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Chapter 36

We pulled up at a festival in the UK. Yes the flipping UK. He dragged me on a plane there and I was sat in the Range Rover with my arms crossed. I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to be with him but I had no option. Switching the ignition off, he gave me a smile and I stared out of the window. His plan for his poker night was cancelled at the last minute and he decided that he wanted to go and meet his cousin Trep there.

Jumping out of the Range Rover, he told me to stay put and I nodded my head. He shook hands with the man I assumed was his cousin. I stared down at the floor. They had built a shelter between two caravans and I crossed my arms watching Ryder take a seat on a chair opposite Trep. The two of them were talking until a woman who was working security grabbed Treps attention. He was no longer interested in talking to Ryder and I walked to stand next to the table. Ryder tapped his legs and I walked to him before he picked me up to straddle him. I smiled.

"Go in the caravan and throw me out the crisps." Ryder told me and I nodded my head standing up. Entering the caravan, I threw it out to him and he offered the security girl a packet. I weren't allowed them which annoyed me more than it should. She told him no as I walked out crossing my arms.

"Am I-"

"No." He told me bluntly. Straddling him again, I touched his collar. I was bored and it was twisted so I thought that I would fix it for him. He told me to stop and I asked him why but he was being more distant than usual which triggered a negative response from me.

I watched as the security woman walked away and Ryder pointed at me.

"You need to behave," he raised his eyebrows. What did he expect me to do? I was bored. I stood up feeling frustrated and walked towards the festival. Ryder chased after me.

"Get back to the caravan." He told me and I shook my head. "No I'm bored. All I want to do is keep active. You've taken all of my freedom and all I need is some fun!"

"Now Shannon." He pointed at the caravan and I shook my head again. I stared at him. All I could hear was cars popping and banging, more cars were drifting on the track. Ryder was screaming at me and I watched through wide eyes as he ran across the grass.

"Why was he running and screaming?" Everything was happening quicker than ever before.

I felt all the air get sucked out of my lungs, a sharp pain struck my right side like I was at the end of a lightening strike. One second I was on my feet and the next I was flipping up in the air landing on the dirty ground. Tears slid down my face as I watched Ryders black shoes run towards me and before I could say a word, my vision turned black.

I went to sleep but I could feel the pain. It was hurting and I couldn't ask for help. I needed it to stop.

My eyes flickered open, I could hear Ryder talking to me. Well, he was shouting and my eyes were squinted. There was no possible way for me to speak but I could hear the crowds of people surrounding me.

"Don't pick her up. Leave her lying down flat," someone told Ryder. I didn't know who it was but he was in a security hi vis coat.

"Do you think I'm fucking stupid?" Ryder shouted and the next I saw nothing. Dark emptiness.

I felt as something was wrapped around my arm and my right ankle. I wanted to scream because the pain was unbearable but I wasn't there. I was a ghost inside my own body. I cried until the pain disappeared. I could hear people talking but it was broken up.

"Cast..... Radio.... Check..... Bed.... Moveme-" Then I didn't get anything. I was asleep for months. It felt like months and then I woke up to nothing but silence. I lay there blinking my eyes. I couldn't speak, I couldn't move, my vision was blurry and I felt alone until I saw him. Ryder was smiling down at me.

"You got lucky Shannon. Very lucky babe. You almost snapped your neck. Oh my fucking god." He bent over me and kissed my cheek. I felt my tears slide down my face.

What had happened? Why couldn't I move and why was I on a bed inside the caravan? I couldn't speak.

"The doctors gave you something to stop you from moving. Don't worry, you will get better soon. You've been asleep all day."

He opened a bottle of water and trickled it inside my mouth. I opened my mouth and whined. My vocal cords were finally working. There's nothing worse than trying to talk about your frustrations but not being able to. I smiled.

"M m ma. Wh happened?" I struggled to ask him. He took my hand in his and sat down on a chair next to me.

"You stopped in the middle of a race track. A subaru came flying around and hit you. It flipped you up in the air and you crashed down on your neck. It hit your right leg and your right arm. Your face took a beating in the process." He told me. "You're lucky to still be alive. There's definitely someone watching over you. Your mother has been informed because I wouldn't let you go. We have to leave in a couple of minutes." I tried to move my head. I wanted to nod but I couldn't.

"You will be sore for the next couple or days. Your casts will be taken off in six weeks." Six weeks! How the hell was I supposed to do anything in casts? I decided that it was for the best if I was to go to sleep and not think about anything.

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