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Chapter 35

"Now look who's laughing. Not you, that's for sure." Ryder crossed his arms smirking and I looked up at him quickly before dropping my head back down. I was so embarrassed.

"Up." He grabbed my dress at the tops. The only place where it wasn't drenched in urine and ragged me up to my feet. I tried to yank myself out of his grasp but he forced me out of the room. He even squeezed the back of my neck which was uncomfortable. I wanted to cry.

We were stood in the hallway when he guided me down the stairs to the living area and I looked away. I was expecting there to be people but nobody was there.

"I hope you will behave. Next time I will invite all those I mentioned before. Don't fuck with me, don't give me cheek, don't step out of line. If you do it again, I promise you now that you will never step out of line again and this is a pre-warning. I will give you every single damn punishment that I can think of over the space of a week. Don't push me to it." I nodded my head and apologised for what I did.

"Food," Ryder walked through to the dining room table where food was placed down on it. I wasn't in the mood to eat and the chairs that he had out all had a cushion on but mine. I walked quickly to the table and sat down.

"Thank you Master." I wasn't hungry. That didn't mean that I was going to leave any of it. I was going to eat it all without any complaints. I was going to listen to every demand that he could throw at me and the next one I didn't like. Not one bit. Still, I wasn't going to gain a week filled with punishments. I knew that he would follow through with his threats, I had no doubt about it.

"You will get a hot bath, you will wash your hair and body. I then want you to rinse down with a shower and get inside the comfortable pink pyjamas that I'm letting you wear for tonight only. Then you will come downstairs with your hair wrapped up in a towel. We fly out to Arlington tonight." Arlington was the last place I wanted to hear. I truly didn't want to go there.

"Yes Master." I stood up and walked towards the door when he grabbed my face and stared at me bluntly. He didn't say a word. He was just staring at me through narrowed eyes and I stayed exactly where I was with my arms down my sides.

"Off you go," he told me and I ran inside and got inside a hot bath as quickly as I could. I hated that he had humiliated me, the thought of it consumed me even when he met me at the front door and guided me out to the car barefoot. I remember wrapping my arms around myself as he shuffled in next to me, his arm went around my neck and he pulled me against him. It was pitch black outside. I was completely his. I knew that my life was over and I could never get away from him. I was happy but at the same time, I knew that I couldn't be myself, see my friends, go back to work and walk across the street to the coffee shop on my breaks. All of my free time was gone.

I slept the entire car ride and the flight and woke up in a bed inside a pitch black room at four o'clock in the morning. There was a clock on the wall and the bed was huge, the quilt covers were black silk. I was on edge and I didn't want to leave that room but when I heard gunshots being fired outside the house, I ran to the door, swung it open and went in search of someone.

Stepping down the long hallway with neutral colours that had white tiles, I made it to the very end and found myself in an open living area. It was different to the one I had been in previously. I saw Ryder in the kitchen. The countertop had guns lined up and Ryder was checking them over. There was a bottle of something on the side and a glass half filled up with ice inside it. He didn't look at me when he spoke.

"The noise scare you?"

"Yes Master," I crossed my arms over my chest and Ryder spun himself around, crouched down and opened up a cupboard taking out a glass. Turning back around, he placed the glass on the side and took the bottle in his hand removing the temporary cork. Pouring some of the drink, he slid the glass across the top and glanced over at me.

"For you. It'll take the edge off. I was thinking..." I walked over to him and picked up the glass thanking him. His hand slid up my back as I took a long swig of it.

"I didn't fuck you earlier did I?" I shook my head and he chuckled.

"I'll get to it. What do you think of this place anyway?" He asked me and I shrugged my shoulders. "It looks very nice. I feel warm and comfortable."

"The heating is on. This place has under floor heating as well which is great for you considering you're walking around in bare feet. Listen, I'm just checking these machine guns out. Sit on the sofa and relax, talk to me but no funny business." He raised his eyebrows smiling and I nodded my head. Walking to the couch, I sat down and relaxed back.

I could no longer be my typical giggly self. I didn't know how he would take it and that didn't seem to sit well with him but he was giving me mixed signals. I stared down at the glass in my hand and none of us spoke. I was afraid to start a conversation so I decided not to. It was for the best.

"I have a poker party tomorrow night. I need you to stay in your bedroom when our guests arrive. It's not that I don't want you to enjoy yourself, I'll supply you with some alcohol, a movie, snacks and a friend to spend your time with. I'll be locking your door. The reason why I'm telling you to stay put is because my guests will be dead by the end of the night and I don't want them to use you to get to me. Your my weakness and they know that. Think you can have a girly night with everything you need and stay put?"

"Yes Master." I mumbled.

"That's a good girl." He picked up his drink and held it at the same height as his head. Winking at me, he downed the rest of his glass and I smiled.
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