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Chapter 45

I walked in the study room and looked around. Empty with one desk and two chairs next to the back wall. It was a small room designed for students so that they could sit quietly to revise for exams. The glass in the door was transparent and the light was switched off with red lights travelling around the ceiling. Perfect for any submissive and their Dom.

I stepped back when we entered the study room. Ryder closed the door and turned around to face me removing his black gloves one by one placing them down on the white table. I stared up at him not saying a word as he stepped towards me touching my cheek with his finger.

He unbuttoned his black trench coat slowly before shrugging it off his shoulders and placing it on the back of one of the two chairs. He was wearing his black suit which didn't last for long because he was quickly removing his suit jacket leaving on his white shirt and black tie. His torso looked fine and dandy in that shirt. I bit my bottom lip. He unbuckled his belt and slipped it out from around his waist. Unbuttoning his pants and unzipping them, he dragged them down his legs and sat on the second chair.

"Skirt off. Actually, I want you to take everything off, bra included." I wanted to do as I was told but the rational side of my brain was telling me not to listen to his demands.

"Come here." He told me signalling with his finger and I walked over to stand in front of him. He slid his finger in between the bracelet and my skin.

"Remember." He raised his eyebrows and I nodded my head kicking my heels off my feet. What if we get caught? I asked myself. I would lose my job. Was I ready to risk it all for sex with my Master? Yes I was because that's what I signed up for.

I unzipped my skirt and dropped it to the floor followed by the rest of my clothes. Ryder stood up and I looked at him worried that I had done something wrong.

"Turn around," he told me in his cold chilling voice. I twisted myself around and looked up at the red lights. He grabbed my hair tie and dragged it out brushing his fingers through my hair strands.

"You may proceed." He sat back down on the chair and I removed my underwear. The way that his eyes travelled up my body made the hairs on my arms stand up. I climbed on top of him and his hands slid up my back.

"So fucking sexy underneath this red light. Definitely your colour." I giggled glancing over at the door thinking that I had heard a noise outside the door. I was on edge thinking that anybody could enter at any given time. Well, that's what I was focusing on until he kissed down the side of my neck wrapping his arms around me. I went from cold to hot within seconds. I wanted him and needed him so I took his erect cock into my own hands and guided him towards my entrance.

"Your not ready yet." He bit my ear and I yelped. I was ready, more than ready for him to enter me but he grabbed the skin on my back making my wince.

"I said.. Your not ready yet Shannon. Don't make me whip your ass with my belt because I will whether we're in this study room at your work or not."

Ping. My face was bright red. "Sorry Master." I was out of breath. He stood up with me wrapping my arms and legs around him and spun us both around. Laying me down on the table where I squealed because the surface was freezing cold, he didn't wait and pushed a finger inside me deeply working alongside his tongue which was licking over my sensitive nub. I threw my head back and snapped my eyes shut as my mouth opened up widely.

I could feel the tension deep inside me getting ready to build.

"Miss is it okay if I use one of the study rooms?"

My eyes were open within seconds and I grabbed the table. Ryder didn't stop as I tapped his shoulder looking at the door.

"Master. Master stop." I shook him but he didn't listen which made me cry out quietly. "Master please."

"Miss. I need to use the study room and the door was open. Are you in here?"

I didn't know who the student was but it wasn't good. If I was to get caught, I would lose my job and leave a student feeling traumatised in the process.

"Master." I threw my head back and raised it quickly. "Master please."

He stopped and looked up my stomach at me. He was angry.

"Who the fuck do you think you are? Never tell me to stop. Now lie back and be quiet." I was tense. He pushed a second finger deep inside me and moved them around as he sucked my nub inside his mouth. Beads of sweat were forming on my forehead. I could hear the student coming up the stairs and he could see through the glass in the door. I was doomed.

"I will use room two Miss." The room we were in. I closed my eyes. That's all that I could do. A sinking feeling was present inside my stomach, adrenaline was shooting through me as an orgasm built up.
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