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Chapter 4

I was scared of the unknown. It was as if I was walking down a path with no ending in sight. Throwing the covers off my feet, I cursed under my breath. I didn't get an ounce of sleep that night and I was feeling tired. My thoughts consumed me the entire night as I twisted and turned for hours on end. It was five thirty in the morning and I was actually grateful to be starting the day earlier than I usually would be. Entering the bathroom, I switched the shower on and brushed my teeth whilst waiting for it to heat up. Stepping underneath the hot stream of water, I tilted my head back letting the water cascade over my face. I couldn't sleep in my suit so I took it off and slept naked. Washing my hair and body with only water, I stepped out and brushed my hair through with the tips of my fingers. I didn't feel any cleaner than I had the day before but at least I got rid of anything that was left in my private region. Looking in the mirror at a tired version of myself, I tied my hair up by twisting it around and securing it in place. I didn't have a hair tie, so I had to hope that it would hold.

Walking over to a mirrored wardrobe, I opened it up and grabbed the one black dress that sat in there on a hanger. There was one pair of criss-cross tights and a pair of black heels sitting on the bottom. Pulling them on, I walked to the door and checked the clock on the wall. Five-fifty. Nodding, I left for the day. Here we go, I told myself inside my head.

The house was silent as I made my way down for breakfast. Still, I tried my hardest not to let my heels click loudly on the floor. I didn’t want to make him angry on my first weekend. He always did look irritable.

Your first weekend? Last weekend, I corrected myself inside my mind.

I tiptoed across the big open plan living room through to a door on the left and followed the long hallway until I saw a set of double doors that were wide open. I entered the dining room and sat down on the left opposite Ryder.

"You may speak freely," he told me and I nodded my head. I never knew if he was generally loud or not. When he would speak, he would shout and I put it down to him being Italian with a thick Italian accent.

"What is this? It looks-" I stared down at the plate and he turned his head on the side. I knew that he was offended by my statement. I didn't get the chance to complete my sentence before he snapped.

"Never, ever, ever, fucking critisize my food or culture, ever. Dangerous position to place yourself in Amore. Very dangerous." He leaned his elbows down on the table moving his folk in the air.

"Oh, I'm sorry." I muttered. He was very angry in my eyes. Anything that I would say triggered him and I didn't know what to say, he was always offended.

"You should be. I will take you over what I see as disrespectful, but first, what's your favourite dish?" He raised his right eyebrow placing his arms down on the table glaring at me. I shuffled on my chair uncomfortably.

"Easy," I plastered a fake smile on my face. It was an act and I hoped that it was working. "Carbonara and garlic bread to dip it in." I knew that he was Italian which is why I told him that my favourite dish was carbonara. It wasn't but I wanted to try and have something in common with him.

"My oh my," he shook his head and I placed my hands in my lap.

"Have you ever been to Italy?" Biting his bottom lip, he waited for me to answer him.

"No." It was an honest reply to his question. Still, I knew that he didn't like my answer to his simple question.

"Us Italianas cook carbonara a little differently. Here, it's a disgusting overcooked pasta with no salt. At home my Mama cooked it with onions, cream, sometimes mushroom and or peas. Carbonara is not an opinion, and there’s only one way to prepare it. You've been comparing your pile of shit with our amazing invention. Not only that, but you've continued to add garlic bread to it. Why?"

"It tastes nice." I played with my fingers and dropped my gaze down to the black glossy table. I couldn't bare looking at him because it felt as if he was there to constantly put me down. He was very dismissive, angry, triggered and damn right nasty. I asked myself how I could work with him. No answers could be retrieved.

"Your an absolute disgrace." He shouted again, his hands were all over the place. Especially when he slammed his fists down on the table making me jump.

"Have I offended you?" I mumbled raising my line of sight upto him.

"Yes! How do you not see that? And that's the reason why I won't have a submissive cook for me! I would throw it away."

He carried on and I sat there listening to him. "So, with that....As an Italian, I dislike people who are not loyal. We Italians are people who communicate, love and trust with all our heart. Do not try to tell me or them a lie, don't be disloyal. I will kill you if you do." Love and trust? Where is that, I asked myself. I couldn't find it! He wouldn't give me a chance to get to know him more because he would shut me down the second that I gave him any information about myself.

"We are good people who will do anything for anyone, but the second we feel we're being taken advantage of or disrespected, in the matter of a second, we completely change to a totally different person. Don't test me! When my last name gets pronounced incorrectly… It's Rob-a-nee-ro, not Rob-er-nero. Notice the difference? I've been called names that sound nothing like my name. Cannot finish your meal, thank the person who served you it. There's nothing more disrespectful than not eating everything on the plate and that's why I expect you to eat it all, every single time. Don't disappoint me. Anyone who messes with a family member is dead. Family is the most sacred thing for us Italians. We love our family unconditionally and that is why I can't stand even the thought of someone messing with them. There's a perfect saying “We dont call cop's. We call family.” I'll leave it there. Eat your food. After you've done that you're to go to the gym, complete your workout, eat your dinner at five, once you've done that, you're to meet me in my room. Bed for you at eight tonight since you failed to do that last night." His hair was freshly washed and he smelled masculine, sweet and delicious. My heart raced just thinking about tasting him. Why the hell was I doing that? I didn't know but I was as he walked past me to the double doors." Don't be late." And with that, he left the dining room.

