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Chapter 37


Walking to the docks, I shrug my suit jacket on buttoning it up. Sighing, I take my gun out of my pocket and check that I have enough bullets inside it approaching a car. Sliding it back in my pocket, I look around to make sure nobody is watching me. You never know when somebody is keeping their eyes on you. Yanking the door open, I slide inside and slam it behind me.

"You got it?" Lowski nods his head and opens his briefcase. Taking out a USB, he holds it out to me. Lowski was born in China and moved here because he had connections to the criminal world. I don't know much about him but he has my back and I have his too.

"Make sure your parents don't find out." Squinting my eyes I sigh. "You know that I won't. Do you really think they're going to accept the fact that I fucked up? My dad will kill me!" He will. I will be dead within a week give or take. No word of that is a lie.

"I don't doubt it son. Just make sure you don't go near Goodfellas. That's where she goes with her father." Nodding my head, I slap myself across the face. "Why was I so god damn stupid! Listen, I want you to-" Inhaling a deep breath, I groan. "Pass this to her." Taking out a stack of cash, I shove it against his chest and open the door. He takes the money from me and shouts me.

"Ryder." Glancing over my shoulder, I smirk at him. "She can't do it without you my man. Her father will kill that kid before she gets the chance to hold it. Speaking of which, she's having a boy."

Jesus christ! Now what am I going to do? Closing the door over, I bite the inside of my right cheek. "You say what now?"

"He will." Lowski looks at me through sad eyes and I nod my head closing my eyes. I fucked up.

I had sex with our rivals daughter. It was out secret and now it's starting to get out of hand. Works out that she's now sitting there with a belly filled with arms and legs. She hasn't had sex with anybody else and I've found out that her baby is mine. I took her virginity and didn't wrap him up. My bad, still I'm a dead man walking. Top my situation off with Shannon and her being in bad shape after being hit by a scooby. My day just keeps on giving doesn't it.

Now I don't know what to do!

Think Ryder think..

Lowski steps out of the car and I glance over at him.

"You need to get her away from her father. Take her in or something. He's trying to find out who the dad is and when she does give birth to your child, he will check who his DNA connects to. When it comes back with your name, he will come searching for you. Not forgetting the fact that he will kill that child and his daughter on the spot. I know that you can handle him and put him in the ground but that girl and innocent child can't. You should have thought about this when you fucked her. She needs your help."

"I have Shannon to think about!" I shout and he steps forwards, his face is inches away from mine.

"Yes... And Shannon isn't carrying your kid is she, Louise is. She's a frightened woman searching for a way to keep herself and your child safe. That child is a fucking Robernero! Are you really going to let your own blood be killed by a man who looks at his family as nothing but a financial gain? What happened to family looking after their own? I would understand if you didn't know about this kid but you do and you need to be there for the mother of your own fucking child. She came to you for some support after she refused to pull the trigger that night. You then took advantage of her when she was in a dark place and now you're planning on leaving her to it? Here's your worthless money-" He throws it at me and the money falls all over the floor.

"They won't survive to use it. I hope you're happy living with the thought."

"The thought of what?" I squint my eyes watching Lowski walk from left to right.

"The thought that you got the two of them killed. Have a great fucking night you heartless bastard." Sliding inside the car, he slams the door and his driver drives away.

Leaving the money on the floor, I walk to my car. That money will make somebody's day tomorrow if it survives the night.

Sitting in my car, I pick up my phone and book tickets. Shit........

Time to call my Dad and arrange a meeting for tomorrow. I'm going to be dead by Monday morning, I guarantee it.
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