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Chapter 40

I managed to finally get up and over to the door. Opening it slowly, my eyes widened and a smirk appeared on my lips. As you can tell, his dad and brothers had left before I went to the toilet. They took Ryders pregnant Mrs with them. If I'm honest, I don't know what's going to happen between me and Ryder now because he's got a child on the way. I can't separate a father from his child for my own benefit. I may actually have to let him go, not that I want to do that. Thinking about his brothers, can you imagine their faces if they were to see that the back of my gown was open.

Ryder was trying to get his arms out of a set of cuffs. Arguing with security never does get you anywhere.

"If you don't get these cuffs off of me, you will live to regret this." Ryder told the cocky security officer. He laughed in Ryders face as Ryders dad and brothers appeared in the doorway not looking best pleased about what they were witnessing.

"He's warned you. Let him go!" Dravo told the security man who shook his head trying his hardest to drag Ryder to the door. Ryder was three times the size of him, impossible to move and damn right refusing to do so.

"That bitch is going to meet my fist very soon. Snitches get fucking stitches. Calling security to remove me." Ryder snarled at Yasmin and my mouth became dry. She did that to him? Now in my mind she had the nerve. She wasn't leaving a great impression with Ryders family and from what I knew, they weren't the type to forgive and forget. The cuffs were up Ryders back but it seemed as if he was used to having cuffs pushed up his back or knew how to stance himself correctly so that it didn't hurt him. Anger was present in his gorgeous features.

"Look over your shoulder from now forwards and let him go." Ryders dad approached the security officer and he still refused to follow his requests. His dad grabbed his hand and turned it upside down quickly pushing it backwards. The security guard screamed, his legs caved in from underneath him as he tried to fight against him. He didn't stand a chance. His wrist was close to snapping point and Ryder chuckled twisting and turning his own wrists until he managed to get the cuffs off. How, I couldn't tell you but within a split second he had the security guard pressed up against the wall, his legs couldn't touch the floor as he grasped for air.

Yasmin tried to leave the room and Vinx blocked her. She tried to elbow him in his stomach as he forced her to turn around, her back was to his chest. Wrapping his arms around the tops of hers, he stopped her from being able to move and whispered something in her ear. I think it was something naughty because she turned as red as beetroot.

Dragging the security guard over to the door, Ryder glanced over his shoulder at me smirking. "Yasmin, you stay with Shannon." Vinx let Yasmin go and all four of them left the room.

Yasmin worked hard to get her breath back and turned towards me. She didn't know what to think about what had happened.

"Let's get you in bed," she cleared her throat and I nodded my head. Guiding me over to the bed, she helped me climb in and took the seat next to me. I pulled the blanket up and over my body. None of us spoke a word to each other and watched the small TV on the wall until I fell asleep. I wanted to let her sleep on the bed with me but it was that small, it just about fit me on it.

I was yawning by the time morning came around. I didn't have a great sleep because the hospital was too noisy. I still got a couple of hours at least.

"Argh my back is killing me!" Yasmin groaned glancing over at the door. Yawning, she rubbed her tired eyes and stretched out. Brushing her hair with her brush from inside her bag, she slid a plate of toast, fruit, a cup of milk and scrambled eggs towards me.

"Ryder passed it to me. I should have went home but I wanted to prove a point to Ryder. I'm not too sure what that was but he won and I lost." She told me sighing. A sad smile covered her face. I turned my head on the side, my eyebrows were knitted together. "What are you talking about?"

"This plastic chair wasn't comfortable at all. I had a argument with Ryder telling him that I was staying here. I should have went home, he was guarding your door all night. I can tell he's used to safety patrol."

"Guarding my door?" I didn't understand why he would do that. Who would personally put themselves on a security position inside a hospital? Ryder obviously. Only one person could stay because they only had one chair available.

"Yeah, he's been standing in front of your door all night. He did give me three meals in the night and told me that I should eat more. He's so flipping demanding! I feel bloated now after all the milkshakes, four course meals and Vinx sitting here telling me what I should and shouldn't eat. How do you do it?"

I shrugged my shoulders.

"I had to give him a pissing test to stay with you. It came back telling him that I was dehydrated so he gave me seven of these big bottles of water. I'm sure he was watching through the camera because he was coming in at intervals making me down the water. At one point, he pinned me down in the next room and tickled my feet until I cried. I won't be doing this again even if I do love you!" I laughed. I couldn't help it. What she had explained was definitely Ryder alright. She stared at me blankly and the door opened up. I stopped laughing instantly and looked down at the food on my bed. It was Ryder. I was feeling a lot better at this point but my stomach was wrapping around itself, twisting tighter into a knot.

"Your awake. Good to see that you're smiling this morning Shannon." Ryder commented. He looked fresh, clean shaven, his hair was perfectly brushed back and I could smell his cologne. The suit that he was wearing, was in fact brand new. I could tell that it was because he was ripping the tag off it. Throwing the tag in the bin, he approached me and placed his fingers underneath my jaw raising my head up so that I looked at him.

"Your face is looking great today." He gave me a small smirk.

"So, I've spoken to the nurse this morning and she said that your allowed to come back to mine with me. Doctor Leroy will come and visit you there, check your wound to making sure you make a speedy recovery. I have to go to a meeting tonight but Shirley said that she will sit in with you until I return." I nodded my head. Yasmin on the other hand stood up and threw her bag over her shoulder. Waving at me, she made her way towards the door when Ryder turned himself around to face her.

"Yasmin," he smiled and Yasmin swallowed a lump inside her throat stopping abruptly in her tracks.

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