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A week to Remember

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This is the story of a trio of great "friends" who find themselves quite bored during the day and soon the overall week. However, after one planned sleepover is made all three can clearly see this week will be anything but "boring"

Erotica / Fantasy
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A Week to Remember

Kate Lucent

Jake Lucent

Theodore Helsing

On a warm morning in the state of Texas, Theo was finishing up his morning breakfast and coffee while relaxing on the couch on his phone.

Theo: “Alright TC, make sure everything is going well over there. Have a good day” He says in a very professional manner before hanging up.

Theo has been running a club business for a couple years now, but with things running so smoothly he can work from home and due to his latest call; he essentially has an entire week of time for nothing.

Theo: “Here I thought business running would be time consuming, what am I gonna do for a week?” He says to himself as he brings his dirty dishes to the kitchen and quickly cleans them.

Meanwhile, the Lucent twins which are mainly known as Kate and Jake have already finished their morning routine of eating and getting dressed. For the time being they’re sitting in their living room almost entirely bored and silent until

Jake: “Ugh! Sis what are we going to do today?” Jake says surprisingly frustrated, knowing how slow today will be.

Kate: “Calm down sweetie, I’m sure we’ll be well entertained today” She says, well hiding the fact that she knows they will have nothing to do today.

Jake: “Well I hope your right sis, boredom isn’t exactly good for us”

Then almost ironically, Kate’s phone starts ringing with the special ringtone made by the twins... which is mostly harmonic moans that symbolize it’s someone very close to them calling.

Kate: “Well dearie you could have just talked us into some luck.” She says before answering her phone “Hello?”

Sure enough, it was Theodore. Who was having the same boredom problems as them.

Theo: Greetings Kate! Kate: Oh! I didn’t expect a call from you today Theo. Immediately as Kate said Theo, Jake jumped beside her to hear the rest of the call.

Theo: Well,that’s what happens when you’re bored out your mind, so do you two have any plans for today?

Kate: Surprisingly no sweetie, me and Jake will be at the house all day with nothing to do. As soon as Kate finishes her statement Jake scoots over closer to her and whispers:

Jake: “Invite him over sis, you know we both miss him”

Kate would move the phone away from her mouth before saying:

Kate: “I’m getting to that part dearie" before moving her phone back to her ear

Theo: Well,I’ll be at my house all day with nothing to do either, how about I spend the day at your house. Hell, maybe sleep over there as well, are you interested?” Immediately Kate would mute the phone for a moment and squeal in delight before saying to the visibly confused yet excited Jake

Kate: “He wants to spend the whole day and sleep over Jake!” She says in complete happiness Jake would be overcome with all the same emotions and seemingly more before saying:

Jake: “Tell him yes! Tell him yes!”

After a long minute of celebration, leaving Theo with a bit of confusion on the other end, Kate final responded.

Kate: “We’d love to have you over sweetie.” She said in a much calmer voice

Theo: “Excellent! I’ll be over in an hour, sinceI’m not coming empty handed. See you then!”

Kate: “Until then dearie!” She would say before hanging up. After a mere moment of silence Jake speaks up.

Jake: Alright, when is he coming? And should we wear something more... “situationally correct”?

Kate: “If you mean the red outfits then actually no, let’s have him come on his own then work our way there.” She said in a playfully upright tone. Jake would believe that Kate was being serious until he grinned and said:

Jake: “So by all that you mean we should let him plow us whenever he feels like, right sis?” Kate would giggle before saying:

Kate: “Exactly right sweetie, we can’t just let him have us immediately or we won’t get any real long fun~.”

Jake: “Perfect idea sis, now let’s get everything we’ll need for Theo and for us~” Kate would simply smile and nod her head in agreement as the twins began to move around the house. Meanwhile, Theo is currently inside of a supermarket getting dinner supplies.

Theo: “Can’t go into someone’s house with nothing, now what else to get?” He said as he put a few steaks into his handheld cart. He would proceed to grab his favorite seasoning mixes, large potatoes, and his own pans with utensils. As he was walking down the store isle believing he was done he would realize he forgot something and snapped his fingers before saying:

Theo: “The drinks! Knowing those two even though they won’t ask, they’re gonna have to be high class drinks.” He would say before searching the isles.Theo would finally find what he was looking for, fine wines and ingredients for higher class mixes. While Theo was leaving, he saw a very sweet melt able treat as he walking the isle, he grinned deviously with a very creative idea before grabbing a large tub of it. After paying for all items and entering his car he would start the somewhat short drive to the twin’s house. On the way to the twin’s house Theo’s phone would give an alert that he just received a text, at the next red light he would check him phone to see who it was From Kate:

“Hey Theo, we’re just waiting for you sweetie. What are you planning on doing?

