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Chapter 3

The university that I worked at was in a prime location. We had students travel from around the world to come and study my specific subject. I did a subject called Contextual Studies. I had to create PowerPoint slides, check over students work, arrange sessions for those who would struggle with the written dissertation, and mark their work when they completed it. Contextual studies was a mandatory core subject for multiple courses within the art department. I loved teaching, but it was stressful.

"Write a few simple sentences, telling me your thoughts about the picture on screen. Make sure you look at the PowerPoint, I will upload it to moodle. You can go."

I watched as my students left the main hall. Some of them wouldn't get the work done by the Monday and they were usually the ones who would leave the room the quickest. Tugging my black jacket, I double checked that it was covering my cleavage. No underwear left me feeling exposed to my full class of students and I couldn't stop checking to make sure that I was covered.

"Yes Sally," I smiled at my young student who looked confused about the work that I had given to her. My lessons were confusing and I couldn't blame her for feeling lost. I knew that once she wrapped her head around it, she would know what to write. She had to look at it from a different perspective.

"I don't understand the assignment." Sally gave me a wary smile and I took a close look at her notes.

"You need to tell me what you see and explain why. I want to know what you see and not what you think you're expected to see. Don't worry too much about trying to get your essay perfect, I will go over it with you next week. Think you can do that for me?" Sally nodded her head and thanked me before leaving the room. So sweet, I thought to myself packing up.

Walking out of the university, I watched as a black audi pulled up at the side of the road. Smiling, I waited for a man in a black suit to step out of the vehicle. He tapped the tops of my arms and I dropped my bag on the floor.

"Your late, arms up." I raised my arms and he patted me down before opening the back door and ushering me inside. Slamming the door, he got seated driving off seconds later.

"Excuse me. Could we stop off at my house please. I needed to take my phone and bag to work with me and Mr Robernero told me, strictly no phone or bag." His driver glanced over his shoulder and I smiled.

"Mr Robernero knows. He told me to take you straight to him."

"Oh," I mumbled turning to look out of the window on my right.

Seven years ago, when I was eleven years old, my dad got himself mixed up with the wrong people here in Las Vegas. He was gambling when we stayed at a hotel and placed fake chips on the table. He was caught by one of the Roberneros, I'm not exactly sure who that was, but Ryder saved his life. If he was to be dragged through to the back of the building following their initial plan, then I would have been left in the middle of the city on my own. My dad was by no means a man with a good head on his shoulders, but he was my hero.

I was getting bullied at school and he helped me by taking me out with him. That one specific night, he sneaked me in the casino with him and I watched from behind a curtain as Ryder stepped in and saved the day. He was only thirteen, but I remember him winking at me as he walked off smiling. I knew that he did have a heart and as all the headlines rolled out about how cold he was, I could see that sweet, kind boy who helped save the day. My dad died three years ago of leukemia, but that night always popped up in our conversations in the years that followed. A thirteen year old Ryder saved me from being lost in a big city, all while saving my dad from his death. Now, I want to pay back the favour. I didn't expect him to be ignorant when I entered his office, that took me by surprise. Still, I should have expected for him to be that man.

I found myself pulling into the driveway of his house, which in my eyes was a mansion. Acres of land, a waterfall sat in the center of the driveway, the gates were tall and manned by security guards in black suits, black shirts, black ties and black shoes. They held guns in their hands and my breath caught in the back of my throat.

I looked around his garden in awe. The sun was shining down on me. I remembered that I had left my belongings in the car and turned around to go and retrieve them.

"Ahem," I heard him clear his throat and turned myself around slowly.

"I need-" I started.

"Here," He told me and I nodded my head glancing over at the car. I needed to post the PowerPoint on moodle, but I knew that I couldn't. His driver gave me fair warning and I sat on the back seat watching the trees, trying my hardest not to fall asleep in the process.

He squinted his eyes standing at the door as I walked casually towards him not knowing what to say.

“I suggest you post your PowerPoint slides up on moodle before climbing in any of my cars.” Ryder was dressed formal as per usual- a full black suit, black shirt, black tie and black shiny shoes. I felt powerless before I had even reached him. I had no underwear on, was walking with my arms wrapped around my breasts as I tried to walk in my black heels, with my pencil skirt on. It really wasn't easy considering the distance I had to walk from the car to the house.

“Sorry,” I apologised making my way up the path to him. "I forgot that I couldn't bring my phone."

“No, you hoped that you could use your phone in the car,” Ryder corrected and my eyes widened. “For future reference, phones are to be left at home.”

Ok, I muttered quietly entering his house. I didn’t say a word. Ryder entered after me and slammed the door walking away from me. I followed behind him quickly, trying not to fall over.

