday but I also knew when they were ready to attack.

"No. I love dogs."

"Narlas a big Teddy. She's just rather, urm.... Bouncy and straightforward. She was just greeting you." I nodded my head. I wasn't going to say anything. An owner knows their dog more than anyone else does but I could have sworn that his dog was smelling her food. It just happened to be me.

Ryder gave me a look that said what the fuck are you still doing here. I excused myself and glanced over at Ryder. The man from the night before was completely gone, replaced with the serious version of him. I sat down at the table and eat the food that was in a metal tin with the lid on. It had a note on it telling me to eat it all with a glass of fresh orange juice and a bottle of water. I didn't think that I was allowed juice but I put it down to it being fresh and not processed. Fresh bread, three different soups, steak and cheese. All items that you wouldn't have for breakfast was in there. I was confused when I was eating it. Ryder took the seat at the foot of the table and I was to his left again when he finished his conversation with the Russian man. They were talking for a whole ten minutes before he escorted himself out.

"You need iron." He told me texting on his phone. I gave him a faint smile. He wasn't interested in conversation as he sat back. He'd already eaten I thought to myself as I eat everything and he just sat there drinking a protein shake of some sort. I didn't exactly know what it was.

"Master, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure. What is it." He placed his phone down on the table and leaned his arms down staring at me intently. I shifted on my seat. I was naked and he wasn't. I would have thought that I would have been used to it but I wasn't.

"Is that a protein shake?"

"It is amore. I drink these four times a week including Sundays after my workout. I've got to keep this body worked on otherwise it will disappear. Plus I need it for work."

I gave him a swift nod eating some steak as he leaned back.

"Why for work if you don't mind me asking?"

"The guns aren't exactly light. Neither are the shipments. We do a lot of front line work meaning that we have to carry large amounts of weight whether that be a man or doing a job that we have booked in. I won't go into it too much, it doesn't affect you."

"Thank you for your honesty Master." I smiled.

"I'm always honest Shannon. I would never lie to you." I nodded my head again and slid a plate across the table laying it on top of the other one ready to wash them in the sink.

"Leave them. Your not washing them today, I am." He looked over at me getting ready for me to say something when I grinned. Turning his head on the side he glared.

"Why thank you for your kindness Master." I giggled. Squinting his eyes he shook his head. "Don't push it. Get your ass here."

Laughing I stood up and walked around the table to him. Touching my waist with his hands, he dragged me in between his legs and grabbed the fluffy blanket. Opening it up, he touched my stomach with his fingers.

"I can't get enough of this. I think I may have to add an extra day. Your addictive." Dropping his head down, he licked from my lower stomach all of the way up to my breasts and inhaled a deep breath wrapping the blanket around me again.

"Go and get a shower. Don't get dressed, don't dry your hair and meet me in my room. I'll be with you in half an hour." He told me sternly. I nodded my head before staring at him. I was confused.

"Your room?"

"That's what I said, was it not?" He raised his eyebrows.

"Yes Master. It was what you said." I mumbled. He sat up straight moving himself closer to me. Telling me to come closer with his finger, I moved my face down and he spoke. "Do it then."

"Yes Master," I shouted. I was already running through the door to the kitchen and making my way to the bathroom.

He wanted me to meet him in his bedroom. What was he planning? It's very rare to be granted the permission to enter your Masters room and there I was staring at his big bed covered in black and gold sheets. I was cold by this point. My hair was dripping down my back and I didn't have a towel wrapped around me plus his heating was off. My nipples were as hard as rocks. I'm so good at this I told myself. I was.. I'd never done anything like this before and the punishments weren't handed out. I was a good girl and by not being shouted at or punished, I knew that what I was doing was right. Bonus points for Shannon, I was singing inside my head.

I heard footsteps and then I heard something smack down on the bed. I jumped back and blinked over at Ryder who stood there with his arms crossed. A smirk covered his face. My eyes widened.

I looked from him to the black whip and back again. Turning around I got ready to bolt out of the door but something snapped inside me. I twisted back around.

"You want to say your safe word before I've even told you what we're doing hmm?" He raised his right eyebrow and I nodded my head stepping back. I did not like the look of that stick. It looked painful. Hell, it sounded like it would leave one heck of a burning line behind. Plus, it had spikes sticking out of it.

"Urm." I couldn't even speak. I wet my lips as he held his hand out. "Here."

Do I want to hand myself over? I asked myself. Genuinely being honest, I didn't know the answer that I was searching for but it definitely didn't make me feel at ease. Stepping forwards, I closed my eyes and held my hand out. Stepping forwards, he grabbed me before I could even change my mind. Twisting me around, he pinned me on the bed with his arm on the back of my neck.

"Now. It's time that we get this trusting issue out of the way. Off your list. It's seriously starting to piss me the fuck off and believe me when I say this, you don't want me to be in the same room as you when I'm pissed off. Especially when you're naked and open to my torturous sessions. Get me flower?"

"Yes Master," I gulped.
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