From Theo: “Oh not much, just know you won’t need to worry about eating once I get there” Once he sent the message, he looks up to see the light turn green and of course started driving to their house. A few minutes later Theo would pull into the driveway and shut off his car, he’d think about what the twins could have in store for him which made him grin. Not wanting to waste any time for the pleasures that are surely awaiting him, he would exit him car, locking the door in the process as he grabbed his groceries, and waiting to the door.

Knock KnockKnock

Naturally, Jake would be the first one to rush downstairs to the door to greet Theo with Kate following very close behind. As soon as Jake reached the door, he opened it with an ecstatic smile on his face. Before Theo can even greet the twins, Jake has thrown himself onto him, hugging him tightly, which Kate would do not a second later. Theo was smiling brightly as he said:

Theo: “Well hello Kate and Jake. Something tells me you two missed me.”

Kate: “What gave that away sweetie?”

Theo: “Nothing that I would complain about, although I would like to continue this inside~” Meanwhile just by looking at Jake’s face you could tell the only thoughts in his mind can be described by one word: lewd. Theo would recognize it immediately, same as Kate.

Theo: “I can see one of you is more in the mood then anyone, but I wanna give you two a treat beforehand” He would say in a proper tone.

Kate: “Really dear?” She would say as she finally broke the hug, while Jake clung on “What kind of treat?”

Theo: “One that you would enjoy, unfortunately it doesn’t include the bedroom just yet. More like a tasty one” Jake would pout a little before finally releasing his seemingly unending hug then say:

Jake: “What better treat could you give us sweetie?”

Theo: “One that you’ll have to wait and see, of course that’ll have to be in the house” It would then finally occur to the twins that they’re still outside their apartment doing all of this, and immediately invite him in. All three would walk upstairs into the living room, the twins going to the couch and sitting down while Theo diverted to the kitchen. While the twins relax, Theo would pull out the items from his bag, hiding the tub the short-sleeve hoodie, before walking into the living room.

Theo: “So you two, you ready to enjoy this little meal?”The twins simply smile and nod happily, clearly wondering what he would be making.

Kate: “Most definitely, what are you making dear?”

Theo: “That’s a secret Kate, just know that you’ll love it~”

Kate: “Alright sweetie, I’m sure we will” She says in an intrigued tone. Theo would walk back into the kitchen, pulling out the necessary pans and utensils from his bag and setting them onto the stovetop, lighting them and washing his hands so he could begin. To start, Theo grabbed the potatoes and started washing in the sink before cutting them into French fries. After that he would put a little butter in the pan then place all 3 steaks, seasoned on one side, in the center most part of the pan, all three immediately starting to sizzle. Next, he would simply season the fries and place them into the second pan with a good amount of oil which, starting to fry them all. After about 3 and a half minutes he would flip the steaks and takes the fries out onto a cooling rack to drain off excess oil. Theo would finally set up the plates and put the steaks and fries on and putting utensils onto the plate, he then poured 3 glasses of wine to go along with it and start walking into the living room, masterfully carrying everything. The twins were astonished with what Theo had made for them as he set the plates down.

Theo: “Like what you see?” He said as he set his plate down

Jake: “Completely sweetie, this looks amazing!” Jake said, completely excited

Theo: “Great, oh I almost forgot! I’ll be right back!” He said before springing up and speed walking into the kitchen and coming back with a good bottle of champagne. “We can celebrate right?”

Kate: “When it comes to you sweetie, it’s always a celebration”

Theo: “Oh how sweet of you” He said as he sat down “Well let’s enjoy this you two” The twins would nod before starting to enjoy their meals, very little to no words were spoken as they all digged in. Soon all that was left were empty plates and glasses, all that and one large untouched bottle of champagne.

Theo: “So you two” Theo said as he sat up in his seat “Who wants to pop the champagne” Without skipping a beat Jake would grab the bottle and after a quick shake would pop the champagne open, getting the vast majority on Theo with a little getting on the twins. Jake would pour the champagne into the cups before Theo would wipe his face off and say:

Theo: “Well I expected as much” He said, soaking wet with the champagne “Good thing I left those clothes from new year’s here”

Kate: “Oh sweetie don’t just switch clothes; you can use the shower upstairs.”

Theo: “Thanks Kate” He would say as he got up and drank his champagne before taking all the dishes to the sink, leaving their cups for them to drink out of before going upstairs.

