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Chapter 38

The previous chapter was Ryders perspective in the past.


My eyebrows knitted together. Why could I hear a girls voice I didn't know outside my room? Sitting up slowly, I breathed out deeply and glanced over at the door.

"Hello hunny. I hope you're getting enough sleep?" I stared bluntly at the woman feeling confused. Who is she? I asked myself.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Ryders urm.. He told me to come in here." I looked her up and down. She was pregnant and looked tired.

Gabrielle entered my room and smiled at me. "Ryder got himself in some trouble. Got her pregnant months ago." I gave Gabrielle a swift nod and she walked over to me. Hugging me she sat down and I gave her a sad smile. My head was hurting.

"How you feeling?" Ryder entered the room looking buff and as gorgeous as ever in his suit. Walking over to me, he kissed me on my forehead and sat down directly next to me. Well I didn't expect him to do that considering his pregnant Mrs was stood in front of me.

I could hear talking and glanced over at the door. Ryder pressed his hand against my chest. "Stay there. It's your mother. Jessica is with her,"

"Urm c-" Ryder shook his head and I sighed looking away from him.

"You need to lay there." Ryder stood up and leaned over me brushing my hair behind my ear.

"I didn't get to do you know. My-"

"Don't worry about it. I can let it slide." Ryder held his hand up and I nodded my head staring at the wall as Ryder stroked my cheek.

"I I can't, you know, do it-" I mumbled and Ryder gave me a swift nod smirking at me.

"I know."

“And I’ll probably miss my jog tomorrow morning.”

He smiled. “Probably will.”

He kept on brushing his long fingers across my face and I was struggling to keep my eyes open.

"When did-"

"A long time ago." Ryder grinned and I smiled before I realised something. "Does that mean-" I sat up quickly hurting my hip in the process.

"No!" Ryder told me sternly and I nodded dropping my eyes down to look at the covers that were over my legs. Sliding down the bed slowly, I felt my eyes getting heavier.

I could hear him talking but I couldn't see. I was exhausted.

Loud voices woke me up and I blinked my eyes open slowly to be met with two men in black suits. They were shrugging them off and placing them down on the back of the blue uncomfortable plastic chairs in my room. Slapping Ryders back they stepped back one by one and talked to him about something I didn't understand. I'm sure it was code. Still their looks were identical to Ryders.

"Oh ello there sweet. Shannon my name is Dravo." Dravo held his hand out to me and I glanced over at Ryder who tensed up. Giving me a swift nod, he picked up a bag and took out a sandwich dropping it down on the bed with a bottle of water.

"Haha, why are you bringing food here?" The other man asked him and he shrugged his shoulders. "The food in here is poor. I wouldn't feed that shit to Bonzo nevermind my girl."

Laughing, the other man approached me as I shook Dravos hand. Dravo stepped back and the other man kissed me on the cheek. "I'm Vinx, Ryders older brother."

I didn't say a word as a stern voice shouted down the hallway. "Where the fuck am I going? This place is like a pissing maze! Can some fucker give me some directions at least?"

Ryder, Dravo and Vinx stopped what they were doing and watched the door until a man entered the room. Black hair, grey eyes, a scar on his left eyebrow, black suit, black shirt, black shoes, a long black coat and a cigarette inside his mouth. Bearing in mind, you're not supposed to smoke inside hospitals at all! Yes I was in hospital because Ryder found out that I needed a blood transfusion so I've been stuck in here for a couple of days doing nothing but sleeping.

"Alright boys. Buttercup." The man grinned at me walking over to the window. Lifting the blinds, he sat on the window ledge and blew the smoke out of his mouth.

"You know, this hospital is an absolute joke! I've been going around in circles for the last half an hour trying to find this fucking room." I tried to hold my laugh in but I couldn't. I started laughing and all the men stared at me. All of them had their right eyebrow raised and I tried to do it myself. Failed. Ryders lips tilted upwards on the left and he walked over to me taking my hand in his.

"She will be coming to the family house until she gets better." The man told Ryder who snapped his head around to face him. His stance changed quickly.

"I decide what my girl will and won't be doing. She is with me and I will make arrangements for her at my house."

"You've always been stubborn haven't you son." I found out that the man who was sitting on the window ledge was his dad. That explained a lot.

Picking up the sandwich, Ryder opened it and held half of it out in his hand for me. Taking it from him, I took a big bite and he smiled. I wasn't going to argue with him in front of his family even if I wasn't hungry. I needed to play my cards right if I actually wanted to be happy. Sliding his hand inside his pocket, he pulled out my collar and I touched my neck. My stomach sunk, a dull ache appeared which made me feel sick. His family was in the room but I wasn't worried about them, I was feeling like I had just broken my promise to my Master.

"What the fuck are you doing? She's not a house pet!" Oh no, my best friend has just entered the room and she doesn't look best pleased.
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