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Embracing the Danger (Book2 of Leila’s Story)

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She lost a new love, found a lost childhood love and has embraced a new family. Leila's life has changed over the past year and she is grateful for who she has and what she gets to do. She never knew how much enjoyment she got out of others pain, but she has decided that her life was made just for this. Now with Damien missing and truths coming out her and her childhood love Travis get to embrace all that their childhood trained them for. Finding Damien for his family, her new found family, is going to show her that she has in fact embraced the danger. Sequel to Enjoying the Danger. Please read the first book otherwise you may be lost. This is a dark story, a mature 18+ story. There is violence sexual content and torture, you have been warned 😁.

Erotica / Thriller
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It's been almost 3 months since I left a message with my mom, she wasn't happy that it didn't say when I was coming home. She told me about how Leila, Travis, and my father found out about Monica, how Leila worked her magic and got the answers they wanted. God I wished I could've been there, I miss watching her work, I miss her. It still irritates me to no end that I didn't make her mine through and through. The fact that Travis touches what should be mine alone makes me hate him and myself all at once. I knew I should have asked her to marry me, I had a ring picked out, the perfect spot, but I wanted to wait, to get to know her better. I wanted her to feel comfortable to talk to me about everything she has endured, not recite it to me but open up to me. But then Monica happened. I knew from the get go Daniel wasn't mine, he may have my hair and eye color but he was a spitting image of Vincenzo, and the fact the he and I are on good speaking terms, well he verified a few things for me. I decided to take this vacation for 2 reasons
1: to get Daniel back to Vincenzo
2: to get to the bottom of who has betrayed my family and who wants a war.

I sit down in the room that Vincenzo gave for me to use, Monica is tied to the bed, drugged out of her mind. I found her like this at a brothel, upstairs in one of the rooms. Once Vincenzo had Daniel back she knew she had no leverage and the family she connected herself with would find her no longer useful. But what they didn't understand is that she is very perceptive and fucking smart when she wants to be. Now I need her to sober up before I can take the next step.
My phone rings showing my mother calling.

"Hey momma."

"Don't you hey momma me, do you have any idea how hard it has been to keep your whereabouts secret? Hmmm? Not only has your father caught on but so has Leila. I feel it won't be long before she figures it out. Another topic....what have you learned?"

I had to smile at my mom, little did everyone know about my mother's involvement with all the family business. She acted as if she had no interest in the dark side of things, but that's where she gets over looked. My mother has had a hand in every dealing our family has ever had. She grew up around this, this is her bread and butter. She refused to be like her mother, ignorant and upset when she did finally figure out the truth. There are times mother is far more vicious than my father.
I sighed and leaned back in my seat

"It's Vega DelGrasse, his family has been trying to get rid of Vincenzo for years now. When the found out about Daniel that's when they started scheming. Monica and her family took refuge there, and they told her to go for Vincenzo. Now that he has Daniel back they hold no leverage. They are coming after us in hopes that our alliance will bring Vincenzo out of the dark."

There was silence as she took everything in

"Go talk with your uncle, I'll be sending him some things. Then you'll need to speak with Geseppie, when you get around to him he will know what to do. After that bring that bitch with you and get your ass home. We have things we need to set into motion and it's time to get our family back together."

I smiled and said "yes ma'am" and "I love you"

"I love you too now hurry up I miss you."

I laughed at her as the line went dead, I will not disobey my mother. I looked at Monica passed out on the bed and tsk at her. If I let my family have her....no I think Leila would want to have fun. I call Vincenzo and update him on what my mother wants done.


As I sit here in my office doing my "sunnier side of life" work, I find myself having trouble concentrating. Elizza is hiding something and she knows I know she is. Every time I go to ask her she gives me a pleading look and I bite my tongue, though I'm not sure how much longer I can stay silent.

"Leila, let's talk"

Speak of the devil, she walks in and closes my office door and then takes a seat across from me. I nod and patiently wait for her to speak. Several drawn out moments later she does.

"I know where Damien is and I need your help getting him back undetected, well yours and Travis' help. "

My lips tighten in a smile that doesn't reach my eyes. She sees my look and waves her had dismissively at me.

"Oh whatever, you should know by now that there's more to me than meets the eye. I've known where and how he's been for awhile. I am also aware of what has been transpiring amongst the greedy cunts over seas. I have decided it's time to bring my family close and do some cleaning. It's been a very long time since I've gotten to step on some toes. In order for me to do that I need your help. So what do you say? How about us girls have some fun?"

The look in her eyes is daring and I find myself genuinely happy at what she has said. I nod enthusiastically and lean closer.

"What do you need?"

She tells me about needing Travis to sneak Damien and Monica back in, without anyone, including the family, knowing about it. We will keep them at the house where I was staying after Damien and I parted. While he is in transit we will need to put together all the information he has gathered in his absence from us. Once that's done then we will bring to light all the information and begin our cleaning. That's the fun part, and I can't wait to use my new toys. Travis and I found someone willing to make us all types of fun things to use while playing with others, and I have found them to be a soothing balm against my irritation. There we sit looking at one another across the table, both wearing devilish grins knowing that soon we will get to enjoy the torment of those that seek to hurt our family. Even though Damien and I may not be together it doesn't stop me from loving the family he brought me in. I still love him and deep down a part of me fights between him and Travis.....but then again I'm greedy and want both.
That night it took me a long while to go to sleep. Travis was out of country on business, has been for almost 2 weeks now, I spoke with him earlier and he agreed to help once everything was ready. I sighed,heavily punching my pillow for the millionth time before my eyes started to drift closed. I dreamed about Damien.

He stood there in all his gorgeous glory, smirk on his face as he stared at me. We were in the room that I claimed as mine at his parents house, me in a towel and him in lounge clothes. I get the feeling he let himself in again as he slowly approaches me. I take small steps backwards until my heels make contact with the bed.

"How many times do I have to tell you Leila, you are MINE, all of you."

He is so close I can feel his heat radiating off of him, he leans down and lightly kisses my neck sending goosebumps out to cover my whole body. My thighs clench and I gasp at how good it feels to have him so close. Then his hand is roughly yanking off the towel as his other finds my hair at the back of my head.

"I think I need to remind you of who you belong to."

The scene changes from us standing to us laying down him between my legs, his cock he holds as he rubs it lazily over my clit and opening teasing moans from me.

"Tell me what you want Leila."

I bite my bottom lip as he pushes against my opening causing me to become wetter. Our eyes meet as I say


His smile is what I see as he plunges deep inside of me.

I wake up panting, hand between my legs, I'm so wet I've soaked through to the sheet. Fuck me.
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