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Chapter 34


"We will finish this punishment and when you need to use the bathroom you're to ask me for permission every fucking time. Don't go unless I've told you that you can. Tonight you will clean the bathroom. I will piss all over that god damn floor and you will use a toothbrush to scrub it with your teeth. Your arms will be tied up behind your back. Failure to do that will result in you licking it off my dick and I doubt you want that. Do you understand me?"

"Yes Master." That's not a bad punishment at all I thought to myself. How wrong I was. I needed a really bad pee because I had drank all of my water. He was feeding me and I was an idiot for accepting them. I was bouncing around the bathroom. I asked him if I could go and he kept on telling me no. I was dripping, it was painful and I couldn't cross my legs to ease it. I was on my knees, my arms were cuffed behind my back as I used the toothbrush to scrub the floor with my teeth.

The door opened up and Ryder pointed down at the floor. "Get that clean." My stomach was churning. The smell of urine wasn't pleasant. I looked up at him through pleading eyes.

"Please may I go the toilet Master," I bounced on my knees pleading him.

He stood there thinking for a moment, "no." I was going to cry. I felt it getting closer. I needed it so badly it was painful. He left the bathroom and slammed the door. I felt it get ready to release. Standing up, I arched over my stomach squeezing tightly until I couldn't no more. I wet myself. It slid down the insides of my legs, all over my shoes, my underwear were drenched so I sat down on my bottom until I jumped up. It didn't only hurt because of the pressure but add piss to the equation. Not only that but I fell partially on my back because I couldn't use my arms to stop me. It burned like a mother fucking fire! I cried. I needed to tell Ryder but I couldn't. I felt so embarrassed.

"Come out once you've finished. Shirl, Renzo, Zandaya and Jeck are here." My eyes widened. I couldn't believe it. I ran to the door and locked it as quickly as I could with my teeth. Running towards the sink, I slipped and slid across the floor. I landed in my own urine. I wasn't willing to leave the room and when I sat up, my hair was dripping wet. I was in even worse of a problem.

"Are you done yet? It shouldn't take you this long."

"Almost," I shouted standing up. I was panicking and running around the bathroom in circles before I sat down on the toilet and cried for ten minutes none stop. I didn't want to go out and I wasn't planning to. I lay my head down on the sink and hysterically cried none stop until Ryder came back telling me to come out of the bathroom. I shook my head vigorously. You would have thought that he was in there with me but he wasn't until he kicked the door through and stepped inside the room with a smug grin on his face.

Short chapter. I'm on the train so I wanted to post it before I lose signal. 😂
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