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Chapter 42

I followed closely behind him until he took my hand and guided me through the house to the garden. We walked across the grass to the tall trees at the back. There was another house in front of those trees. Bricks were at the side of it and I knew that it had recently been put up. Opening the door with a key from inside his pocket, he told me to open my hand. I held my hand out to him and he placed a set of keys in the center of my palm.

"These are for you." He smiled and I entered the house after him closing the door behind me gently.

"Living room," he pointed at a room that didn't have any furniture inside it. "The kitchen is through here, a study is in the next room and a bathroom is on the left down the hallway. A bedroom is upstairs." He told me and I nodded my head smiling. I didn't know why he made me follow him to that house. Maybe he wants to rent it out I thought to myself following him around the house.

The house wasn't even painted. Plaster was on the walls only, no lights were in place and it felt cold. I rubbed the tops of my arms, the pads of my feet were covered in dust.

"I want this house to be yours. You can decorate it the way that you want, flooring, paint, decorations, accessories, personal items and furniture. What I will do is pass you my account for different retailer's and you can order what you like. Don't go for the cheapest items because I will smash them up. I want you to get what you generally love. I want you to show me your personality, if you want pink then fucking get pink paint and I'll get my decorating team to put it on the walls for you. Take this time to have some fun." Walking through to the kitchen, he pointed at the kitchen worktops and slid his hand across the tops of them. Black marble.

"Don't like these, tell me and I'll get them changed so that they blend in with everything else. I just needed something to go off as a guideline."

"I love it!" I wiped a tear from each eye and Ryder smiled. "Why are you crying?"

"Nobody has ever done anything like this for me. You didn't have to-"

"I wanted to. I know that I don't have to do shit but after all the hard work you've done with your students, being on your best behaviour with me and getting better, I thought that you deserved it. Hard work pays off when I'm your Master. I will always give you what you need and deserve and right now, you've earned this."

"Can I give you a cuddle?" I asked him looking up. Laughing, he held his arm out and pulled me into him. "Of course you can, you daft sod." I wrapped my arms around him and he squeezed me against him tightly.

"I want you to be yourself when you're in this house. None of the rules exist when you step foot through that door. I want you to show me your moods at all times in here if you feel that you can't speak to me in my house. If you feel sad then cry on your new sofa, feeling hungry then get a bite to eat in your fridge, sleepy then give your pillows some head. I do want you to keep it clean. That rule is strictly in place here. If you leave it in a pig sty then I will initiate a punishment for careless behaviour and I will remove furniture pieces one by one. You will have to earn them back."

I was in a daze. I couldn't believe it. To me it felt as if I'd just won the lottery. I was ecstatic!

He clicked his fingers in front of my face and I came back to reality.

"Shannon. Helloooo."

I looked up at him and distanced myself brushing my hair back. I felt like a lost cause.

"Do you like it?" He asked me. He was being serious now.

"Yes, I love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Two weeks passed by. Ryder didn't touch me and focused on his business. I wasn't too bothered that he didn't touch me because I was hands deep in paint helping the decorators in the first week, the second week I was adding furniture and making the house my own paradise. Ryder even booked in for work to get the trees behind my house knocked down. He said that I didn't need a pool because we had one in between both houses.

Ryder wasn't always around but when he was, he made sure I was happy and taken care of. He would show up from time to time and check over the furniture making sure that I hadn't gone and ordered something that he classed as charity shop rubbish. I told him that I loved charity shop items but he told me that I would get a whipping session if I was to go to one and bring the shit back to his estate. Second hand shite is what he called it. I didn't bother to argue back with him.

I did miss him dominating me but at the same time when Ryder showed back up at the house I knew about it. All of his staff would stop moving around like slugs and get straight to work. I was having a conversation with the gardener when he arrived home, I never got another conversation out of him again because him nearly catching us was too close for his comfort.

Our conversation about the bodyguard never did come back around again. Ryder had dropped it luckily, well I hoped that he had. I did think back to what he had said to me. That he wanted to keep me safe and that figures would start to come out of the darkness. Even him telling me that he's ready to make alterations to let the world know that we were together popped up in my mind, not that I was ready for that type of commitment.

