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Chapter 22

"I'm cancelling off all plans this weekend. Your task is to not do anything at all. We will continue next weekend." I nodded my head. He was sitting next to me and believe it or not, I was on his right and not his left. He wasn't at the foot of the table either.

Ryder was looking through the folder that I had and my phone was next to it. His laptop was directly in front of us and I was eating a takeout. Weird or what! Believe it or not, he had almost finished the PowerPoint. He was a fast typer and knew what to write. I realised that I was making everything too complicated for myself.

Touching my hand, he smirked.

"Done. So, it's taking a picture and connecting it to the work." Nodding again, I smiled finishing off my food. He had ordered the food and we started the PowerPoint. By the time I had finished eating, the PowerPoint was completed.

"I'll run your bath now." He told me standing up and I watched him leave the room before looking at the PowerPoint lost for words. He was helping me so much!

Entering the room again, he took the seat next to me. "What hobbies do you have?" Shrugging my shoulders, I stared down at the table.

"Erm. I don't." I told him. A sad smile covered my face.

"You start slow heel dancing tomorrow. I think you will enjoy it and don't worry, you don't need to have previous experience. I think you will enjoy it. You can meet new people and let your hair down."

"You don't have to," I told him. He shook his head.

"Where's the time for yourself Shannon? You need to have fun. Your life is unbalanced and I don't want you to feel as if you're living day to day because of my contract! I work but I also go bowling with my friends on a Thursday night. Both phones and work are left behind. I sit down and play the piano for one hour each day. That's time spent on myself and this is why I'm sending you to heels dancing, the same way as I'm going to teach you how to play the piano this week and you will be coming bowling with me too. Life isn't all work, work, work. You live once, you enjoy it. It's unacceptable." He told me sternly and I gave him a faint smile shuffling on my seat.

"Tell me, do you feel free when you come to me on Fridays?" He asked me standing up. Holding his hand out to me, he waited for me to take it.

"I do. I forget about work and all my responsibilities which helps me to relax but you're unpredictable." Laughing, he guides me to the stairs.

"I am. I won't deny that but I'm a strict Dom. That's just the way that I am but I won't allow you to give up your position with me because you don't know how to organise your week."

"I understand Master." I spoke as we reached the top of the stairs. Pushing a door open, he entered the bathroom letting my hand go and switched the water off. I followed him inside and looked at the bubbly bath.

"I'll let you enjoy your bath. I will come up and ask you if everything is fine. If you don't answer me, then I will have no option but to open that door to come and check in on you."

"Yes Master." I looked down at my black heels when he walked to the door. Closing it over, he left me to get a bath and I stayed in there for a good forty-five minutes relaxing. He did knock on the door and I told him that I was okay. He told me that some pyjamas were on the bed inside his spare bedroom down the hall. He was being sweet to me but he also wasn't being the Dom that I knew. I craved his touch the entire week and when I was finally with him we were being more like friends. I appreciated him for not jumping on me but at the same time, I missed the connection that we had.

I climbed into bed and fell asleep within minutes. The next day flew by in a blur and Ryder helped my class of students out by explaining everything to them. Helena did ask me why I wasn't presenting and Ryder told her to shut up leaving me snickering. I didn't really like Helena and watching him put her in her place made me howl. It was hard for me though. I was sat twiddling my thumbs the entire time until Ryders man entered the room.

"Come with me," he told me and I glanced over at Ryder who gave me a swift nod. Leaving the room, I walked out to the Audi with his man. He held my collar at the tips of his fingers and I switched the bracelet with it before he opened the door and I slid inside the car. Slamming the door, he hopped in the drivers seat and took me to dancing.

I eat my breakfast in the car. We left early in the morning so we didn't have enough time to fill up our stomachs but Ryder told his man to get me some pancakes and I eat them all. I was starving and they were divine.

"Here." His man gave me a black bag and I held it on my arm. Turning around, he got ready to leave the changing room when I spoke.

"Excuse me Sir."

"Yes Miss?" He asked me turning around and I grinned.

"Can I ask you for your name please. I don't know what to call you."

"Of course. My name is Andre."

"Thank you for everything Andre. I appreciate it." He gave me a swift nod arranging his suit jacket. "You're more than welcome."

Turning around, he left the changing room to keep an eye out. I opened the bag and pulled out a short black skirt, a crop top was matched with it, criss cross tights and eight inch black heels that had a zip at the back of the ankle piece. I pulled everything on and walked to the door when Ryder appeared in front of me. Grabbing my bobble, he pulled my hair out and massaged my head before moving my hair to sit at the front of my shoulders.

"Show me how my girl dances. I know you can do it, become that twelve year old girl who wanted nothing more than to become a professional dancer."My mouth fell open and he chuckled." I know everything." He whispered in my ear as the female teacher with blonde hair walked down the hallway towards us. She was wearing some wet look leggings, black heels and a red crop top.

"Time to show your man how it's done girly." She winked and Ryder laughed. "Off you go."
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