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Chapter 28

Bad energy. Bad, bad energy. Negative, the air was thick as I stepped out of the car. The place was filled with men who held guns. Did I like it? Certainly not. Did I feel safe? Far from it. I looked around at all of the cars with blacked out windows, men walking around in all black, trucks being filled with boxes. I didn't know what was in them but I knew that I didn't want to. People were shouting. It was nothing like going to Ryders house. Busy, rushing around, people screaming at the top of their lungs. A full blown business being ran from a house that was tucked away behind gates in the middle of nowhere. Trees surrounded the perimeter and so did the men by the looks of it. I looked around. I didn't know which direction to check first!

Ryder grabbed my hand in a hard tight grip. My eyes widened as he dragged me behind him. He was walking differently and to be honest he was on edge, completely alert and scaring me. Did I want to get on his bad side. Not a chance in hell. The Ryder I was with wasn't the same one who left that jet. He didn't look like the type of man you would approach in his full black suit, black shirt, black tie, shiny black shoes and a long trench coat that went all the way down to his knees. Guess what was worse! He was smoking a cigar.. How is that fair? I had to quit smoking but he was allowed to do it. I had this feeling that the men held all of the power and the women were ornaments or something.

I tried to speak to Ryder but he blanked me. Did that sit well with me? No! I was getting angry. I knew instantly why the women were brats. If they were ignored then how could the men expect them to listen and trust them? Trust doesn't come from force. Trust comes from talking, guiding and helping not demanding.

We entered the house and a man closed the door behind us. Ryder let my hand go and I dropped to my knees. So, I had to stay on my knees like a dog in that place. I didn't mind too much but that floor was grey glossy and tiled. I would struggle to walk on it and I knew that my knees would hurt in no time. It wasn't like carpet, it was uncomfortable but I sat on my heels like a good pet.

"Come." Ryder clicked his fingers and I looked at him. Was he taking the piss out of me? Being a dog or cat wasn't in the contract. I didn't find it fun or sexy at all. It was offensive to me. I narrowed my eyes at him with a face like thunder and crawled across the hard floor struggling. It fucking hurt and I knew that I couldn't tell Yasmin about it. I needed to vent somehow but I wasn't going to be given that option.

"Ryder my man." Renzo walked out and I sat on my heels.

"Shannon," Renzo grinned giving me a swift nod. I just stared at the floor. I wasn't allowed to speak to him so I just sat there like a quiet ornament who was there to look pretty.

"Say hello," Ryder squeezed my shoulder and I raised my head smiling. "Hi."

Ryder gave me a warning look. What have I done wrong the second that I've entered this house? I asked myself. I was in for a beating. I knew it and within a split second I was already not giving two fucks. To live in that environment was torture for any submissive. I could feel it. I was suffocating, I was instantly unhappy and anger was surging through me for no reason at all. Actually, I think it had something to do with not having any freedom at all! No freedom. I couldn't do a thing. Just sit there and listen to demands. Who would want that for the rest of their life? Not me, I know that.

The house was freezing cold, literally. I was divering in a dress. I wanted to get warm but that was the stupid rules. Who made them... Satan? Probably. Why did I accept to go with him. I wanted to know that myself from the second that he told me some of the rules. I knew that the house we were in was going to knock the spark right out of me. I wouldn't want to obey, I could feel it. To be in such a negative environment would make any submissive not want to follow the rules and they were excessive. All of Ryders rules plus the extras! Who goes to bed at ten o'clock? That was going to be a challenge. I didn't even look at a clock until it striked twelve.

Renzo walked over to me and wrapped his hands around my braids yanking my head back. Staring down at me he nodded his head. What did he want? I don't know because he let me go and walked away with Ryder. I sat on that spot for two hours and there was a clock on the wall. I watched it, my legs were numb by the time they had came back. When I said that I was angry, by this point I was furious. Ryder didn't tell me what the plan of action was, he didn't show any care to me, I felt like an animal stuck in mud.

"Go and sit in the corner over there." Ryder told me when he came back. None of it made any sense. It was as if I was being punished for showing up with him. I'd only been inside that house for two hours and ten minutes. I had a plan to leave Ryders arse already because I knew what was to come and I wasn't going to like it one bit. I gave Ryder evil looks from the corner with my arms crossed when I finally managed to get there with pins and needles in my feet. I needed to whack them but I couldn't.

A girl entered the room. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She ran towards Renzo giggling and drank some hot chocolate that she had apparently made. My eyebrows raised.

"This is Artisha. She's Marshals submissive aren't you. She's also in deep shit." Renzo spoke glancing over at Artisha who ran out of the room laughing. Another girl entered the room directly after her laughing and sat down on a table.

"She's my submissive Zandaya." Renzo nodded towards her and she was swinging her legs off the side of the table.

"Hey. Me and Artisha are going shopping. We will be back soon."

"Yeah, you can fuck off. Get to your room." Renzo stood up and crossed his arms. She ran up the stairs and disappeared. That's when I had enough.
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