I didn't look at our time spent together as romantic. I knew better. What he was doing was taking care of me and making sure my needs were met. I was okay with that. At one point, he asked me to give him a back massage and the two of us laughed for half an hour. I was trying to click his back. Can you imagine it, a small short girl trying to wrap her arms around a six foot, muscular forty four inch neck man. Yeah, it wasn't going to happen. I even noticed that he wore XL clothing and all that extra weight he carried wasn't fat. It was all muscle and there I was, size ten clothing, size five shoes and D cup breasts. I didn't stand a chance.

My house was decorated. I went for the colours blue, white, black and gold. I had to talk to Ryder about it and he agreed. He even got the countertops changed. I didn't ask him to do that, he decided that he wanted them to be white with black and gold marble effect. It did look pretty and my heart was beating rapidly inside my chest when I seen it completed. I loved my new house and didn't want to go back to my actual home during the week but I knew that I wouldn't get a say in that, so I didn't ask him to consider it.

I didn't like Thursdays. He would feed me a plate of salad and chicken and everyone who knew me could tell you that I hated the sight of green lettuce and red tomatoes. I felt physically ill forcing it down my throat to avoid a punishment. Halfway through it, I actually cried to myself sitting at the table. I couldn't swallow the onions. I couldn't stand the stuff but I had to. I literally swallowed water with each mouthful doing anything but chew the food. The crunch would go through me! I was retching. Thursdays I would happily leave behind when I return home I thought to myself.

I was horny by the time Friday arrived. It was supposed to be the day where my Master would take control of my life but there I was sitting in the garden questioning where he was. The clock had striked eight o'clock and I knew that my hopes were being squished.

Standing up, I sighed and swung my arms as I approached the double doors at the back of his house. I felt great, I wasn't bruised or hurt anymore. I think my ego was the part which was in pain because I wasn't going to get what I had looked forward to for two weeks. Ryder promised that we would get back to normal once I wasn't feeling any pain and that day had arrived. Still, Ryder was nowhere to be seen.

Entering his house I heard footsteps approach me and Ryder appeared in the hallway.

"What's up? You okay?" He asked me and I shrugged my shoulders. I didn't know how to ask him when we would start the sessions again. I felt like a virgin, it had been that long and I needed him more than ever.

"I'm going to a family gathering tonight. Since you need to stay well rested, I will leave Shirley with you again." Not Shirley again!! She sat on the phone the entire night when I came back from the hospital. She was that loud she kept me up all night long.

"Actually I'm feeling great today Master." I grinned. He shook his head and squinted his eyes. "You need to sleep and stay relaxed. How many bottles of water have you had today?" He asked me walking over to the fridge. Opening it up, he counted the one bottle and turned to face me smiling. "That's a good girl. Now go and watch some TV. I think you need some entertainment."

I didn't want to watch TV anymore. I needed him, I wanted him and I was going to plead for him if that's where I would end up. Even if it was the last thing that I would do.

"Master I need you." He sighed and approached me. "Shannon, you need to stay inactive for now."

I turned on my heels. I was feeling angry, irritated, frustrated and horny. All of this energy was building up deep inside me and I needed to let it out. I stormed out of his house.

Throwing the door of my house open, I slammed it shut behind me and dropped down on the sofa screaming into a baby blue pillow. As you can tell, all of my needs weren't being met. It was all good being healthy but I needed to let my erotic side out.

The door opened up and I stayed lying down covering my face with the pillow.

"You can't punish me in here. My rules." I told him and he chuckled taking the seat opposite me.

"Shannon." Throwing the pillow down next to me, I stood up and grabbed my dress. Pulling it up and over my head, I threw it down on the floor.

"I can punish you for that though can't I Shannon?" He told me. I turned around to face him unclasping my bra. Dropping it on my right, I dragged my blue g string down my legs and stepped out of them. Ryder leaned back and raised his right eyebrow looking at my body. I felt exposed to him but I was getting ready to step in the shower. I don't even know what possessed me to strip when he was in my house anyway. I just did it. I think I wanted him to want me, need me, have me and possess me himself. I was seriously at a give up point. I'd thought about that moment for three days prior to actually doing it.

Slowly he stood up and approached me. Stopping in front of me, he stared down his chest and I looked up at him through innocent eyes. I was trying to play the innocent girl because I knew that he could punish me whenever he wanted. With the snap of a finger he could place in and remove rules as and when he pleased.

Gliding a finger down the side of my neck, he held my face up so that I was looking at him directly with his other hand underneath my jaw. My lips parted as he wet his with a lick of his tongue.
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