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Chapter 30

Gabrielle showed up at my flat. I made her a cup of tea before sitting down on my sofa. She looked exhausted. Her boyfriend accused her of cheating and she came to stay with me. I wasn't expecting her to knock on the door but she couldn't go to my mums house that she brought three years before. She had dark circles underneath her eyes and they were red and puffed out. Her nose was dripping with snot as she wiped it with a tissue.

"You said that you left Ryder. Why was that?" She asked me and I shrugged my shoulders changing the channel on the TV.

"I just couldn't deal with the rest of his family. Ryder is completely different compared to the rest of them. They're too work focused and women don't have the same rights as the men."

"The rest of his family? You haven't met up with them have you?" Her eyes widened and I nodded my head.

"Yeah, I went to Arlington with him yesterday. I flew back with his man Andre last night."

"Isn't that normal for their family. Surely they wouldn't know any differently would they?" She took a sip of her tea placing it back down on the coffee table. Tucking her feet underneath her bottom, she crossed her arms. I leaned back sighing.

"What do you mean?"

"Ryders grown up in the same lifestyle as the rest of his family. Don't you ever think that he's the same as them? Same lifestyle, same rules, same outcome. Just rolling out as the weeks pass by?"

"No, he had another set of rules growing up."

"Still rules though isn't it. Do you know anything about his childhood? Have you heard about the journal that Kenzo wrote years ago?" She raised her eyebrows and I shook my head.

"A builder found it. That journal was made into a documentary and it's not pleasant. In fact, it's rather scary. My friends cousin lives that exact same lifestyle but with someone called Herbie. That's why I was telling you to stay away from him. She told my friend Jackie once you're in the lifestyle you can never get out."

"Well I am. I'm sitting here with you." I hold my arms up in the air and look around laughing.

"His eyes will always be on you sis. I could ask Jackie to come here and she could explain what she was told. He took you to his family, the main house which means that you've been on the inside. Haven't you searched anything up about the Mafia lifestyle?" She was getting angry. I could see it. I was smiling.

"No. I didn't think that I needed to."

"I think you do babe. The Roberneros specifically have a rule where the men are to marry after a certain amount of time. I'm not too sure how long that is but I think you're pretty close to the deadline."

"Marriage!" My mouth fell open and she nodded her head giving me a sad smile as she texted on her mobile phone. Mine was with Ryder so I couldn't use it. I was lucky to have Ryders man Andre with me all the way back to my door. He collected the car from the airport when we landed.

Marriage? Who gets forced to marry? Who lives like this in this day and age I asked myself. Gabrielle inhaled deeply.

"She's married into some group in Spain. I'm not too sure but Jackie's just told me that Ryder won't let you go now."

"I signed a contract. I can leave when I want to." I grinned and she whacked her hand down on my sofa. She was filled with rage.

"Until you step foot inside their main headquarters in fucking Arlington you stupid bitch! That's where you flew back from last night."

"So he was trapping me? Is that what you're saying yeah?" I raised my eyebrows standing up and she threw herself back whining.

"Have you done any research at all?"

"No! I'm only his submissive. I didn't think too much into it."

"When does it end?" Gabrielle asked me with her eyes closed, she was facing the ceiling.

"It didn't have a date."

Snapping her head to face me, she shook her head. "Exactly."

"What's that documentary called?" I asked her.

"It's called The Robernero Bloodline." My eyes widened and I turned around slowly to find Ryder standing behind me with his arms crossed. He stepped inside the room slowly. I could feel the tension coming from him and it wasn't pleasant. My chest tightened, my stomach spun around in circles. I felt physically sick. How did he get in? He obviously picked the lock.

"You know all that hmm? How much do you know about my family Gabrielle?" Gabrielle shrugged her shoulders.

"Jackie's cousin is called Kate. Her family is about to join forces with mine through a girl called Zandaya. She's with Renzo." He gave Gabrielle a swift nod before raising his right eyebrow.

"What she said was correct. Well, when you know about my family which is the reason why I was keeping you out of the loop. "

"So where does that leave me now?" Shrugging his shoulders, he inhaled a deep breath and sat down on the sofa next to where I was sitting.

"That's upto me. I run a completely different group. Don't get me wrong, the Societa Oscura is connected to me but I manufacture the guns. My side splits off in multiple directions. Still, it's bigger in comparison to Renzos. What do you want me to do? Force you because I can."

"I don't know. I don't want to be forced to marry. I'm too young."

"What about giving up your job then?" He looked at me and I stepped back.

"I can't do that!"

"Well something has to give Shannon. I don't want my submissive to run off when things get tough."

"You left me lying there." Crossing my arms I squinted my eyes.

"Good thing it's all completed there then isn't it. So, what's going to happen tonight. Are you going to put up a fight or come with me happily?"

"How longs the contract for Ryder?" I asked him and he smiled standing up. He was pushing his tongue against the inside of his cheek.

"Ryder hey? Why my first name?"

"I mean Master." I stuttered stepping back again.

"It's open. There is no date on there. Still, I didn't expect to be placed in this situation. Now look where we are." Ryder gave Gabrielle an evil glare.

"Can I talk to you for a moment.... Alone." Gabrielle nodded and stood up. "I need to go out anyway."

"Good riddance," Ryder spoke and she tightened up her fists before storming out of the room. Walking to me, he stated down his chest. Touching my cheek with his right hand, he shook his head exhaling a deep breath.

"This is why I hate being a fucking Robernero. The second someone hears that word, they think I'm a bad Dom. Yes, I have certain rules to follow but if others kept their fucking noses out of my business then problems would arise." Touching my lips, he growled deep inside his throat.

"You need to stop talking to others. Now you know what happens next, not that I was planning on it. That's why you don't place cameras inside your girls living room Ryder you bell end." He was talking to himself as I looked up at him.

"My dad has direct connection to this footage. He will know that you know about our family. So does your sister." He nodded over at the door.

"I don't know what will happen next but I expect to be called out to a meeting with you tomorrow. My side of the business is separate but the Societa Oscura rules apply to all of us. That includes you now too. Not the marriage part. I have a hell of a lot of say in it but I didn't want to place you underneath my rules completely." Pulling me into his chest, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head.

"Rules completely?" I asked him and he nodded.

"You may have to give up your job. I'm not going to lie to you. I have a big say in what happens but when it comes to you having a job and leaving me for five days at a time. I doubt that can carry on as normal. Still, I can keep you going. I have more money than I could possibly spend in our lifetime."

"I don't want to give up my job!" I told him and he shrugged his shoulders. "That's tough shit. Ask questions and you get burned. Get your shit, your coming with me. My dad may collect Gabrielle at some point during the day. She knows too much."

My eyes widened and I tried to step away from him but he grabbed my wrist and wouldn't let it go.

"Kate will..... Ka... I'm not sure. She broke the Om.. For fucks sake Kate!" What was he talking about? I didn't know.
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