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Chapter 29

I squinted my eyes at him. I was his submissive yes, but not to this extent. I wasn't about to live my life like some damn statue. Not a chance in hell.

"Drop the face." Ryder told me. What was that? A warning? I needed attention. I was bored and about to flip my lid off. Do I gain a punishment just to get out of this boredom? I asked myself. It wasn't recommended but I was about to fall asleep.

"What do you expect me to do... Sit here all day?" I interrupted him. I didn’t need him to remind me about the rules. I knew them but I wasn't going to sit there all day doing nothing. Of course, I hadn't forgotten about them, who would? Even then, I was thinking what it would be like if he was to come over to me and force me against the wall. That was a good thought that was spinning around inside my mind and I didn't have a reason for it either. Is that what he would do inside that house? I didn't know but I did have a small hope. For him to shove me back, force his tongue inside my mouth and rag my hair back. Where would it lead?

I mimicked him with my arms crossed over my chest. I squinted my eyes. He glared at me and I knew that he was angry. He stood up with Renzo and walked to the door. Pointing down at me, he raised his right eyebrow. "Learn to behave before I do something about it." I gave him a swift nod and he left. I wasn't going to sit there. Actually, I stood up, opened the front door and walked over to a limousine where Andre was sitting and knocked on the window. He dropped it down slowly," what's up? You okay?"

"Can you take me back to Las Vegas. I don't want to stay here." I asked him with my hands together. I was basically pleading with him.

"Where's Ryder?" He looked around, his eyebrows were knitted together as I shrugged my shoulders.

"I don't know."

I was yanked back when I didn't expect it and I whacked straight off Ryders chest before turning myself around. Stepping back, I looked up at Ryder with my arms crossed.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing huh?" He asked me. He was furious, his eyes were practically red raw and I shrugged my shoulders.

"I'm trying to sort shit out. All you had to do was sit there."

"For three hours on the floor? I'm more than sure that what you were doing wasn't treating me with respect Master. I don't mind following your rules but eversince we arrived here all I've felt like is an ornament to you. No wonder the girls go off the rails here. I don't want to be a brat, I really don't but what's happening here will make me become one. Where's the conversations? Why am I even your submissive here because you don't even spend time with me. None of it makes any sense at all!" I shouted at him because I was angry.

Sighing, he nodded his head grabbing my waist and pulling me into him.

"I understand your point. It's not easy being a submissive here. It's not easy for me to be the Dom that you need but I have business that needs to be finalised and then we can go back to the way that we were."

"I can't deal with this for two months. I've only been here for three and a half hours and already, I'm going off the rails. I feel as if I'm going to lose who I am here. If I can't do anything then what's the point in being alive for the next two months and the energy, don't get me started on that. It's far too dark for me."

"Tell you what," Ryder tapped me on the nose. "Go to room seven and I'll meet you there in five minutes. Strip down to nothing, on your hands and knees, bed."

"Yes Master." Smacking my ass, he chuckled and I made my way up to the room. I stripped down out of the dress and criss cross tights, placed my shoes on the floor underneath a stool before placing my clothes on it. Climbing on the bed, I waited on my hands and knees.

I waited and waited and waited. He didn't arrive so I dropped down on my stomach. I didn't know how long I had been waiting but I decided there and then that I was going to end it with Ryder. He couldn't be the Dom that I needed him to be and that house was nothing but toxic.

He made me feel as if I wasn't worthy of his time. I had to try and be a mannequin of some sort so I got dressed and left the house. I pleaded with Andre to take me home and he agreed after I explained my situation to him. I left that house as quickly as I could and I didn't plan on going back.

Would I want to be with one of the Roberneros from there? No and I never would expect another submissive to either. They were too work oriented and women weren't classed as equal to the men. In Ryders home I felt as if I had an option to come and go as I pleased but in that house I knew that if I was to sleep the night, I would never be given another chance to leave.

You may think that I'm crazy but trust me, if you have a head on your shoulders, you would do the exact same thing that I did. Get the fuck out of there while you can.

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