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Chapter 9

Ryder held his hand out to me and I took it. Guiding me downstairs to the back patio area that overlooked the large field of grass, he pulled my chair out for me and coached me to sit down. I took the seat and he pushed me back in before walking around the table to sit down opposite me. There was two black plates, black cutlery and a red table cloth with a bunch of red roses in a black vase that was placed in the center of the table.

"Something a little more basic for you. Hunters chicken with wedges." He smiled and I turned my head on the side. Do Italians eat normal foods? I asked myself. I wasn't sure.

"How was work?" he asked when I cut my first piece of chicken up. I glanced over at him.

"Tiring and hard," I told him honestly. He nodded his head, "yours?"

He shrugged not saying a word. We sat down eating our food in silence. He wasn't easy to figure out and would ask me questions but wouldn't answer me when I would ask him. My stomach was twisting in a knot. There was something about him and I would feel uneasy, nervous and awkward when he wouldn't talk. It wasn't comforting for me at all.

I didn't know what to expect throughout that weekend. He was unpredictable. I do remember the way that his hands touched my shoulders after he wrapped his collar around my neck. I wanted to feel it but I was focusing all of my attention on finishing the plate of food that he had kindly given to me. I had to finish it. As he said, he would find it offensive if I wasn't to finish my plate. I shuddered.

"I opened up a new club. The first night on Tuesday was a success." I smiled and looked over at him. He stared in to my eyes with his greyish, blue orbs. Butterflies flew around inside my stomach. Shaking my right leg, I nodded my head.

My mind wouldn't stop thinking about what could happen. The week before, he had me naked and chained up. There was something about him sitting opposite me fully dressed, all while I was sitting in a robe and that was it. What is it with you being naked that gets your senses running a marathon. I don't know, but I felt small compared to him once again. I shifted in my seat.

Standing up, he walked to the edge of his patio and held his hand out. Pushing my seat back, I ran over to him placing my hand in his. Guiding my to the grassed area, he turned around and pointed up at the top window where a black dress dangled down from a hanger.

"Your dress. A friend of mine dropped it off after spending time making it for you." I looked up at him as he glanced down at me. He gave me a quick snappy smirk before his lips formed into a straight line.

"How kind of your friend." I mumbled. I needed to say something.

Turning himself around, he twisted a strand of my hair around two of his fingers.

"You will look gorgeous in it amore." He told me. All of my weight shifted over to my left foot as he guided me to the back of his garden.

"As I told you previously, it's always good to ground yourself. How does the grass feel underneath your feet?"

"Raw." He snapped his head down to look at me. He looked confused and I shrugged my shoulders giving him a wary smile.

"Raw? Elaborate." Nodding my head, I wet my lips as we walked back to the table.

"I don't know how to explain it but it churns something inside of me when my naked skin touches things. It's the same as you wearing a suit and me being naked underneath this robe."

Nodding his head, he stopped walking abruptly and slid his hand through the slit of the robe touching in between my breasts. My heart beat accelerated, my cheeks were on fire as my breathing increased. My mouth fell open as my eyes closed over slightly. His touch does more than I want to admit.

Letting my hand go, he slapped my ass catching me off guard. I flew forwards.

"Let's eat."

Sitting back down on my seat, I eat all of the wedges and had a small sip of the red wine that had appeared on the table suddenly.

"Don't mention our agreement. Nobody knows about that. What they do know is that you're with me." He said and I nodded my head understanding his point.

He was taunting me. Sliding his fingers up and down the stem of his wine glass, he licked the rim of the glass. I was getting hot, the palms of my hands were sweating.

Placing his glass down on the table, he lay his right hand down on the table. He was making a fist and I watched him tighten it. I could imagine him wrapping his hand around some rope, so fucking sexy. His tattoo was showing and his veins were sticking out.

Yeah, I wasn't sure how much more of him I could take at this point. What I do know is that I was soaking wet and hoping that I didn't leave a slug trail behind on the black leather seat.
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