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Chapter 6

The smell of eggs woke me the next morning.

I glanced up at the wall. Six o'clock, I jumped out of bed and ran out of the door. I had to be downstairs by that time which meant that I had woken up later than I should have. I was going to get into trouble!

I rushed down the stairs, through the living area and down the long hallway towards the dining room until I saw Ryder in the kitchen.

"In here," he shouted over his shoulder. I stopped on the spot nodding to myself. I was stood in the hallway naked. My feet were cold, my hair was a scraggy mess, I had morning breath because I didn't brush my teeth and I was generally looking a mess. I wasn't proud of this moment as I stared at Ryder walking around the kitchen in a pair of black jeans, black trainers and a red round neck t-shirt.

"Good morning Shannon." He commented placing eggs and toast on two plates. I smiled crossing my arms over my cold chest. It was chilly downstairs because his home was tiled throughout the ground floor.

"Morning Master," I mumbled before biting my bottom lip staring down at the floor.

“I hope you slept well,” he said. There was excitement in his voice as he smirked at me. Nodding my head, I walked towards him.

I’d slept horribly. All I did was twist and turn the entire night. I wouldn't mind but I had to sleep naked to top it off. I was in need of a release but when I entered the bathroom, I was about to touch myself when he spoke through a speaker. I told him that I was going for a pee, one of which was more of a nightmare than I wanted it to be. I had to try and get two big metal balls out of myself without releasing. That was near on impossible. I bit my lip and moaned out loud working hard to remove them, all while Ryder watched me through his cctv camera. Memories of what he’d done to me the previous night flooded my mind as I was taking them out crying. It felt so fucking good, yet I couldn't let my built up orgasm release. Then I had to force a pee out. Nightmare!

“No, not really," I told him stopping to stand on the opposite side of his kitchen center island.

"Oh really." He glanced at me holding a spatula in his hand and I nodded my head biting my bottom lip again. The things he could do with that tool I thought to myself.

“Go to the dining room. I'll bring your food in now.

"Yes Master," I walked to the dining room and sat on the left side. He followed me in seconds later taking the seat on my right. Passing me my plate, he slid a fork across to me. I thanked him and started to eat my food. I was starving and it didn't take me long to get through three quarters of the plate before he spoke.

“This weekend has been, rather interesting if I must say so. Slow but interesting.”

Standing up he walked out of the kitchen and entered seconds later with a plate filled with cheese, crackers, muffins and celery. I smiled eating more of the food on my plate.

"Go and get two waters from the fridge." He demanded and I went to get them. Opening his double fridge, I noticed how neatly the shelves were stacked. He had beer on the bottom shelf and fizzy drinks which made me giggle quietly to myself. He enjoyed a naughty treat every now and again I thought to myself grabbing two bottles of fresh water. Entering the dining room again, I placed his drink down next to him opening mine. He had two sides inside his fridge. I had to drink all of the drinks which sat on my half. I still had seven bottles left to go after the bottle which I was opening.

“I approve. If you want to stay with me in this relationship, you have the green light from me,” he said.

I choked on my water. “You approve of me?”

“I do. I wouldn't recommend trying to go against what I say though, that would have landed you in a bad position if you weren't on a trial weekend. Vulnerable. I must admit, you could learn alot from it.”

"You let me off?" He nodded his head smirking. I was shocked. Ryder Robernero was actually smiling at me. Since when does he do that I thought.

"I did."

"Thank you Master." I smiled before downing my water and he chuckled. "Don't try it again."

"I won't." Sitting down, I lay my drink to my right and carried on eating my food.

“Think about this important decision during your time getting ready for the day. I want you to give me an answer before you leave."

"Erm, can I ask you questions." My eyebrows knitted together. I was risking talking to him but he didn't seem to mind.

"You certainly can, once you've eat your breakfast, cleaned up the dishes and had a shower. You have an important decision to make today. We can discuss the details after breakfast and your shower. I’m sure you have a few questions for me.”

I took a deep breath. “How did you know that I was going to touch myself and how did you know that I didn't get a shower this morning?" He smirked glancing over at me. Shrugging his shoulders he carried on eating his food. As I went to speak, he held his hand up and I sat on the spot moving my lips from left to right. Awkward.

"Go." He stated and my mouth fell open. Nodding my head, I pushed up off the table mumbling "ok" before leaving the room. My plan was to get a shower and then clean the dishes afterwards. Still, I couldn't help but think about Ryder and the fact that he wasn't a man who wanted to casually talk.

Shorter chapter this time. Apologies.
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