My Exora

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What happens in a post apocalyptic world where demons,lycans, and draken’s fight for control over the last resources and potential Exoras or soulmate. What lengths would you go to secure your Exora?

Erotica / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Reaper’s POV

My feet pounded against the concrete as the brittle winter air kissed my face. I wouldn’t return to this territory again. It’s heathens were straight from hell and not to mention their leader was something I had never encountered in all my reconnaissance missions.

It was mid summer when the supernatural took over our world. The west coast was split between Lycans, who ruled the northern coastline, and Drakens who controlled the southern half of the coast. Our eastern seaboard was flooded with Demons, some said they were directly spawns of satan. After what I just escaped from, there isn’t a doubt in my mind.

The humans were nothing more than the next stop for extinction. Once our population was close to 10 billion and now the last free human population is a little over a hundred. The General was the only person sane enough to run our insane asylum.

The General was the group’s father figure, our leader through this storm. He found me in the ashes of one of the last major battles of the great human army and taught me how to become the feared Reaper. Some rumors spread that he was just a rogue supernatural who had gone awol but he was human through and through. Why else would he have built the sanctuary?

My radio, surprisingly still working, buzzed to life as I entered human held territory again. The general’s voice crackled through my radio, “ still alive? Been awhile since we have had contact.”

Of course I am alive, My radio transmitted signal back to the hive. I have only been gone for... shit. it has been a few weeks!

“I am still kicking old man... just have me a glass on the rocks waiting. The situation on our eastern front is worse than we thought.” My hands gently release the radio’s button in defeat.

There is no surviving the storm.

Unknown POV

My hands slam onto the grey steel desk bending the rugged metal as brunette locks fly past my face. My three idiotic yet stern faced commanders sit across from the desk facing the wrath and spite of a pissed off woman.

“Do any of you understand how close we truly are to winning the war? We had the old draken’s imprint in our city and your men let him slip through our grasp!

Not only did you let a human slip into the city. The human was my exora...You let my exora escape our hands!

He knows where the last draken is hiding and where the last hive of humans are. I am giving you one week exactly to find him and bring him to me alive or I will personally execute you in front of our empire after hours of fun in the ship’s brig.

Go find him or else!”

My demon side has been silent since we laid eyes on my handsome Exora. While he was smart enough to sneak past my forces, he was foolish enough to show his face and never have I forgotten a face.

Run while you can, Exora.
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