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Chapter 5

Ryder shook me awake and told me to follow him. We walked down the hallway to the lift. Pressing the button, he tapped his hand on the wall. Entering the lift, we stood in silence. I was wearing black pyjamas and he was in his full black suit. Awkward silence filled the air as a ping echoed loudly. The doors slid open and Ryder stepped to the side bidding me to enter first. I stepped out into the long hallway where his playroom sat at the end of it.

"Guide the way," he said. I nodded my head and walked to the doors that slid open granting us access. Entering the room, I stopped as he stepped inside after me. The room was dark. A single red led strip along the back wall gave the only light, which was red. Candles were dotted around on different shelves, From the ceiling two thick chains with shackles were suspended. I spun around to gape at him.

He smirked walking over to the chains with his hands behind his back. "Trust me, not trust me... Which is it Shannon?"

“I... Erm.. I,” I stuttered. My eyes were wide.

He unbuckled a shackle, “what did you expect?”

Yes, I knew. But I forgot about chains and being restricted.

“You going to get in these or are you going to chicken out? I wouldn't be surprised if you choose the second option.” He unbuckled the other shackle. Holding it in his hand, he stared over at me with his right eyebrow raised. "In, out."

I stepped forwards and took a small step back hesitating. I wanted to go to him but I was petrified of the unknown.

“Or,” he said, “you can fuck off now and prove me right with what I was thinking.”

I walked toward him slowly.

“Ohh, ladies and gentlemen, we have a dare devil,” he said laughing.

"Clothes off." I nodded my head. He was insane I thought to myself looking at the chains that dangled from the ceiling. I could hear them clanging together each and every time he would throw it up in the air and catch it with his hands. Wrapping it around his fists, he bit his bottom lip. His eyes were squinted as he watched me slide the black pyjama shorts down. I was sweating from fear.

My hands were shaking by the time I was completely naked. Walking to him, I held my arms out and he grabbed them stretching them above my head. Clamping the shackles around my wrists, he yanked the chains up. I knew in that moment, I wouldn't be able to get out. He was in complete control of the situation. I watched as he stepped away and took his shirt off. My mouth fell open as I stared at the Societa Oscura tattoo that sat on his back. Societa Oscura was in black ink covering the top half of his back, a gun was in the center with cards on either side of it. Rummaging through a box, he took out a vibrator and a wooden item. Walking across the room over to me, he bent down on my left and the next minute I felt a slight sting. I didn't know what caused the stinging, but I wasn't going to be granted the chance to know because he wrapped a black leather strap around my eyes heightening my other senses. The room was black, I could hear my breath as it caught in my throat. That was it! I focused on my breathing as my heart slammed inside my chest. I was on my tip toes as I tried to listen out for him. Nothing.

Stinging sensation and then nothing again. I didn't know what he was doing, but my nipple lit up on fire. I jumped.

“What do you think it is, Shannon?” he whispered. I jolted. I didn't expect him to be that close to me. "Tell me honestly."

"Urm. I don't know, it stings." I told him honestly and he chuckled in my ear. "That would be the wax." I fell forwards when he nibbled my ear taking me by surprise. Silence filled the room again.

A swishing noise and a sharp pain radiated on my right thigh. He scratched my left side, switching to my other ear. I was listening to his shoes clicking on the floor.

"Don’t be fooled by this paddle I have here. While not as rigid as other paddles, the silicone body carries a lot of movement and can really sting if you were to piss me off. So, how you feeling?" He asked me.

“Terrified,” I answered in my own whisper. “Why is that?" Pinching my right nipple, he yanked it up. I tried to follow it but I couldn't push up on my toes. I was standing on the tips. Clamping my teeth, I groaned.

"I can't see anything." I squealed.

“Understandable yet unnecessary.”

Something tickled the inside of my left thigh. I focused on the way that it was rising up to my core. My mouth fell open, delicate and filling me with excitement.

“What about now?” he asked.


He chuckled, deep and calming. Brushing my hair back, his hand slipped down my sides as he pulled me towards him. “What would you think if I told you that this," something glided down the center of my breasts," was a knife. What would you feel then?" My eyes widened, fear consumed me. What if he was to fall and cut me? Saliva caught in my throat as I coughed, "afraid."

I felt as he pressed the knife against my skin. I was waiting for him to cut me. I stayed as still as I could calming my breathing. His right hand held my hips tightly, it was hurting slightly but only to where it was making me uncomfortable.

“I wouldn't hurt you,” he told me. I nodded my head hoping that he was right. “Spread your legs.”

I felt even more exposed now. I hoped that he wasn't going to put it inside me but I was placing all of my trust in his hands. My heart was still slamming inside my chest as I felt something push up inside me. It was heavy and I flattened my feet.

"No tip toes," he told me and stepped back. Something inside me was lighting up with excitement.

He trailed the knife from my knees to my sensitive nub. Goosebumps covered my body as I pleaded for him not to hurt me. “I could whip you here, or here, or here” he was pressing the blade against different areas of my skin. “What do you think about that?”

“I…I don’t know,” I confessed.

Something smacked against my clit multiple times. The need for more was brewing from deep inside me. I didn't know what he was using but I was trusting what he was doing wouldn't be to hurt me. I relaxed on my flat feet feeling all of the different sensations that he was giving my body.

“And now?” he asked, sliding something down the center of my stomach.

"Relaxed,” I told him honestly. “More please Master.”

I cried out as I felt different whips hit off my body again and again. I was no longer fearing the unknown, I was looking forward to what would come next. Each strike was different from the one before.

“You look great restricted in my restraints.” Was that a compliment? I didn't know but something ticked my armpit and I laughed. Tickling my beasts, he moved it down to my core and my mouth fell back open once again. I was in need of more. I wanted to be fucked, I needed that almighty orgasm. "Your in need of a release, aren't you?”

“Yes,” I admitted with uneven breaths. I did. He slipped his finger through my flaps and I yanked trying to get out of the chains. I could feel an orgasm brewing, I just needed more friction to get it to release. I wanted to touch myself, to bring myself pleasure and to hit the jackpot.

“And you’ll get that release. When I want you to have that release.” His hand smacked my arse. I squealed feeling my orgasm get stronger in my lower stomach. My lips quivered when I heard him walk away from me. I dropped my head down feeling devastated.

Yanking the chains down, he unbuckled them and rubbed my sore wrists. I wasn't sure what he was doing but something cold touched them. I stayed still. Removing the black leather blindfold, he stared down at me.

"Back to bed. Your clothes will stay in here. Don't bother trying to touch yourself. If you do touch yourself then you will be in for a suprise awakening, understand?" He raised his right eyebrow and I nodded my head looking into his greyish blue eyes. "Yes Master."

"Good, now go." Smacking my arse, hard, he pointed at the door and I ran out of the room.

He'd woken me up, made me extremely horny and sent me back to bed aching for a release. I was asking myself, do I just get myself off in the bathroom. I couldn't wait or sleep for that matter.
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