“We’ll eat in the garden out back,” he said taking quick strides. I couldn't keep up with him as I tripped over my own two feet. I tried to take in the decor which was modern, white walls, white floors, black furniture and green accessories. It truly was beautiful but chasing behind him made it impossible for me to admire. I looked at the way that he walked, his bouncing strides mixed with swinging arms showed that he was an authoritive figure in the public eye. He was self confident and I knew that I was biting more than I could chew.

We walked through a living area where three black sofas sat in a u, a black shaggy rug sat in the middle with a black glass coffee table on top of it, a TV unit was against the wall with a TV hanging above it. Continuing further into the house, we walked down a long hallway past twelve closed doors, and entered a kitchen area. White tiled flooring, white cupboards, black marble counter tops, black stools with black chrome legs, black utensils, black cooker, double black refrigerator and a black sink sitting in the middle of the center island. It truly was breathtaking, a woman's dream kitchen.

"You will do your diary entry sitting there," Ryder pointed at the breakfast bar that overlooked acres of green grass. I nodded my head as he pushed the door open.

"Sit down there, you're to always sit on the left hand side." He was very specific and I knew that he was strict.

"At this table you may speak freely. In the dining room, there will be silence. Understood?" I nodded my head sitting down on the chair. He snapped his head around to face me and I rubbed the tops of my arms.

"Are you cold Shannon?" I shook my head.

"Well then, I advise you to drop your arms down. I hope your aware that you're to address me. It was in the information pack that I emailed to you. Don't make me regret my decision."

“Yes, Master." I mumbled and he gave me a swift nod. Silently, he sat across from me.

Dinner was carried out to us on plates and placed down on the table. I waited, I didn't know what to do. In my mind I had a fantasy to serve him but there I was feeling uncomfortable in his presence. I didn't know what to say, how to sit, hell, I didn't even know how to look at him. I waited for him to start eating and sat there staring at the table.

"You may eat," he told me, biting a piece of freshly cooked bread. I nodded my head, "yes Master," dropping my line of sight to the table. The food was bursting with flavour. It was delicate and cooked to perfection. Freshly cooked cod with broccoli, carrots, asparagus, mashed potatoes, topped with a parsley sauce. A jacket potato was on the side with a small slab of butter, that was paired with two cold glasses of iced water. The application that I had filled out had asked me if I was a vegetarian which I ticked no on, it also asked me if I had any allergies or was taking any medication. I ticked no to those two questions. What I did know was that the food was divine! I finished the plate and drank both glasses of the refreshing water which I knew wasn't poured straight from the tap.

"Can I leave a review?" I asked him. He looked over at me with squinted eyes smirking. Standing up, he walked towards the garden, "shoes off and follow."

"Yes Master." Taking my shoes off, I ran to catch up with him when he stopped. I looked up at him after almost running straight into his back. "It's good to ground yourself." I didn't know what he was talking about. Ground myself? That statement confused me, but I nodded my head agreeing with what he had said.

“I am a busy man, expect to see faces around my house,” he said. “Keep your head down and don't say a word to any of them, you just don't know when one of them may want to kidnap you.”

His lips tilted upwards as I shuffled on my feet. I didn't know if his statement was him having a sense of humour or, if it was a warning. He waited for my response.

“Yes, Master.” Giving me a swift nod, he walked and I stayed at his side.

"You may have figured, I'm a man who doesn't have many limits. The one limit I do have is that I don't share. I never have, I never will. I am rather fond of humiliation and follow a, you can look but you can't touch approach." What was I supposed to say to that! I didn't know if I could handle what he was throwing at me. My expectations were being flattened by my reality and it was changing from a fun experience into a full time commitment.

"Go and sit down."

"Yes Master." I turned on my heels and walked back to the table. A man placed a black laptop down on the table and entered his house. Ryder had his back to me when he spoke.

"Post the PowerPoint. If there's a next time, remember to do it before you get in my car."

"Thank you Master." I gave him a smile. His face was stoic as he turned to face me.

"Proceed." Short and snappy, I thought to myself switching the laptop on. I saved it in the cloud, so it was easy to retrieve and post up on moodle. Closing the laptop, I pushed it away from me. His phone rang out and he held up a finger. "One moment."

"Yes Master," I said, thinking about what I should do next. I was planning on leaving his home before we had even gotten started. He was stricter than my parents by a long shot and I didn't think that I could follow everything that he wanted. I had two classes filled with sixty students, worksheets that I would need to fill out during the weekends and my own personal health and wellbeing to take care of. What are you doing Shan? I asked myself.

Switching his phone off, he walked over to the table that I was sat at and took the seat opposite me.

“You should know,” he said, “no touching me, unless I tell you to do so.”

