Rin's Saga

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A society running on sexual energy is governed by a group of elite men on top of the world. What happens when a woman with a "defective" status appears?

Erotica / Adventure
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At First, There Was Darkness

It was still dark outside.

Three days it had been since the summit began. Heated bodies pressing against each other in a frenzied vigor, drum beats loud and unapologetic. It was the pinnacle of sex, a near anarchy of human need. It rose up and covered the city in a brown haze. Nobody chose to walk the cold streets when there was endless heat inside. But still…

It was still dark outside.

There she stood, separate from all of it. Body and mind felt so very detached from the mindless thrusting of need only inches behind the doors. She, alone and cold, had no choice but to remain outside. This did nothing to quench the pain she felt in her solitude. It seemed so easy for everyone else. Shut off your thoughts, join the parade. Take pride in your body and what it has to give. There will always be somebody there to take you, if not the first person then the next. You’re supposed to feel the value of your sex as another’s slides against it. You were supposed to feel enlarged and sexually powerful. You were supposed to feel all of this… if you weren’t defective.

But she was defective. It may not have been obvious at the first glance. Olive toned skin and large eyes were framed by a thick mane of brown hair that refused to cooperate. Her body wasn’t much to look at, though she supposed it had potential if she actually tried to exercise. Of course, trying took a lot of effort that she didn’t have the confidence for. Her voice was average, her intellect considerable, but her sex… her sex was broken. Damaged. Painful. Defective. In a city run on sexual pleasure, she was the lowest form of a citizen.

Reminding herself this for the millionth time of the summit, she sighed and continued the trudge home. The summit would end in a few hours, the sun peeking its head out at the many blushing travelers heading back to their quarters. Even though she couldn’t join in the festivities, she much preferred to walk along the streets instead of going home. Home was where her mother was, undoubtedly drunk and servicing whichever man she had dragged home. She’d always say “I’m doing this for us” and “This one will support us”, and it demanded a begrudging smile from her only daughter. As long as she pushed the mandatory chair against the door, she need not worry about the male intruding into her territory.

Sneaking past the dark main room and secluding herself into the comfort of her bedroom, she immediately released the deep breath she had been holding in. Glancing around for the chair, her eyes landed on the one thing that seemed to stare straight at her.

Pleasuring tools were distributed by the government every summit, but to her it was a mocking enemy. It seemed to say, you still can’t have sex huh? Still too scared? Pathetic and defective girl. Ah well. At least she could lie about it verbally to everybody else. With a glare of determination, she stormed over to the tool and squashed it behind the dresser. Maybe if she didn’t have to look at the damn thing then she wouldn’t be reminded of that first night.

The pain and humiliation she felt. The blood. That man...Growling at herself, she stretched across the bed and mapped out her plan to be a crazy animal lady. She’d have dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, maybe even a farm someday if she got her shit together. No need for physical fulfillment when you could have mental fulfillment...she dozed off with a smile on her face. A smile she wouldn’t have if she knew what awaited behind her dresser.

Like a dangerous being, lights began to dance up the back of the wall. Almost like the living thing she feared it was, the interface on the tool lit up with codes. Strange error codes and symbols that very few people in society were aware it could produce. And in that moment, had she opened her eyes and seen the warning, she might have avoided the strange fate that opened before her. She may have dutifully inserted the tool and provided her pleasures to the person responsible for collecting all that data. But as fate would have it, she was already in a deep slumber.

Miles away, in the highest building of the rowdiest street, a shadowy room stood desolate apart from one figure. Across the screens played the mating of thousands, sweaty bodies clinging to each other in the designated areas. This year would undoubtedly be fruitful to the population. And yet, in the corner of the screen, nearly miniscule against the fervor, was an error code. No matter how many times the figure adjusted the servers and roamed the room, the error code refused to disappear.

After an hour of this, the figure left the vicinity and printed the report that would change everything. With long and hurried strides the report was eventually handed off to the group of men who ran the city under secret rule. The shadow government of the world. Murmurs of disbelief and irritation flurried up into the sky as the report went from hand to hand. Despite the response, the issue glared them straight in the face.

Rin Childs. Age 19. Virginal and defective. A threat to the normalcy of the city and strangely enticing to all the men in attendance. Her ID photo was simple, yet independence raged in those eyes. It was an unspoken challenge to men of their stature.

At the head of the table, a large man smirked against his drink. They all felt it, this strange sense that the pieces were finally falling together. “Could it be her?” One man asked, already adjusting his member. The head let out a deep chuckle and nodded, noting the way his men shifted uncomfortably. “It’s her alright. She hid herself rather well after our first encounter.”

Another man pushed back his seat and with clenched fists, addressed the room. Adorned in white hair and customary piercings his fierce gaze left nothing to be questioned. “I will bring her here immediately, Sir.” But the head of the table lounged back and disagreed. “There’s no need for that Silas.” The white hair man shot him an incredulous look that matched those around him. Still, the head spoke with a smirk and air of confidence.

“Tomorrow, she will come to us.”

And strangely, as it had not happened in 40 years, the sky outside remained dark past the time when the sun was supposed to rise. Citizens in all sexual fury began to slow their movements and stare out in confusion. Had they miscalculated the days? Why was the world still dark? In her small bed, Rin was lost in a pleasant dream, unaware of the plot against her. Unaware of the skies unending night. And when she awoke when she always did, she was stunned to pull aside her curtain. Because of course…

It was still dark outside.

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