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Chapter 33


"Talk to my hand because the face ain't listening." I held my hand up and turned away from him in the living area.

"You're stuck with me, now listen up."

"Actually no. You're stuck with me. I have my little friend and she says that I'm unhappy so time to talk to Shannon is currently not available right now. You will have to rebook." I tell him with my hands on my hips.

"Ive just told you to listen to me."

"As I said. I'm not the one deciding to stay here, this is a forced decision so this bitch don't have to listen."

"Wow. What happened to Shannon?" He crossed his arms and I smiled.

"She's charging her batteries right now. Come back later."

Clicking his fingers, he pointed at the door. "Playroom NOW!"

"Yay, fun!" I clapped my hands. Pulling up his suit jacket, he yanked his belt out holding it up in the air.

"Yay, belt." He spoke, smiling.

"Why would I go up there casually knowing that. I'm not doing that. Why would I want to do that. Why?" I crossed my arms and he walked over to me slowly grabbing my hair and ragging my head back. My stomach sank, his face moved closer to mine.

"Because I told you to." He spat through clenched teeth.

"Dont piss me off Shannon. Go, now!"

"Fine," I sighed. I was only playing with him. I didn't want a punishment but I had obviously crossed the line. I was only playing.

"I was only joking with you." I told him and he shrugged his shoulders. "There's a time and a place."

Walking over to the door, I stormed out of the room and made my way upstairs to the playroom. I was annoyed because he wanted to punish me all because I was having fun. Why are men so stuck up? I asked myself walking underneath the stairs and pressing the button for the lift. It pinged and I stepped inside groaning. I was feeling fed up. I needed some banter in my life and he obviously was too stuck up to understand. Closing my eyes, I breathed in deeply before stepping inside. Pressing the button, I tapped my foot on the floor.

I got down on my knees and waited for him patiently. He didn't enter the room straight away and left me waiting. I was getting impatient until he stepped inside the room. There was something about his presence that got my emotions flipping all over the place. Don't get me started on my thought process or the way that my body was reacting. My palms were sweating, my heart was beating unbearably quick and I felt physically ill. At this point, I knew that he was a gangster and that changed my thought process entirely. I watched as he walked to me, the way that he carried himself, I thought about his hands carrying a heavy gun, his suit covered in blood, his forehead dripping with sweat in a dark room beating people to death. I watched my fair share of crime documentaries, movies and shows. I knew what he did the second that my sister talked about the Mafia and that made me feel more attracted to him.

I wet my lips before they parted. Watching him snap the belt, my adrenaline shot through me like a bb bullet shoots out of a gun. It was a rush of excitement. Excitement? How... I was about to get a belt to my ass and I was excited? Wow, now that was news to me.

Sitting down on the bed, he tapped his knee and I jumped up. Walking to him, I lay down on his knees, my stomach was pressing against his thighs.

"If you remember your previous punishment then you will know what to expect. Eight slaps of my belt, there will be a warm up beforehand but this time, I will be fucking you directly after it." All I could hear was my breath inhaling and exhaling in the dark, cold and silent room. When he pulled up the bottom of my dress, it felt normal. His authority was much stronger in comparison to your normal Dominant who lived in an average lifestyle. He was the big boss, he didn't take shit, he decided what was final and he handed out punishments. My heartbeat was unbearable. I was disappointed in myself for gaining another punishment but I knew that sex was to follow shortly after it.

He pulled my underwear down and started smacking my ass cheeks quickly. I closed my eyes and focused on breathing. I knew that it was going to hurt and counting was going to be included in the punishment. My ass was heating up quickly, it didn't take too long for the sting to kick in and then the pain was there. It was strong and I didn't like it at all. It won't take long, I told myself.

"Count." Did I get used to it from my previous punishment or was he going light on me? I didn't know but it wasn't as painful as I remembered it to be. Well, that was until that belt laid a touch down on my sensitive skin.

Was it the angle, my position, me being more relaxed? I felt it. That one slap to my ass made me scream. I was crying off the first one and I had seven more to deal with. I placed my hands down on the mark instantly and that angered Ryder.

"One Master." I struggled to say the words.

"You cannot keep your hands off, I will cuff your wrists to my legs." That's exactly what he did. I was falling off his legs as the next slap hit my skin. The tears were falling from my eyes and landing on the wooden floor. I know that I wasn't supposed to enjoy it but I had a small puff of vapour inside me. It was filled with hate. I was past the point of being a good girl. Don't get me wrong, I would always be a good girl unless I was dealing with a punishment.

"Fuck you!" His face showed surprise. I needed to let my anger out and I knew that I wouldn't want to do it again. Instant regret. I should have done it when I wasn't attached to him but I wasn't thinking.

"Ooft. Big mistake. Big, big mistake. You won't be saying that again. You thought that the eating punishment was bad. Ouch! You're such a stupid bitch. I warned you." He grabbed my ass tightly, he was shouting through gritted teeth and I knew that I had pissed him off. I was stupid but I knew what I was doing. I was trying to play pain games with the devil and I was going to lose.

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