After completing the long list of tasks that I had to do, I made my way upstairs to his room. Entering I saw a blackboard with yellow chalk written on it. "Sit down on your arse in the center of this floor and wait for me. Don't speak, don't move, don't even breathe loudly."

I closed my eyes and concentrated on breathing, telling myself I’d be up to anything.

“Eyes open," he demanded walking to stand behind me. The second that he touched my shoulders, I jerked forwards. I wasn't expecting his fingers to touch me. I kept my head down as he walked around to stand directly in front of me.

Kicking my legs, he clicked his tongue three times before speaking. "Open your legs, wide."

I spread them quickly and rested the palms of my hands on the wooden flooring behind me. Walking over to his wall filled with items, he unhooked a red vibrator and walked over to me. Throwing it in between my legs, he stepped back crossing his arms.

"Pick it up and switch it on," he said kicking a black bean bag and placing it behind my back. "Lean back and roll your left nipple between your fingers, hard." He squinted his eyes and a shiver shot through me.

He was driving me crazy. Unpredictable. I couldn't figure out what he would do next. I had an impression of how that weekend would go, but he kept on surprising me.

“Now! Or I will cuff you and make you regret daydreaming. No daydreaming in this house you little brat.” Abrupt I thought as my eyes widened.

I picked up the vibrator and switched it on. Rolling my left nipple in between my fingers, I closed my eyes over. A whack to the back of my head grabbed my attention, my mouth fell open.

"Eyes open and on me." He pointed to his eyes with two fingers and I nodded my head. Crouching down, he took the vibrator from my hand and pressed it against my sensitive nub.

Ryders warm breath swept across my left ear as his left hand caressed me. His touch started out soft and gentle, but quickly grew rough as our breathing became hard and uneven. A moan escaped my lips as his kissed down the side of my neck. I was fighting with my eyes which wanted to close over more than ever but I knew that I had to keep them open.

With painful slowness, he rolled the tip of one nipple and then the other. I bit the inside of my cheek. Sliding his hand down the center of my stomach, he grabbed my hair and forced me to watch what he was doing. He pinched my side before grabbing my stomach in a hard grip. I gasped becoming needy. I needed him. Wanted him. Craved him, his touch, his kisses, all of him. I trailed a hand down my stomach achingy back in desperate need of being filled.

“Are you taking the piss?”

My eyes flew open. I had closed them over and the second that I opened them again, I saw his angry expression. His eyes were showing that he was serious as he forced the vibrator against my sensitive clit, hard. I fisted my hands.

“One demand. One fucking demand and you couldn't follow it! Finger inside yourself, now!"

I slid my hand down my stomach and around his arm. Pushing a finger inside myself, I waited to see what he wanted me to do next.


I added a second, he demanded a third and I did just that.

"Fuck yourself, Hard, don't stop."

I wouldn’t last long, not with the way that he was demanding me. I pushed all three fingers deeper inside me, imagining him stretching me. My legs tightened and my mouth fell open as a low groan escaped my lips.

“Now,” Ryder said and I looked up at him, my teeth were grinding together.

There was utter silence for a couple of minutes as I slammed my fingers inside me. The vibrator was making my sensitive nub grow larger as I moved closer to my release.

"Since you failed to follow my direct order the first time, let's try this again. Let it go now!" He whispered in my ear and I released the orgasm. My legs shook, my body got instant cold chills as my lip quivered. My eyes rolled to the back of my head, my back arched up towards the ceiling and I cried out, both of my feet were cramping up. He brushed my hair out of my face as my breathing returned to normal. I opened my eyes and found him staring down at me. His forehead glistening with sweat. His erection strained against his black pants.

“Your easy,” he said, staring at me with those greyish blue eyes. Easy? I felt offended once again. My face scrunched up as I stared at him. “Easy?" I questioned. Standing up, he switched the vibrator off and threw it inside a box next to the door.

"Yeah, what else? I have business to take care of tonight. Get a hot bath and go to bed. Eight o'clock, no later. Good night Shannon."

He left the room and I stared at the door lost for words. Making my way up the stairs, I thought about leaving his home. He was never happy and I was the complete opposite to him.

After my bath, I got into bed and fell asleep. Truth be told, I was exhausted and needed to sleep. Well, that's what I thought. It would seem that Ryder had other plans. Half one in the morning he wanted to push me to my limits.
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