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Chapter 27

"Sit down on the bed." Ryder told me in his private jet. I sat down and moved backwards slightly. My legs were dangling off it as I watched him sit down on the chair in front of me.

"At mine you're expected to get eight hours sleep so you could go to sleep at twelve and wake up at eight. Here it's strictly bedtime at ten. You won't be wearing a robe here. It's a black dress, criss cross tights and black stiletto heels all week. You're to wear red underwear at all times. Your hair is to be worn in two braids and not down, no leaving the house without a man with you at all times and if I say no you don't go at all. No freedom ever. Your collar is to be worn at all times even when you shower. Never take it off. I still expect you to eat all of your food and when I enter a room you're now expected to get on your knees and not speak at all unless I tell you to. Don't talk to anyone and if you want to, ask for permission. You will be entering BDSM clubs with me. You should do everything as explained. You still have your safe word but if you do earn a punishment then they follow a strict list. Each punishment fits the crime so don't make yourself do the time because none of it is pleasant. Forced orgasms is one on that list and believe me you don't want to experience it nor do you want to get the withdrawal one either. No talking to the other girls unless I let you. They love breaking rules and do it for attention. You don't want to piss me off and I don't want to be dealing with a brat either. I'm rather fond of you the way that you are now. A good girl. No phones or electrical devices ever, not even to call Yasmin. You will have to go without until we leave and don't let me catch you using any of the phones. A caning session will have to be done and if you think that my belt was bad then you don't want that smacking across your arse. Trust me on that one. If I tell you to do something, you do it, don't step back, don't think about it, do it before you fall into a number of problems and regret that you didn't do it sooner. Other than that you should be fine."

"This sounds like hell." I sigh looking down at the floor and Ryder laughs.

"Oh believe me, it will be if you step out of line. If you be good then you won't have anything to complain about. Just think of it this way, you get to be my submissive all week instead of at the weekend. Sex everyday will definitely make you smile I'm sure." Laughing I shook my head and he tapped me on the nose before rolling over on his back.

"Hand over your phone." He held his hand out and I breathed in a deep breath taking my time. Dropping my phone in his hand I crossed my arms over my chest regretting my decision. I should have stayed at home and we had landed in Arlington.

"Go and get that dress, those heels and that underwear set on with the criss cross tights. I'll do your hair in a second." Nodding my head, I pushed myself to stand up and removed my suit and heels. Picking up the dress I looked at it. The dress looked tight and uncomfortable but when I got the red underwear set on and pulled the dress over my head, it fit snugly around my body.

"You're to shave every three days. Fail to do that and you will have to get waxed." He spoke from the bed and I breathed in. "Ouch. That must be painful."

"I, it is for your first time." He chuckled as I pulled the heels on. Standing in them I looked down.

"How am I supposed to walk in these? They're extremely high Master." I asked him and he stood up. Walking over to me, he placed his hands on my hips and dragged me against him.

"You will find a way. Mmm, maybe I should change the dress code. You look fucking gorgeous in this dress. Come here." He walked and sat on the bed. I sat down on the floor and he opened up the drawer at the side of the bed. Taking out two hair ties and a brush, he worked on taking the knots out of my hair before braiding my hair and telling me to stand up.

Turning around to face him, I smiled as he touched my cheeks with the palms of his hands.

"You ready for this?"

"Yes Master." Nodding his head, he unbuckled his pants and dragged them down his legs slightly before lying back.

"I want you to ride me before we leave this jet." Laughing, I grinned and straddled him. He touched my hips grinding up against me. I was already turned on because he had built me up for two weeks. I needed him more than ever at this point. Wrapping his right hand around the back of my neck, he pulled me down and forced his lips against mine. Sticking his tongue inside my mouth he ripped the tights with his left hand so that he could enter me. Moving the new red underwear to the side, he guided himself inside me and I felt as he filled me up completely. My eyes closed over slightly as my mouth fell open. Pushing my hips down, he raised his up and I felt as his length touched my spot. I moaned out loud not caring. Neither did he. There was no cuffs, no restraints in sight, just me on top of him. Both of us were feeling each other as I moved forwards and backwards. I knew that I was going to orgasm in no time.

"Oh yeah and no releasing until I tell you that you can. Anymore rules and I'll update you." Winking, he bit down on my lip. This is going to be a long couple of weeks I thought to myself. I may crave this when we get back and Ryder may not want the same. It was Wednesday and I was having sex with him, what more could I want? Plus, I was visiting countries I'd never been to before in my life. I couldn't complain. I've only broken one rule, surely this can't be that hard can it? I guess that I will find out.
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