Well, there went my biggest fantasy of them all. I wanted to scratch his skin with my nails, bury my hands in his luscious black hair and feel his muscular body.

Sitting across from me, Ryder continued talking. “I know that you have your own hopes, wishes, desires, dreams, wants, and opinions. I do respect you Shannon. Everything I do to or for you is for a reason. As I say, if you do manage to make it until Sunday, it will then be upto you to decide if you can fit my rules into your lifestyle. I won't budge on that. I'm a strict Dom who expects his submissive to follow his contract. In the community contact book, I am number one in this city with submissives from across the globe who would love for me to be their Master, so count yourself lucky to be sitting here with me today." He drummed his fingers on the table and glared at me.

"The pleasure, well, that's a different story-" his lips tilted upwards. The palm of his right hand slid across the top of the table as he picked up his glass of fresh cold water. He ran a finger around the rim of his glass before licking his finger and sliding it down the side of it. I realized I was gaping at him when he smiled and pushed himself away from the table. Biting his bottom lip, he looked me up and down and entered his house leaving me outside sat down. I tried to settle my breathing and rubbed my hands down the front of my black pencil skirt. He was intense and I didn't know what to do with myself. I asked myself if I should enter the house or stay seated. I wasn't sure.

“Are you coming” he asked.

“Yes, Master,” I said jumping to my feet, my thoughts consumed by his remarks on pleasure.

“I need to take an important phone call. Go to my room upstairs, third floor, one room, hard to miss.” I nodded my head as his greyish blue eyes gazed steadily at me.

Walking up the stairs was a struggle for me. My pencil skirt didn't give me much freedom and I made my way up the stairs sideways until I reached the third floor. Stepping off the final step, the doors slid to the side granting me access to his room.

Looking around the room, I was lost for words and gasped. His room had everything, and when I say everything, I mean it. His bed was the size of two King beds placed together, he had equipment in each corner, a long floor to ceiling mirror travelling along one wall, a cage, a hallway which lead to a dungeon, a bench, cross, table, walls filled with cuffs, collars, dildos, vibrators, nipple clamps, chains and many more items. Thick ropes dangled down from the dark ceiling, his bed was a four poster made out of hard wood, painted black. A shiver shot up my back, the room was cold and creeped me out as I stepped inside it on the cool dark wooden flooring rubbing my arms.

"Your fine," I told myself over and over again inside my head. I didn't feel comfortable in his room. It was giving me a negative feeling. Sitting down on the edge of his bed, I closed my eyes to try and relax myself. It wasn't working, my hands were shaking. Due to me being a University teacher, I liked to make plans ahead of time and there I was sitting inside a freezing cold room not knowing what to expect next. My nipples were hard and the short, light hairs on my body were standing up.

I stared down at the floor and waited until the doors slid open and Ryder stepped inside the room. Click, click, click. I dropped my head back down avoiding all eye contact. His presence made all the air inside the room thicken and I felt as if I couldn't breathe.

I raised my line of sight before snapping it back down to my hands. He was still dressed in his suit which strained against his body, especially his chest. I knew that he worked out frequently.

"Stand," he demanded. I stood with my head down as he walked around me. He looked me up and down. I felt small standing in front of him. “Good, now look at me,” he commanded. His eyes were squinted.

He waited until my gaze met his and then he slowly removed his belt. My mouth fell open. I was fearing the unknown. I didn't know what the outcome would be. His black, real leather belt was thick and I knew that it would hurt if it was to kiss my skin. He gathered it in his right hand and walked around me again, slowly. “Should I whip your ass for bringing your mobile phone with you when I told you to leave it at home? What do you think Shannon hmm?” He snapped the belt and the leather tip struck me. I felt a stinging sensation on my right arse cheek. Biting the inside of my bottom lip, I tensed up.

“Your choice, Master,” I choked out, my saliva caught in the back of my throat. I was surprised by how much he had turned me on.

Grabbing my hair with his hand, he dragged my head back and stared down at me. "My choice?" Raising his right eyebrow, he stared at me through narrowed eyes. I tried nodding my head and he let me go.

"Back against the wall. Skirt off." Looking up at him, I nodded my head again trying to get my breathing under control. He was more demanding than I thought he would be. Pointing at the wall that he wanted me to go to, he turned his head on the side.

I walked to stand with my back against the wall. Unzipping my skirt, I dropped it to the floor and stepped out of it. He walked over to me and removed his suit jacket kicking my skirt to the side when I went to grab it. Unbuttoning his black shirt top button, he said, "You are to stand and I will serve you with my milk. You thank me for it." He raised one of his sleeves and then the other. A tattoo of a snake wrapped around his tanned right forearm and I wanted to know how far up it went. A gold watch sat snugly around his left wrist.

