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Chapter 7

I smiled cleaning the dishes in Ryders kitchen. I heard him clear his throat and spun myself around feeling embarrassed because I was shaking my booty to the singing birds that were tweeting in the trees in his back garden.

"Family?" He crossed his arms. Hard muscles buldged out from underneath his tight long sleeved black shirt. His golden watch sat smugly around his wrist. That wasn't the only thing smug on him, his smirk was. Still, I couldn't deny how gorgeous he actually was with his piercing grey eyes with blue in them.

"My mum is living on a yacht with her boyfriend and my dad passed away three years ago of leukaemia. My sister Gabrielle lives and works here in Las Vegas," I smiled and he gave me a swift nod. Nothing more or less.


He raised an eyebrow, as if he couldn’t believe that I had asked him that question. “It was in the application form. I'm sure you already know all that I want you to know.”

"Oh," I turned myself back around to finish off washing the dishes. He didn't come near me or say a word. I had dried all of the dishes and placed them inside the cupboard before I spoke to try and clear the dense air.

"Your assistant. My friend Yasmine said that she thinks the two of you are-" I don't know where that came from.

"Are what?" His lips formed in a straight line and I rubbed my arms awkwardly.

“She was comparing yours and Kenzos images on the internet,” I said. “My best friend, Yasmine, asked if I knew whether or not you and Jessica was a thing. Secrets she said.”

His eyes narrowed and his lips pressed together in a thin line. “You spoke to your friend about me?" Nodding my head, I smiled.

"Why?" I couldn't answer his question. He was biting again which made me feel uncomfortable.

"How much did you tell your friend about me?” he asked. "I urm," I choked. I didn't know what to say.

“Those application papers were straight forward. I believe that they told you to keep this confidential and between the two of us.”

“It’s, urm, Yasmine is my best friend and I tell her everything just incase I don't contact her. She will call the police,” I said. “Yasmine won't tell anyone anything that I tell her. I trust her with my life.” I had to save my ass somehow and that came to mind. Still, it was true. She wouldn't tell a soul a word and I knew that she wouldn't. The two of us held more secrets between us than what the mail room collects daily. We were tight, fingers crossed over each other with the promise to protect.

“Call the police? Does she know what this lifestyle is about?” He asked me holding his hand up telling me to be quiet while he took a phone call.

"Famiglia e distruzione? Why?" He said. I didn't understand a word that he was saying. He wanted to keep the conversation private which I respected. Boundaries.

"Oh, makes sense. Yeah, I'll speak to you later." Pushing the phone inside his pocket, he looked over at me with a sarcastic smile that instantly twitched and disappeared.

I shook my head. “Nope. Not at all. She just drools over pictures of men. That's what she did with Kenzo. I don't know who he is but the two of you look the spitting image of each other.”

My answer seemed to satisfy him, he gave a slight nod. A satisfactory smirk appeared on his lips. "He's my grandads brother. Well, he was. I got the blue from my dad and the grey from Kenzo. That's why my eyes are different colours. I do have a cousin who's single though. She could drool over him in person." My mouth fell open from his straightforward statement. I was not expecting him to say that!

"Are you trying to set your cousin up?" I asked him and he shrugged his shoulders. That was a risky question that flew out of my mouth before I couldn't tell myself to drop it. "Maybe." The corner of his mouth lifted. “My cousin has been single for far too long. I think it's time he lives his life a little.”

“Yasmines not a slut." I wasn't going to let her get dragged in and used by his cousin for him to live his life. Yasmine was looking for a full time committed relationship, not a quick fuck, and I didn't think that his cousin could offer her what she desperately needed.

"Neither is my cousin. He's looking for the one. Give me her number and I'll pass it on." I shook my head. "I'm not sure that's a wise choice."

"Your friend could decide for herself." Raising his right eyebrow, he placed me on the spot. I gave him a quick nod and walked over to him. "I don't have a phone."

Laughing, he ruffled my hair up and crossed his arms. His expression grew serious. “Your free to go. I'll be in touch." He left our conversation half finished and walked out of the room. I stood on the spot confused. I didn't understand him or the reason why he had cut the conversation short. Who was I to question his motive.

Pulling the plug for the dirty dish water, I turned around and stared at the empty kitchen. Thoughts were racing through my mind and I wanted to know what he was thinking. Instead of dwelling on it, I walked to the front door of his mansion trying to figure out what to do next. I didn't know if it was a good idea to get dressed or not. He didn't give me any instructions but that was who Ryder was. A man who I couldn't figure out.
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