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Chapter 24

"Do you really think that I'm that bored, I have time to make up a schedule for nothing?" I didn't say a word.

"Don't you dare sit there and not answer me Shannon." He yelled at me.

"No Master." I whispered as I stared down at the floor. I didn't know what to do because I knew that a punishment was coming at me and I couldn't do a thing to stop it. The contract said that I couldn't say my safe word during punishments. Still, it was crazy because I knew that I could just remove his collar and all of it would end but I didn't want to do that. I felt as if I had invested too much in to our relationship.

"I gave you last weekend off and helped you this week. I had plans for tonight and now I will have to change them again because you ignored me." He was talking angrily and my legs started to shake, my heart was smashing inside my chest as my breathing accelerated. I shook my head standing up. He placed his hand on my shoulder and pushed me back down to sit.

"Sit the fuck down. I'm talking and you will listen." I nodded playing with my fingers, my right leg was shaking. I was bouncing it off the floor.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't-" I blurted out and he cut me off abruptly.

"Think that we were following the contract. Your always following my contract Shannon. The only part I took away was you calling me Master. That was it!"

"I'm so sor-"

"You fucking will be. Playroom now!" He yelled at me and he let go of my shoulder stepping back. I jumped up and ran as quickly as I could. Entering the room, I stood with my back against the wall. My hands were touching it as I closed my eyes and focused on breathing. Five minutes later I heard his footsteps and my stomach tightened up.

I felt his hand grab my hair and yank it back. I whined. "Open your eyes and look at me." My eyes popped open quickly and he pointed at the bed.

"Go to the bottom of that bed, strip off and get on my bed, hands and knees."

How did I feel in that moment? Hmm, hard question to answer. I felt bad because I knew that I had disappointed him and in all fairness I should have paid close attention to what I was doing. I knew that it wouldn't last forever and I could feel as our connection was growing stronger, so I walked over to the end of the bed, stripped off and got down on my hands and knees.

I was wondering how me being with Ryder throughout the week with the kind, sweet Ryder could be switched out for the Dominant version but he proved that it was easier to do than I could have thought. He had put me back in my place from the second that he gave me a disapproving look. I felt sad that he was upset with me.

His hands slid up my sides taking me by surprise. Once again he was fully dressed and I was naked. I did think that it was weird for me to enter his house and not get into a robe instantly. That was the way that he worked and by me being naked while he was dressed, I felt like I was under his control.

Something touched my right breast making me gasp and before I could look down, he wrapped it around my neck.

"We will be using my belt. This is what I use for bad behaviour. I'm sure you will try harder next time to not gain a punishment. Eighteen slaps of my belt. Remember this." He moved and I could hear him breathing down my right ear. "Miss sleep and you gain a slap for each hour missed. Understand?"

"Yes Master." I was speaking breathlessly until he pinched my left nipple making me squeal.

His hands were grabbing my body and he moved them down to my ass before he tapped them over and over again. Grabbing, pinching, smacking and scratching. I grabbed the black covers, I could hear my heartbeat.

"I'm building up. The first couple of smacks will be from my hand. Your not ready for me to slap my belt down just yet but the second that I unwrap it from your neck, you know to brace yourself ready. It will not feel good. This is for your disobedience. I hope you will stay in line after this."

His hand smacked my ass a couple of times. It didn't feel bad and was stinging slightly. The second that he removed the belt from my neck, I closed my eyes, separated my legs even further apart to steady myself clamping my teeth together. He didn't use it straight away. His hands kept on hitting the exact same spots and I shifted myself forwards flinching because all I could feel was burning. I didn't know how long it was going to last for but I'm sure he was doing it for around ten minutes. My eyes were watering and at this point I wanted him to just smack me with his belt. The pain was getting stronger and stronger, I bit my lip trying to move the pain somewhere else but it wasn't working.

"Eighteen from now." Eighteen from now I thought to myself as the leather smacked down against my sore skin. I fell forwards tensing up and closing my eyes, my hands couldn't grab those sheets any harder even if they wanted to. I squealed.

"One Master." Come on, get it over with I told myself. I wanted to shout it out but I knew that it was for the best if I didn't and the next smack came down. I screamed. Now that one hurt. I wanted to rub it, I knew that I wasn't going to be able to sit down the next day and I also questioned why he didn't go straight in with the belt to begin with. Why did he have to make it feel ten times worse?

"Two Master."

The third one, I fell down on the bed literally crying. It was hurting more than I wanted it to. Ryder fell down on top of me and I screamed. I wondered how hot my cheeks actually were after them three slaps alone. He was angling it so that it whipped across both cheeks at once. His weight was on top of mine and I was crying.

"If you don't get on your knees in three seconds, I will add an extra seven. Understand?" I nodded my head and he moved off me. I pushed up so that I was on my knees. "Three Master." I wiped my nose which had started to run.

The fourth. I couldn't even concentrate on what I was doing. I'm sure I cussed out loud which gained me a smack from his hand directly after the belt had striked. My face was in the sheet, I was crying my eyes out with my ass up in the air. Ryder seen me as this weak woman. The week before he saw me at my weakest point and there we were again but he was inflicting the pain on me. I couldn't say the numbers anymore but he would cross his arms and move closer to me. "Say it or I'll add extras."

"Four, four." I shouted and the fifth sliced through me the second that I finished it with Master. I was trying to breathe, I was asking myself how I would get through the torturous pain and I was talking to myself. I was pleading for him to stop. Two separate marks hit my skin, one after the other. I decided to try and relax. I cried, I said the numbers. Fifteen arrived and I said it. I was focusing on what number to say next making sure that I remembered to say Master after it each strike.

Eighteen arrived and I said the number. My eyes were itchy but I couldn't move to scratch them. I was stuck with my hands fisted in the blanket which I ragged to me making a pile at my head. I was lying my head down on it.

Something cold touched my ass and I fell flat on my stomach screaming, my eyes were still streaming with my tears, my legs were shaking, my body was aching all while his hands slid some stupid lotion across my ass making it sting like crazy. I moved myself to stand up and looked at the floor crying. I was facing away from him.

"Go to your bed on the floor next to my bed. Catch up on that sleep and never break one of my rules again."

He threw the belt down on the floor next to my feet where I could see it and walked out of the room leaving me to cry hysterically. To cover it all, I felt like I was a waste of space, I was in agony yet at the same time I wanted nothing more than to sit on his lap with my head rested on his chest. I needed that comfort but he wasn't giving it to me. One sentence entered my mind. "I give you what you need, not what you want."

He was right. I stepped out of line, I got the punishment to put me back where I needed to be. He helped me that week when I needed him to and he was leaving me alone when I deserved it.

Ryder is not to be messed with. Ryder does everything the correct way. He's the type of Dominant we all need. Ryder is one of a kind and I respect him for doing what he had to do.

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