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Chapter 25

Where was the aftercare I'd heard about? I walked over to the bed on the floor and lay down. Staring up at the ceiling, I cried until I fell asleep. I hoped that he wouldn't want to do anything with me. I was too sore to do anything plus I wasn't in the mood to either.

I wanted to leave him. Get up and leave never to see him again but I knew that what happened was my fault. I shouldn't have broken his rule but I did and that was his number one top spot rule. He drilled it inside my head from the start, it was inside the contract. Everything was but I kept on forgetting about them. I had a copy but I couldn't be bothered reading it because it was too long to go through over and over again.

I heard his footsteps and glanced over at the door stopping my self from making too much noise. He walked straight past and I carried on crying until I fell asleep.

I woke up the next day to the alarm and made my way down to the table in a black robe. I didn't say a word to Ryder who smirked from his seat. I looked down at the floor and closed my eyes as I took the seat. Stinging was all that I could feel.

"Problem?" He asked. I shook my head telling him no. I did have a problem. He just left me in a bad state the night before. He punished me and then left the room. I was in a mess!

"Talk to me." He smiled and I shook my head again. "I cannot help you if you don't speak Shannon. This is angering me. Talk!" She told me cutting up some egg on his plate. I'm more than sure that we had eggs on toast or something.

"Urm. I've heard about aftercare and you didn't-" I shrugged my shoulders and stared down at his hand on the table. Placing his knife and fork on the table side by side, he wiped his mouth with tissue before leaning back.

"Aftercare is a way of showing kindness and caring for your partner. Physical intimacy is one way for you to feel special and appreciated. Aftercare helps create this feeling of closeness and intimacy. It helps people feel like what they just did was special. I don't want that after a punishment. I didn't want you to feel special. I want you to learn from it, not want the cuddles, attention, love and in general the chance to stay in my bed. You do something wrong and that's what you get. This makes damn sure we don't have a repeat. If I gave you aftercare then you would do it over and over again. I do it for a reason. I am not going to whip your ass and then wrap you up in my arms and apologise. I do aftercare after sessions and like now if you need it then I will do it. Speaking of which, stand up and turn around. How are you looking this morning?" Standing up, I turned around raising the black robe and he touched a couple of lines.

"You may sit." I nodded my head and sat down.

"You need some oils. We will eat and after that we will go to my room and cuddle if that's what you want. Remember this, I don't do aftercare following a punishment session. I never have and I never will. I do come to check on you but that's about it. Last night I did that and you were flat out five minutes after you went to my room."

I nodded again. I wasn't speaking. We eat in silence and Ryder held his hand out to me.

"Come and take a walk with me." I shook my head. I didn't want to do that. I wasn't in the mood to do anything but Ryder turned his head on the side glaring at me as if to say, don't do it. A warning look.

Standing up, I placed my hand in his and he guided me to the grass in his garden.

"Did you learn from your punishment?" He asked me. "Yes Master."

"Come here." He wrapped his arms around me and I felt as if I was safe. I felt at home. His warmth, his smell, his muscles pressing against my head. I didn't want him to stop and I didn't ask him to either. We stood on the grass for about twenty minutes until I stepped back and he looked down at me. Touching my face, he gave me a sad smile.

"I didn't want to punish you last night. I never do. It's horrible watching you scream in pain but I have to do it to stop you from repeating over and over again. I came up with a song for you. I'll have to show you it sometime. Not today, it's not ready." Nodding my head, I blushed and smiled.

"Go and relax in the bath I made for you. I'll come and massage some oils into your skin soon okay Amore?"

"Yes Master."

"I have someone meeting with me. I'll be about half an hour. Off you go." Turning around, I walked to the house ready to get a bath. I understood what he was saying and I couldn't argue with him either. Once again, he had a reason for what he did.
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