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Chapter 41

Turning around slowly, Yasmin smiled nervously. "Yeah?"

"Vinx said that he will be in touch. He told me to specifically tell you that if you fail to answer your phone, he will cause a scene and make you regret ever living." Yasmin stopped smiling instantly, swiftly nodded her head and left the room. I wanted to know all of the gossip but I knew that Ryder would flip his lid if I was to jump out of bed to find out so I stayed where I was. There would be a day where I could find out all of the interesting details soon I thought to myself.

Ryder got some clothes dropped off at the hospital and I changed into them. They were only pyjamas but I felt comfortable and Ryder carried me to the car where another driver was waiting.

"I let him go. He tried to set me up so don't mention his name when you're with me." I gave him a swift nod as he opened the door and placed me inside the car.

"I'm getting you a bodyguard," he told me when I was looking out of the window. I snapped my head around to face the back of his. A bodyguard! I shook my head as he turned to face me.

"What could possibly be wrong with a bodyguard who can keep you safe?"

"I don't want one," I told him. He clicked his knuckles one by one and I grinded my teeth squinting my eyes. It went through me!

"So, what happened to the driver of the car?" I asked him and he raised his right eyebrow. A smirk appeared on his lips. He was amused.

"A broken arm and a fucked car. He's not too happy that his pride and joy got destroyed put it that way. Back to what we were talking about. The bodyguard."

"I don't want one!" I crossed my arms over my chest and pouted my lips. We thought that both of my arms were broken but I got away with a couple of bruised ribs and a concussion luckily. Ryder told me that he would get a new doctor who could actually give him the correct results on the first check over. Still, his previous doctor told him that he had only made assumptions. I'll leave that to him I thought in the hospital.

"Sure you don't." Ryder sighed before he breathed in sitting forwards. "You're getting a bodyguard. I don't give two fucks if you want one or not. It will make me feel better knowing that you have someone with you at all times when you aren't with me."

"And where do you suspect this bodyguard will sleep during the week when I'm not with you?" I asked him and he shook his head frustrated.

"He will sleep in your living room. I'm not having you tell me what I will and won't provide for you now sit there and be a good sub."

"How would I look walking down the street with a big, muscular bodyguard next to me at all times. What about when I'm working and doing a presentation? People would stare at me Master. I'm already wearing your collar everyday and getting questions asked about it by more people than I expected."

Ryder narrowed his eyes and I leaned back in my seat, my arms were still crossed.

"Your with a Robernero. What do you expect for me to do here? I can't have you walking those streets on your own when I'm at the top position on the monopoly board. I'm a target which also makes you a target too. If you want to keep on attending work then you need to work with me here because someday soon, people will know that you're with me and that's when figures will come out from the darkness and I need to have everything in place for when that does happen."

"How can we make this work?" I asked him looking through sad eyes. Ryders eyebrows knitted together.

"What you talking about, make this work?"

"Your the most wealthiest person here in Las Vegas and I'm well, an ordinary girl who's been struggling to get by, paycheck to paycheck. Won't it have a negative impact on your company if people were to find out that you're with a girl like myself? How would the public react if they were to find out?"

"I couldn't give a fuck what the public says or thinks about our agreement if I'm honest Shannon. Still, I don't think it would be wise to say that we have an agreement in place. We would then have to change that to a relationship status and say that the two of us are in a relationship with one another. The contract would stay the way that it is now." He said calmly and I nodded my head giving him a shy smile.

When we arrived at his home, Ryder opened the door and walked around to my side. As he opened the door, a white and brown bulldog tried to jump inside the car and Ryder pushed it back.

"Bonzo pack it in! Let the girl get out of the car Jesus dog, you don't half have a lot of energy." I looked down at the dog and up at Ryder who smirked.

"I think he likes you." Ryder told me as I stroked his head. Bonzo waggled his tail and Ryder helped me get out of the car before he walked me inside to the bedroom.

He set me up in a comfortable position on his bed and Bonzo jumped up. Laying down against my side, he curled up in a ball and fell asleep. He was exhausted after Ryder played with him for twenty minutes out in the garden while I got a quick shower. They had a strong bond. Ryder said that he sent Bonzo off to dog camp each weekend. He loved to go so Ryder set it up for him to keep attending. He would run off and meet up with his friends but Ryder told me that he wasn't supposed to go back. He'd settled in very well for his first session when Ryder was working away and needed him to go to safe hands. Bonzo had a great time and Ryder couldn't rip him away from his doggo friends so he paid for the next year and the staff even pick him up every friday afternoon.

Ryder placed a tray filled with food on the side. It was snacks and drinks to keep me hydrated. I didn't want to drink them because I knew that I would need to go to the toilet more frequently. Ryder warned that he would come down on me like a ton of bricks if I was to go against his demands. All drinks needed to be gone by nine that night.

I didn't see him for the rest of the day. I read a book from his bookshelf in his bedroom and watched some TV. I'm sure he was working because I did hear him shout a couple of times from down the hall about his taxes.

I could hear clicking and woke up to a bright light on my left side. Ryder smirked from behind his laptop. He was in a pair of black shorts and that was it. I bit my bottom lip and sat up slowly.

"Master you're still working. Don't you feel tired?" I asked him and he shook his head. "You not tired?" He asked me the same question and I shook my head. "I'm feeling great actually." I smiled.

"Follow me," he placed his laptop down on the bed and walked over to the door. Stopping he waited for me.
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