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Chapter 21

"Your stress levels are far too high. You need to lighten the weight you're carrying. What's going on with you lately? Last week you had trust issues which I hope you've conkered this week and that journal entry. I have no words." Ryder shook his head. I wrapped my arms around the folder in my arm pulling it tightly against my chest, shrugging my shoulders. We sat in the Audi and his driver hadn't even bothered to start driving.

"By the way, that bleeding you had was a withdrawal period which tells me that you started taking your pill six days before you came to my house. Around three days after finishing all of the twenty one tablets in your twenty eight pill pack, you would get a period. The withdrawal period is normal. Normally, you would ovulate in the middle of your menstrual cycle. If the egg your ovaries release isn’t fertilized, your hormone levels drop, causing you to shed the lining inside your uterus, and you get your period." He clapped his hands together and I stared at him through wide eyes. Shrugging his shoulders, he glared at me.

"What's causing this stress? Why was all of your students lining up for half an hour? Why do you look tired when you should be getting eight hours of sleep minimum a night? Why was you and that woman arguing? What's bothering you? Why aren't to talking to me and if something is bothering you, then why aren't you stating this inside your journal entries to me? You need to understand one thing about me Shannon. I'm here for you, your problems are mine, your emotions are mine, your physical health is mine, your mental state is mine, your sadness gets to me and your challenges I can overcome. Speak to me, let it all out, don't lock it all up away from me. How do you expect to help yourself if you can't ask for guidance? If you feel lost then you need to speak up. That bracelet around your wrist shows that you're my girl, my submissive, I'm your Dominant and I call the shots. I want you to talk!"

I stared down at my hands as a sad smile crossed my lips. Breathing in deeply closing my eyes, I took a moment before raising my head and looking at him.

"Honestly Master, I can't handle the pressure. I feel like a burden to you which stops me from saying anything. When we first spoke to each other at your car, you told me that I have to make space in my schedule when I told you that I couldn't fit it in. I didn't see the point in bringing it up."

"If it's going to effect your performance, make you physically drained, emotionally unbalanced and secretive then it's not going to work Shannon. I can tell when your unbalanced the second that I look at you! No more secrets. I'm your Dom, you're my sub. I look at this as a relationship with full commitment, not a weekend meet up with no attachments. When my collar is wrapped around your neck or my bracelet is on your wrist, it's a contract agreement the same as marriage. We rise together, we fall together and right now, I don't fancy falling flat on my face. So first off, start by telling me why your students were lining up for half an hour?"

Nodding my head, I looked down at the seat. "They didn't understand the PowerPoint. This week has been hell for me. I've had exams, revision work, assignments to sign, meetings to attend, presentations to give and I cannot handle it all alongside the schedule you've given me. All of it is far too much. I fell asleep when I was making the PowerPoint last night and when I woke up, I had to throw it together quickly. It was nowhere near finished which showed today. That woman's name is Helena and she was asking me to go to study group tomorrow so that I could teach it to the students and help them understand the assignment. They could lose marks because of me. I'm so stupid!" I threw my head in my hands and Ryder grabbed my wrists.

"Look at me." Raising my head, I looked into his eyes and he smiled.

"Your punishment is to sit with me and I'll write up that PowerPoint ready for tomorrow. I will come with you and I want you to sit back while I explain it to them. Your task is to relax. That's your punishment, relaxing because I know that it will be hard. Do you want to know why?"

"Why?" I asked him and he chuckled. "Because you will want to teach it but you won't be able to. You will have to sit there and listen. Don't worry about it, I have meetings everyday and I know how to do presentations. The second part of your punishment is no sex not that you would mind. You will be getting in through the door, eating your dinner, getting a hot bath that I will run, telling me your presentation or giving me the work somehow so that I can look at it and write it up while you go to bed. Understand?" Nodding my head, I smiled and he touched my cheek.

"I'm here to help. So your schedule is an issue. I know that you may not love this demand but I'm telling you this now. You will be staying with me until we figure all of this out, then I will decide what the best plan of action is. I haven't seen what you do during the week, so I will be keeping my eye on you to see. How much sleep?" He asked me and I shrugged my shoulders again.

"Nothing last night." I gave him a wary look and he wrapped his arm around my back dragging me against his body.

"You said that you fell asleep."

"That was the first couple of hours in a week. When I left you Sunday, I stayed awake for as long as I could. I think I had two hours on Tuesday and then I carried on again using coffee to keep myself awake." I told him honestly. He gave me a sad smile and squinted his eyes.

"How much coffee are we talking here?"

"Nine cups." I told him. I wasn't too sure but on Wednesday, I counted and it was nine cups.

"Coffee is not allowed. No more. That's a problem that I'm eliminating with immediate effect, the same way as I'm going to get you patches for those cigarettes. I can smell them on you. I told you, no smoking Shannon." He told me and I looked at the back of the seat.

"I was stressed."

"I won't allow that to happen anymore. You're struggling at home all by yourself so I'm going to keep you with me. We will collect all of your books, laptop, stationery, work, everything and we will bring them to my house tomorrow. If you carry on as normal around me, I can help you get in line and help you with whatever you need. I will know that I'm doing my job. As of right now, I haven't been doing that and I'm not happy. I'm failing, it's obvious. No cigarettes, no caffeine, no more stress! Understand?"

I lost my voice and Ryder raised his right eyebrow.

"Understand." He grinded his teeth and spitted the word out. My stomach flipped. Demands did something to me and I knew that I was going to have a problem. No sex for the night did he say? Yep, I was going to struggle.

"Yes Master," I croaked out.
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