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Chapter 39

Ryder glared at her. If looks could kill then Yasmin would have been on the floor.

"And you are?" Ryder stared her up and down. It was obvious... he didn't like her. Yasmin crossed her arms and Ryder threw my collar down on the bed in a rage before approaching her. She did try to stand her ground but he kept on pushing her backwards using his chest. Not a care in the world.

"I asked you... Who the fuck are you?" Ryder stared down his chest at her and I shook my head. "My best friend Yasmin."

"Overprotective of your friend here I see. Don't worry, you don't have to be because she's mine now."

Yasmin looked at me the best that she could from where she was pressed up against the wall. She was afraid of him.

"Erm... I don't think that he's right for you. He won't even let your mum in here." Yasmin told me while looking from me to Ryder and back again.

"You won't?" I asked him and Ryder chuckled. His dad was smiling and his brother was stood there with crossed arms. Dravo was eating pasta.

"Don't like her." Ryder spoke out loud and before I could even blink she was being dragged out of the room by the collar of her dress. Ryder slammed the door on her face and locked the door before his dad spoke.

"So, that's her out of the picture then."

"She's a cheeky bitch." Ryder shook his head. His shoulders were that squared off he looked like he was bouncing around when he wasn't. That was his natural stance. I knew that he was irritated but so was I! He'd thrown my best friend out of the door. I didn't know what to do or say. I looked away from Ryder and crossed my arms.

He walked over to the door and opened it again stepping back.

"She is my friend. How dare you shut the door on me!"

"Don't be a bitch and I won't. Simple." Ryder looked like he didn't have a care in the world. Yasmin on the other hand was aggravated.

"I will do what I want." Yasmin shoulder barged him and took the seat next to me. Ryder pulled a gun out of his pocket and my eyes widened but before I could say anything he pushed it back in and lit up a cigarette instead.

"Yasmin, you need to stop." I warned and she stood up, sighed and left the room without saying a word. I looked over at Ryder who shrugged his shoulders and walked over to me brushing my hair back.

"I need a fucking ashtray. These windows don't open! This is dangerous in the event of an emergency." Ryders dad shouted and Dravo held his hand up. "Dad can you just shut up." So he's Ryders brother too I thought to myself. Well, they did look the spitting image of each other.

"You cheeky fucker!" Ryders dad squinted his eyes and I smirked.

"Sorry about Yasmin. I'll apologise on her behalf. She gets like that at times." I told Ryder who turned suddenly and approached me.

"It's not your place to excuse your friends actions. She can face me and do it herself. As for you, here, drink this water." Ryder picked up the bottle and handed it to me. I smiled.

"I won't be at the party on Saturday." Ryder told his dad who glared at him.


"I will be looking after Shannon." His words clicked inside my head. "No, you go. I don't want you to miss a party because of me." I told him honestly and Ryder shook his head.

"It's one party. Half of the family don't know me anyway. I'm like the ghost of the Roberneros family past. One weekend won't cause any problems."

"Sorry," I apologised and Ryder gave me a stern glare which told me that I shouldn't have apologised.

"We will get a couple of phone calls, no doubt about that. We will laugh together as Shirley sings to us." Shirley? Who's Shirley?

"She's my cousin. I think that the two of you will get along very well." You would think that he could hear my thoughts. Sometimes I would think that I had spoken my thoughts out loud when I hadn't.

"Oh," I didn't have anything to say to him so I focused my attention on drinking some of the water.

"I guess we'll be spending our time in the garden planting roses and having a picnic." Ryder told his dad and I raised my head turning it on the side.

"Picnic?" I asked.

"Yes, I know that it's sad that you will be missing the party but we can do other things."

"I was supposed to be going?" My lips parted. My bottom lip throbbed and I hissed out loud. That hurt.

"Yes. I was going to take you there in the black raven, my jet. I have a house in Arlington I was going to take you to. Anyway, I have shit to do." Tapping my leg Ryder stood up and left the room. He didn't say another word.

I didn't even get to go with him that weekend. Ryder was told no. Ryder and being told no. That day wasn't ever going to arrive inside my mind. I never did think that would ever happen but it did and he didn't argue with the nurses about it which surprised me.

It was Sunday afternoon and I could stand up. I didn't know how I was feeling mentally or physically but when I stood up and entered the bathroom for the first time, I stopped and stared at my reflection. I was black and blue. Literally... My arms, legs, face and chest were covered in bruises. I had a gash to the left side of my cheek and my bottom lip was stitched up. I looked tired and my body swayed from side to side. Ryder ran inside the bathroom as I lost my balance and caught me.

"Wow, careful there kitten. You alright?" I nodded my head not saying a word. I couldn't because I didn't have anything that I could say.

Ryder placed me down on the toilet. I had a open back gown on so he didn't need to pull my underwear down or drag any pants to my ankles, not that he would let me wear pants. Still, I had less to worry about.

I stared at myself in the mirror. Ryder sighed and brushed his hair back standing next to me.

"Those bruises will disappear soon. Your head will have a scar. A piece of the wing from the scooby hit your head when you went underneath it." I nodded my head. I didn't know how to take it all in. The fact that I would be left with a scar on my face was unsettling for me. Still, I knew that I should have been happy to be alive.

Ryder went into a daze. We wasn't doing or saying anything. He was zoned out and I didn't know why. He was thinking about an event that happened in his childhood. I let him have his moment of silence before trying to grab the toilet roll. My ribs were hurting badly.

"Master can you pass me the toilet roll please?" I asked him but he didn't respond.

"Urm-" I mumbled and Ryder snapped back to reality.

"What? What did you say then?" He looked down at me and I gave him a sad smile. "Can you pass me the toilet roll please Master. It hurts and I and urm-"

"Of course I can." Ryder leaned over me and grabbed the toilet roll. Passing it to me, he smiled and stroked my cheek.

The door opened up in my room and Ryder let my arm go moving me so that I was leaning up against the wall. Leaving me alone in the bathroom, he closed the door and I could hear arguing between him and Yasmin.
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