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Chapter 26

"I don't dish out compliments but you did well last night," Ryder told me when he entered the bathroom. I watched him walk over to me with a black towel in his hands. That compliment gave me a spark of light. I smiled as he touched my cheek with his hand.

"You ready for your massage?" I nodded my head smiling. "More than ready Master."

"Time to get out then." Standing up, I got ready to take the towel off him when he wrapped it around me and picked me up placing me down on my feet outside it. My feet touched the black tiled flooring and he rubbed my body before wrapping his arms around me.

"Get dry and meet me in my bedroom. I want you to lie on the bed, stomach, relax."

"Yes Master." I spoke and he walked to the door leaving me. I leaned over the bath and let the water out while I dried myself. I waited a couple of minutes and cleaned it.

Entering his room I noticed that he had red and white candles dotted around the room with some sort of cups on a table next to the bed. He was stood in there with his arms crossed, no suit on, only black jeans and no shoes or socks.

"I will be using these to get rid of any knots you may have." I folded the towel up and placed it on the bed. Lying down, I relaxed on my stomach. He walked over and straddled my legs, his big hands touched my back and I exhaled a deep breath that I was holding.

"You won't bruise. I didn't whip you hard enough for there to be any lasting marks. I do hope that you will behave, no stepping out of line unless you want to experience that again. Let me warn you though, I add more if I feel that they're needed. This will be the last time that I mention it, the same as in the future. I will hand out the punishment and it will be forgotten about the next day. Understand?"

"Yes Master."

"Good. We won't be having any sex this weekend. Now let me show you what being good gets you. This may sting to begin with because I need to get some oils into those marks. Think of them as stretch marks in a weird way." My eyes widened and I tensed up.

"Stop worrying about your marks Shannon. Those marks on your hips show that you've lost some weight. Nothing to be worried about. I have some underneath my arms, look." I looked up and he showed me underneath his arms.

"They were from when I was too big. I worked out none stop and had to lose some of my muscle."

He walked over to the wall and turned the lights down before he straddled me again and his hands rubbed over my full body. He gave me a full body massage and I fell asleep. That was the best massage I'd ever been given. Ten out of ten.

I could hear as Ryder was called. It was all crazy. What I had heard was that he was a dangerous man who lived in the lifestyle of the Mafia world but he was showing me nothing but love, care and attention. I didn't know what to make of it. My mum phoned me the next week and told me to stay away from him. My sister Gabrielle told her all about him and she'd heard about his second name. A Robernero was classed as the world's most dangerous. It was expected. His family was the world's most feared family. They were in history books, documentaries, even films had been made about them and there I was seeing his life in a completely different light. I wasn't willing to step away from him even if others thought that he was dangerously unpredictable. The punishments came as part of the deal.

I stared at my phone. Should I text him I asked myself. It was Wednesday and I was in my small office at work. All of the work was completed and I was getting ready for the six week holidays where I would get paid for doing nothing.

I heard a knock on the door and dropped my phone down on my lap quickly.

"Oh, hello Sarah." I smiled. Sarah taught art class and we worked together to help the students pass their dissertation. They had completed it and their final pieces of work went to the governing board who would decide what their final grades would be. Sarah closed the door behind herself and I turned my chair around to talk with her.

"Erm. This man is asking to see you, should I let him in?" I glanced through the glass where she was pointing and nodded my head.

"Oh gosh, yeah of course. Let him in. Thank you Sarah."

Sarah nodded and opened the door welcoming Ryder inside my office. He was leaning against the wall with one leg up. Kicking off it he stepped inside. All the air inside my room disappeared when he entered. His scent was divine. I breathed in deeply and he closed the door behind him. I felt as my heartbeat quickened, my hands started to sweat. His power was high and I shrunk into my seat.

"I apologise for coming to your work but I have something important to tell you and it cannot wait."

"Sure Master. What brings you here?" I asked him feeling confused.

"I won't be able to take you on the weekends for a couple of months. I have business that needs to be completed in Arlington and Sicily for my family. They need me right now and I cannot be in two places at once."

"Of course. If you need to go then who am I to stop you." I felt devastated when he said that to me. Months? That's such a long time to wait for someone to come back. What if he finds somebody new and I'm just tossed to the side I asked myself. The problem was that Ryder was a good looking man and he could get any woman that he wanted with his cocky, arrogant attitude that he gave me when we first me. I also didn't want to ask him to take me so I smiled and acted as if everything was okay.

"Actually. I was wondering if you would like to come with me."

"Me go with you?" I asked him and he nodded his head. I didn't want to come across as weird but I was generally happy when he said that.

"Yes. I can either take you with me or I can let you go. That's completely up to you. I won't force you to do anything."

"I'm not too sure." I mumbled. I was but I didn't want to come on too strong.

All the comments throughout the week had me questioning everything. Ryder crossed his arms.

"Are you sure?" I whispered and he nodded his head.

"Warning before you accept. My family can and will be forceful. I don't know what will come out of their mouth. Are you willing to come with me and take a risk?"

"Risk and why would they be forceful?" I didn't understand what he was talking about. He walked over to the chair, picked me up, sat back down and placed me on his knees.

"In Sicily and Arlington they follow different rules which we have to follow. There's nothing that I can do or say because I have to follow them myself. Don't get me wrong, if they want to take it too far then I will try to put my foot down. I expect that side of the family to follow my rules here in Las Vegas and they're the same. You met Jeck, Renzo and Marshal. They work differently to what we do here and it's looking as if we will be over there for some time. I don't know what to expect or how they live but my family is strict. As I say, I don't know."

"As long as I'm back for the start of term. I don't see what the problem is."

"Well we need to move now. Don't worry about clothes, I'll get Shirl to get you some. Let's go." I nodded my head standing up and Ryder took my hand in his.

"Are you sure about this. I've heard that many women have entered that side of the family and lost their freedom because of it. Can you handle that?" He asked me looking down with sad eyes. Shrugging my shoulders, I gave him a wary smile.

"Are we talking about a full time weekly commitment and not weekends here?"

"Twenty four seven and the rules may change slightly. I know that I'm strict but I will have to add their rules into the mix. I don't know what they are but I will find out when we enter Arlington. The same with Sicily. Keep an open mind, stick by my side and don't step out of line. I don't know what the punishments are there."

"Yes Master." I smiled.

"Very well." He gave me a swift nod and guided me out to the Audi.
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