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Chapter 44

Yasmin came to see me on the Monday in her own world of imagination and happiness. A buzz is what she called it. She went away with Vinx after the two of them spoke when I was in the hospital. She went away with him for a week after he invited her to go. She said that she was happy with him and I was made up for the two of them. It wasn't a match that I was expecting but I still don't have any complaints about it either. As long as Vinx looks after her then I would be fine with the two of them being together.

Yasmin was jumping up and down, her face had the cheesiest grin covering it from ear to ear. She was ecstatic but I still wanted to know what her and Ryder were arguing about when I was in the hospital.

"I told you. It was about me sleeping." She brushed her hair back and wrapped a hair tie around it.

"You argued before that." I told her what I had witnessed. I wasn't ready to let it go. Why was she arguing with my Dom? I needed answers and I wanted them there and then.

"You was screaming. I'm sure it wasn't about sleeping." She didn't say anything and instead turned her head away from me clasping her hands together. Quiet and Yasmin didn't go hand in hand. Something had happened, I just didn't know what that was. What wasn't they agreeing on?

"He's just you know...So flipping demanding. He makes my blood boil. I'm your best friend and I'm just looking out for you. I wouldn't mind but he wouldn't let me in the room and erm he wouldn't let any of the doctors there check you over. What u said, demanding."

I tried to think. I was working hard. All that I could remember was waking up in the hospital.

"Why wouldn't he let the doctors check me over?" I was confused.

"Not qualified enough or something. They had to get his dad down to remove Ryder from the room. He wouldn't let nobody in until his own doctors showed up. They were surprised because his dad agreed with what he was doing, so their plan didn't work. The security officer knew his dad, oh I don't know."

She sighed and plopped down on the sofa. “He was in the trauma room with you. The nurses had to kick him out.” She raised her left eyebrow. “Why don’t you ask him?”

I was finally back in work after three weeks off and my next class of students were expected to arrive at four o'clock. I needed to print off multiple sheets ready to hand them out but I couldn't do that until I had finished off the presentation for the class before them. I was halfway through reading it out and explaining it to my students. The seminar was based in a more formal setting and I was pointing at a couple of pictures on the board when I saw him. Ryder, my Master entered the room. My mouth fell open and I stopped what I was saying. I was trying to cough out the words but I couldn't. He took a seat halfway up the stairs in row G next to a couple of students. He was in his full black suit with a long black trench coat on, black shoes and he was carrying a folder with a pen. I could see his grey tie showing at the top of his coat, well I could until he shrugged it off his shoulders and sat back crossing his left leg over his right knee. I heard his pen click as my stomach did somersault after somersault. I gulped when he raised his right eyebrow, his eyes were on mine as he waited for me to carry on but I couldn't. I was stuck to the spot. I blushed because I felt awkwardly placed on the spot.

"Shan are you ok?" Melissa asked me. I looked over at her blankly. I don't know how much time passed by until I nodded my head and gathered up the courage to speak out loud.

"Where was I?" I smiled and breathed in deeply before I carried on speaking. Ryder was writing everything down and when I finally got to the end of the presentation, I exhaled a deep breath feeling thankful that nobody asked me any questions at the end. Ryder was still sat in the seat smirking at me. I turned around so that I couldn't see him. Did I make a complete and utter show of myself? I was thinking. I hoped that I didn't but I had an idea that I had.

"Interesting. Very informative. I think I'll stick here for the day Shannon." Ryder spoke deeply. His voice vibrated through to my core. I was shocked and lost for words. He wasn't supposed to be seeing me until the Friday and it was Thursday. His shoes clicked getting closer to me. I felt his breath graze the right side of my neck. So close. Too close I thought not moving a inch.

"I need some help Miss. I don't know what to search up and I need you to show me. Where can we go?" Where can we go? I shrugged my shoulders turning around to face him awkwardly.

"Is there a room where we can go? I need you to explain this to me. One on one. You get me?" I nodded my head brushing my hair behind my ear.

"I joined your class today. It looks like you will be seeing me more often Miss." He grinned and my stomach sank.

"H h how?" I stuttered. He glided his fingers across my left cheek. "I know people. So, this room?" He looked around and I pointed up the stairs because I couldn't speak.

"Lead the way." I nodded my head again and walked towards the stairs for the study rooms above the lecture theatre. He followed closely behind me. Too close for my comfort.

"I hope there's a table there so that I can fuck you until you're cumming all over the fucking floor. Since you are my whore, aren't you Shannon. My dirty little whore." He grabbed my neck from behind and forced the back of my head against his chest. I fell down a step into him breathing quickly. "Aren't you Shannon. Your my teacher, my dirty little secret, my submissive and my whore. All mine to do with as I please and I am going to fuck you inside this building until you scream. I might even do it down there, you know, next to the projector screen because I can do what I want, when I want." My eyes nearly flew out of my head!
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