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Chapter 23

Yes I was at Ryders all week. That didn't mean that he was around the entire time. In fact, he was watching me through his cameras at work. Each night he was teaching me piano for fifteen minutes before drumming the same information inside my head, over and over again.

"Fear stays out of this house, you leave it behind the same way as you do your phone and work. Forget about it. I will bring you pleasure you've never experienced before." Everything that I could use for excuses, he eliminated them. He was knocking down all of my walls and I couldn't hold them up. He reassured me, telling me that the second I walk through his door, I was living a completely different life and that I would need to live it like an innocent child not worrying about what was to come. I remember standing in the living room and he entered just after finishing work on the Monday. He removed his suit jacket, pulled his tie from around his neck and unbuttoned his white shirt dropping it down on the floor with the rest of his clothes. He walked to stand in front of me, his bare chest was inches away from my face as he took a hold of my hand and slid it down over his pecks to his stomach.

"Touch me, feel me, get yourself familiar with me." He spoke softly, he was calm. I felt soothed as I slid my hands over all of his body. He did this each night until Thursday night where he skipped it out because we went bowling. His friends weren't there and he told me the reason for that was because he wanted us to spend time together alone. I didn't mind and had a great time with him. When we got back in the car, he touched my hand and smiled.

"Remember what I've told you all week. I won't be seeing you until tomorrow. That's when we do the switch over. Let me warn you though, all the rules are in place when you meet face to face with me again after tonight so no funny business. I'll let you have a free night. Let the fun times commence from tomorrow. Best behaviour Shannon, you have no excuse now. Don't forget, I'm Master."

"I won't." I smiled.

I didn't call him Master all week because he didn't want me to because we weren't following our contract agreement. He only wanted me to call him Master from Friday through to Sunday. The worst part was that I was horny as hell by time the Friday arrived. I needed him more than ever before. Touching his body was building up this determination to get close and personal with him. He would growl and that would twist my stomach up. I wanted to jump on him but he was keeping his distance. I didn't have a chance.

He wiped all of my fears and I could no longer recall what I was afraid of. If anything, I wanted my day to pass by quickly but it was dragging. Only a couple of hours left I told myself. I wanted to leave early so that I could be placed underneath his control again. It was weird not calling him Master but I also asked myself how I could switch over to the girl who obeys his every command. It would feel weird I told myself.

I spoke with Yasmin on the Wednesday. She told me how nice Leo was and that she was continuing with their relationship. Believe it or not, they were fully committed.

"Yes! He gave me a promise ring. We're going out on a date and I'm sleeping at his." She told me. I was happy for her but I thought that they were moving quickly. Still, I couldn't exactly say anything because me and Ryder were too.

"He told me that he's busy working with Ryder. Something about their family business. I've heard that there's a meeting next week and Leo invited me. Has Ryder invited you?" She asked me.

"No." I told her as the door opened up. "I have to go." Putting the phone down, I watched Ryder walk past the living room door to the kitchen. That's when I went to bed. Short and snappy our conversation was.

Saying goodbye to my students, I walked out to the Audi and Andre stepped out of the car.

"Good afternoon Miss."

I smiled sliding inside the car "hi Andre." Hopping in the front of the car, Andre started up the car and I sat in the seat excited for the weekend. I had too much energy to release but what he said next left me feeling irritated.

"Mr Robernero will meet with you at nine." Nine? It was four o'clock which meant that I still had more hours to pass by. I asked Andre what was going on but he blanked me and closed the gap in between us. A wall moved up between us and I sighed leaning back. I didn't know what was going on but it definitely annoyed me.

When we pulled up at Ryders house, Andre didn't get out of the car. He just said a quick goodbye and I opened the door by myself before walking to his front door. None of the lights were on, it felt cold and eerie. Pushing his front door open, I stepped inside and looked around. His house was creepy when he wasn't home. All I could hear were a few squeaks from the electric meter. Well, that's what I put it down to.

Walking through the house to the kitchen, I found a plate covered with tin foil. A note was left on top of it.

"Socks and shoes off. Remember to ground yourself. Eat at the dining table outside." Picking up the knife and folk, I carried the plate out to the back garden and placed it down on the table. Removing my socks and shoes, I walked to the grass and grounded myself before sitting down at the table and eating the gorgeous lasagne. I couldn't finish the plate. I was too full. I forced it down me and rolled up the tin foil into a ball.

I heard footsteps approach me from behind and Ryder took the seat at the foot of the table. Once again I was on his left. Glaring at me, I noticed that his jaw was tense. He was giving me a look that told me he was pissed off and I played with my fingers.

"How was your time with me?" He asked and I shrugged my shoulders before smiling. "It was great. I loved it!"

"You loved it?" He nodded his head but something about the way that he was looking down at the table was off. Snapping his head up to face me, he turned his head on the side and raised his right eyebrow. He was annoyed about something, I just didn't know what that was.

"Loved it? I think you need to dig deep. Think about it in detail." He placed his arms on the table connecting his hands together as he stared at me. Nothing was bad that week. I was relaxing and everything and- oh shit.. I shouldn't have made myself comfortable. I wasn't calling him Master and I wasn't following everything the way that I should have been.

Shit, fuck, fuck. Oh no, no, no. I smacked myself across the face.

"Tell me. What is it Shannon. What do you wish to tell me." He squinted his eyes at me and I shrugged my shoulders.

"I didn't eat all of my meal on Tuesday." I mumbled looking down at my hands in my lap.

"Look up. Don't look down. You did what?" He asked. He heard me the first time but wanted to repeat myself.

"I didn't eat all of my dinner on Tuesday." I whispered. He gave me a swift nod.

Grabbing my jaw with his fingers, he moved his face closer to mine spitting through gritted teeth.

"Do you really think that I spend my time putting together this contract agreement for nothing? You left half of the plate Shannon! Number one rule under my roof. Eat all of your fucking meals. No excuse." He was pointing his finger in my face holding my jaw tightly. I closed my eyes, my face scrunched up.

I wasn't calling him Master but I was still following his strict schedule. For some unknown reason I didn't think before I threw the food away. Yeah, bad mistake.

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