That's a different way to put it, I thought to myself. He unbuttoned his pants, pulled down the zip and pushed them down his muscular legs.

My heart raced inside my chest. I was stood next to a half naked Robernero. My eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. One of my fantasies were playing out in front of my very own eyes. Excitement rushed through me. I didn't need the sweet treats and junk food, I had my treat standing in front of me. I felt like I was six again winning a Teddy bear at a fairground.

He was the definition of my wish. His length was long, thick and standing up ready to be used inside his black, tight boxer briefs. Dragging them down to his ankles, he smirked as I stared at him. I was ready to see what Mr Robernero had to offer me.

This part of my reality outweighed my fantasy.

"Do not move, get it." He said through gritted teeth and I nodded my head. "Yes Master."

Moving his length to sit in between my legs, he slipped it through my sensitive flaps.

"Hands together, out in front of you."

Connecting my hands together, I held them out to him. He wrapped his big right hand around them, squeezed his fingers together and forced my arms above my head, trapping them against the wall.

Moving himself forwards and backwards, he kept his eyes on mine. The second that I dropped my head down, he would slap me across the cheeks and point at his eyes.

"On mine at all times, alright?, yeah, what do you fucking say Shannon?"

"Yes Master, sorry Master." I mumbled nervously.

"Eyes on mine or I swear to you now, you will regret coming here." He grinded his teeth together, I could hear it as he thrusted forwards grabbing my hair again with his left hand. I knew in that moment that he was heavy handed and I wanted to close my eyes. That will be a big mistake, I told myself ten times over inside my head.

I was turned on more than ever before. Slowly, I moved my hips forwards to feel the friction of his length sliding against my sensitive clit. He felt even larger and I couldn’t help but think what it would feel like to have him inside my body. I wanted to please him with my mouth, but I knew that I wouldn't be given the chance. He said strictly, no touching him.

“Back, flat against the wall. I think you're forgetting who's in charge here. Me, not you, me and you still haven't earned the right to move when I tell you not to!” He pushed forward and I relaxed my back against the wall. “See, not hard was it?”

“I like it hard and rough. I will not train or be kind to you just because you're new to my lifestyle.” He fisted his hands in my hair. “Now that feels good doesn't it.”

His eyes pierced mine as he removed his hands from my hair and wrapped them around my neck. I had just enough time to inhale a deep breath before I was unable to get any air inside my lungs. He pumped in and out between my flaps several times.

“Yes, such a fucking whore being used by me” he moaned as he pushed against me harder.

His length was the biggest that it could get. I knew that he wouldn't have gotten to the size that he was if it didn't turn him on. I got him like this, I thought. It was true, he was hard and twitching because of me. If he wasn't interested then his body wouldn't react the way that it was.

"Knees, mouth open," he demanded pushing me down with his hands on my shoulders. I dropped to my knees and opened my mouth ready for him shocked. I didn't think that I would get the chance to have him inside my mouth.

“Swallow. All of it,” he said, pushing himself straight to the back of my mouth. I gagged slightly as he pumped in and out moaning and tensing his body up. Pushing my head against him, he left me with no other choice but to wrap my arms around the backs of his muscular thighs.

I nearly threw up when I tasted his semen. It was sticking at the back of my throat, with a salty taste and a gooey texture. I shut my eyes in order to focus. I'm not exactly sure how but I managed to swallow the lot.

Thrusting forwards, he moved his hips from left to right before pulling himself out of my mouth growling. “That's a good girl,” he said with heavy breaths. ”

I sat back on my heels as he pulled his black suit pants up, securing them in place with his zip and button. His eyes were on mine.

“Your room is next to mine. Second floor, the first door. Mine is the second door,” he said, grabbing his suit jacket and shrugging it over his shoulders.

"Breakfast is at six in the dining room. Don't be late."

I picked up my skirt and pulled it up, fastening it in place. The door opened and a man stood in the center of it with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Boss. Fay has snapped the spaghetti up and threw it inside the pan."

Ryder rolled his eyes growling, his eyes were narrowed.

"She better not have. It's fucking illegal, she can't call herself Italian. I'm gonna launch her ass in the Atlantic ocean, stupid bitch."

"Your excused." He snapped his head around to face me. I nodded my head and walked towards the door. Dropping my head down to the floor, I waited for his man to step out of the way and slipped past him.

I tossed and turned in the bed all night long. I could see that the sun was rising outside the window as I sighed. All I wanted to do was sleep, but there I was wide awake thinking about how Ryder fucked my mouth and slid his length through my flaps. I could remember how I was anxious yet at the same time I was excited. I didn't know what to expect because he was a closed book. Our encounter met my expectations and exceeded them.

I couldn’t wait for the rest of the weekend. Was I insane? I didn't know.
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