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Chapter 8

Gabrielle phoned me when I returned home on the Sunday to make sure I was still alive. I laughed and told her that I was fine. Still, she didn't agree with what I had done and gave me a long list of reasons why I should have stayed away from Ryder. I didn't listen, I just lay on my couch with my phone on silent. It was inside the car and had ten percent by the time I had picked it up off the bench seat.

Sunday night I drummed my fingers on my wooden dining room table. I thought about Yasmin. Could I trust Ryders cousin with her? I didn't know but I also didn't want to block her off and give her a chance at being happy. Sighing, I stood up and made my way to bed.

Monday through to Friday was a drag. It took forever! Working at the University took all of my energy, not forgetting the routine that I had to follow. I was falling asleep at lunch time because I was that exhausted. The jogs for me were the worst part of it all, then I had to attend the gym and my legs were burning. My feet were in agony by the time Friday arrived. Yawning, I closed my drawer and walked to the front of the building where I was meeting Ryders driver. He was waiting outside for me and climbed out of the Audi opening the back door.

"Looking tired," he spoke and I nodded my head sliding in the back seat. Yawning, I strapped myself in when I heard Ryder clearing his throat.

"Your new routine tiring you out I hope." I nodded my head, my eyes were closed over slightly as he smirked.

"Your in my car for the second time. That makes it obvious, you want to be my submissive. Is that correct?" I nodded my head smiling. "Yes Master."

"That's good to hear. I have a bracelet that I want you to wear all day, everyday excluding weekends. Work included." Removing a box from his suit jacket pocket, he popped the top open and my lips parted. Blue crystals with platinum.

"That's beautiful." I told him honestly and he smiled. "It is. I chose this bracelet carefully but you will wear this during the week when you're not with me. I expect you to take care of it. Since I know that you work in a university, I cannot expect you to wear a collar. The bracelet will be switched with it each Friday and Sunday." Nodding my head, I grinned.

His expression grew serious. “Getting back to what I was saying. I want you to wear my collar on the weekends. I hope that you've given our agreement much thought over the week."

His collar? My eyes widened, my eyeballs almost fell out of my head when he stated that. I nodded again and he turned away from me pushing the black box back inside his suit jacket. None of us spoke a word to one another and I passed him my mobile phone.

The Audi pulled up outside his house and he held his hand out for me to take. I placed my palm in his and he guided me to his house, pushing the door open and slamming it after I entered behind him.

"Throw this on." He launched a black robe at me and I worked quickly to get undressed. Wrapping the robe around myself, I stepped forwards.

"Socks included." Crouching down, I nervously removed my socks and he walked to the stairs telling me to follow him.

Entering the lift, he pressed the button and I stood on his right. He still wasn't speaking to me. The silence was deafening for me and I felt awkward. I was naked underneath the thin black silk robe and he was fully dressed. A ping could be heard and the doors slid open. His shoes clicked on the wooden flooring as he walked through the automatic doors.

"Take a seat on the bed. I will be with you in one moment." I nodded my head and sat down on the bed quickly. Playing with my fingers, I looked down at my feet which were swinging off the side of the bed. It was that high off the floor, I couldn't touch it.

Turning around, he walked towards me with a black box and held his hand out.

"Come with me." Jumping off the bed, I took his hand and he guided me in to his changing room telling me to take a seat on a small black leather poof. Settling down, I stared at the mirror directly in front of me as Ryder walked to stand behind me. Within a split second, I went from my own boss to his submissive when he placed his right hand on my shoulder squeezing it lightly. I could see him in the mirror standing directly behind me fully dressed. I could feel the authority radiating off him. I felt small.

Moving the box around and placing it down on my knees, he clicked his fingers. "Keep your eyes on that mirror."

"Yes Master," I croaked out. I couldn't even speak, I felt that small compared to him. My stomach was fluttering, my heart was beating rapidly inside my chest and the palms of my hands were sweating.

He reached inside the box and lifted up the most beautiful choker I could have ever laid my eyes on. My eyes widened, my mouth fell open as I gasped. It was platinum with baby blue crystals inside it. There were normal diamonds too and they were glistening underneath the light inside the room. My lower stomach was contracting like crazy as he lifted the choker up in the air and pulled it to my neck.

"If you accept to wear this, you’ll be mine. Marked, completely mine and I'm sure you know what that means considering you came to me to begin with. Do you accept to be mine. For me to do with you as I please. Mine all week, mine all weekend, mine to do with as I wish. To do as I say, no questions asked." I swallowed a lump that was stuck in the back of my throat and nodded." Yes Master."

"I'm not an easy Master to work with Shannon. Do you understand this?" He raised his eyebrows looking at me in the mirror. I nodded my head again, "yes Master."

"What will I not do Shannon?" He asked me and I was stuck on his question. "Urm.."

"I will not hurt you with intention to cause bodily harm to you."

"Yes Master."

Nodding his head, he wrapped the choker around my neck and fastened it in place before moving it around so that it sat comfortably on my skin.

"That's not too tight is it?" He asked me and I shook my head. "No, it's perfect." Smiling, he brushed my hair back with his fingers. "That collar looks beautiful on you Shannon. You should be proud to wear it. I want you to walk around with that on. I want you to show it off. That's a trophy."

"Yes Master. I will. I promise."

"Take it off and we will end the contract. That's the quick way to finsih it. I do hope that it never gets to that point."

I signed the final part of his contract and sent it over to him in the week. That's where he told me that I would get picked up after work. He told me to wear my work uniform and not to worry about my hair. I left it down.

Sliding the robe off my shoulders, he slides his hands down my arms and back up before moving down to my breasts and cupping them with the palms of his hands. Moving his right hand up, he guided my head back so that it was resting on his stomach before sliding his hand back down again.

"Keep your eyes closed." I nodded my head and did as I was told feeling the way that he was touching me. With love, care and attention. He was a completely different man to what I remember the week before. He was treating me like a Queen.

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