The Nanny

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Elenor Quinn, a college graduate majoring in child psychology lands herself a job at the Hastings estate as the family’s nanny. As the Hastings children grieve over the passing of their mother, Mr. Hastings hires Elenor to tend to the children’s needs as well as his own. Warning**** Mature Readers only! Extreme Sexual content, language, drug use, abuse, etc. “What a naughty nanny you are Ms. Quinn” his words creep into my ear as he slides himself back into me roughly. As his huge member stretches me, dominating my womanhood making me his.

Erotica / Romance
Elizabeth Fox
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Chapter one

* Ellie *

As my eyes scroll through the email I received from the Hastings estate.

“Ms. Quinn,

Mr. Hastings has reviewed your resume and would be pleased to offer you this opportunity. Attached with this email you will find a the names of the Hastings family children and their schedules as well as the estates information. I have arranged transportation services to the estate. Transportation will be arriving at the address on your resume at 6:00 pm today. We look forward to meeting you.

Best regards,

Patrick “

“Shit!” I grab my phone looking at the time. 11:00 am. Today? How can they expect me to start the same day they accepted my application!

Excitement, nervousness and annoyance fill me all at ounce. I hate being rushed with no time to plan. I make my way downstairs to my parents living room.

My dad is in his chair playing blackjack on his iPad. Mom was in her chair right beside him. She was watching a talk show and knitting a scarf for her friend up north.

“I got the job” I stand in front of them with a smile.

“What?” They both look at each other than back at me.

“I’m going to be a nanny” I smile clapping my hands together in excitement.

“No way! That is great sweetie” my mom pulls me into a hug. I hand my dad my phone with the email pulled up.

My dad pulls his reading glasses down and goes over the email.

“Today? That’s a little soon isn’t it Ellie?” My dad looks confused.

“I know, it’s a little on the odd side but maybe they need help badly!” I shrug.

“Yeah hun maybe they are desperate “ my mom agrees.

My dad stays behind in his chair while mom and I go upstairs to pack my things. My parents home is about two hours from the estate. I plan on asking Mr. Hastings about vacation time or if I can go visit my parents monthly.

We spent the rest of the time we had packing and organizing my things.

“Ellie! There is someone here for you” my dad yells from downstairs.

I quickly look out my window and see a black suv parked outside.

My dad passed me going upstairs to grab my things.

“Ms. Elenor Quinn?” A tall dark man in a black suit stands in the foyer.

“Please, call me Ellie” I smile extending my arm to shake his hand.

“Nice to meet you” he returns the shake. He loads my luggage into the back of the suv and returns to the vehicle.

“We are going to miss you so much Ellie Bear” my parents pull me into a bear hug.

“I love you both so much” I squeeze them.

“Call us when you get there sweetie.” my mom kisses my forehead.

We exchange our goodbyes and I love you’s.

I shut the car door behind me giving the man a nod letting him know I’m ready.

The drive was silent, the only noise was the car going over bumps. The man had not spoken since we left.

“Thank you Mr. Patrick for the email and this opportunity.” I break the silence.

“Sorry Ms. Quinn, I am not Patrick. He is awaiting our arrival at the estate.” He looks at me using the rear view mirror.

“My apologies, what is your name?”

Before the man could answer he rolls up a tinted window separating the front from backseats as he hears a call coming in.

Back to silence.

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