Kate: “No problem dear” she said as he walked upstairs Kate and Jake would look at each other in small glances as they drank the champagne, and as soon as they heard the shower turn on, they would slowly and stealthy make their way up the stairs to the bathroom. As soon as they got to the bathroom, they would see Theo and of his well-endowed body, though it wouldn’t take long for Theo to notice the two which caused him to grin deviously.

Theo: “Good thing I brought that tub upstairs” he said softly to himself as he continued to wash up

Kate: “Oh my goodness, he’s as big as I remember” Kate says to Jake quietly as she begin to rub one of her breasts while grasping at her hardening bulge developing in her shorts Jake softly moaned while groping his own bulge while saying: “I bet he’s just as dominant too, c’mon sis we need to get them now” he said, motioning over to the closet next to their bed Kate would be slightly reluctant to the idea, seeing as she didn’t want to end her night too quickly, but every time she glanced at Theo washing himself and seeing his huge size and built body drove her more and more into a more lustful state of mind until finally she would give into her lust and say:

Kate: “Oh your right Jake, I can’t hold back any more” she says as she starts to slowly walk over to the dresser, stripping her clothes off as she does. Jake would quickly and quietly follow behind, wasting little time. When Jake and Kate finished changing, they would sexually stare each other down before Kate says:

Kate: “I got to say Jake, I didn’t think we’d be able to fit into these clothes considering the last time we wore it, but I got to be honest, you’re looking very fine, dear brother~”

Jake: “Oh don’t be so modest, sister. You’re the one who looks astonishing in that outfit~” They look at each other for a brief minute, their gloved fingers twitching in need of fondling each other’s features. Meanwhile Theo would step out of the shower, somewhat quickly drying himself off and applying lotion all over. Afterwards he would reach inside of his short-sleeve hoodie pocket after putting some clothes on, taking the lid off the tub of sweet chocolate and heating it with a flame under his hand then says to himself:

Theo: “It’s funny how little they know of my other power” he says as the chocolate becomes molten and when poured carefully onto his own cock seems to harden immediately, and to make sure they know he’s out he turns off the shower. When the two hear the shower turn off, they quickly hatch up a plan. They both stand in front of the slightly open door with their hands on each other, Kate’s on Jake’s hips and Jake’s on Kate’s tits, their visible erections squishing against each other. They give each other a reassured wink before looking towards the door with innocent gazes, their tails curled to form two halves of a heart. When Theo opened the door, he was surprised internally but outside he showed nothing before his devious grin. His fedora titled down slightly covering his eyes and his long and hard cock standing tall and covered in the sweet dark chocolate.

Theo: “I see you two have been waiting for me, well I have a treat for both of you~” Before the two could get a read on Theo’s emotions (or even begin to respond) their eyes widened once they gazed upon Theo’s “treat.” The twins visibly held each other tighter, their body language explaining more than enough that they were horny from the sight. Jake: “I-is that ch-chocolate? ~”

Kate: “I th-think that’s exactly wh-what that is, hun~” Theo’s grin would remain as he knew from the reaction of those two that he had them in his hands

Theo: “That’s right you two, you want more of it?” He says as he grabs the tub again, walking towards them and kissing their cheeks before starting to walk backwards drizzle it all over his chest, motioning them with his other hands index finger “Come get it~”

Biting their lips, the twins walk towards the vampire, their hips swaying side to side as the trio get closer to the bed. Their eyes fixated on his chest, the chocolate oozing down his muscular chest, outlining his abs on the way down.

Jake: Oh Theo, you were already a treat to begin with~

Kate: But we’re not complaining, of course~

The two giggled, despite knowing the confident smiles on their faces would soon be changed to submissive moans once he gets hold of them. Theo would then go the extra mile by pouring it all onto his chest as it seems not a drop falls off him and continues to be that way as he sits down on the foot of the bed.

Theo: “Well now I’m the gift that just keeps giving, so please enjoy every bit of it while you can~”

The twins kneel down on either side of Theo, placing a gloved hand on each lap as they start licking his chocolate-covered chest, alternating between licks, kisses, and gentle nibbles all over his toned chest and abs. Kate and Jake’s eyes made contact and they gave each other a wink as Kate starts kissing Theo’s cock while Jake continues worshiping those abs. Theo’s entire demeanor could be described as nothing but pleased as he enjoyed every show of pure affection that had for his chocolate covered body

Theo: “Trust me, this’ll be the only time you control me so take advantage of every bit of it~”

Jake comes back up to Theo’s chest and licks his nipple, giving him a wink as he did so. Meanwhile Kate is busy licking the chocolate off of Theo’s dick. Theo would continue to enjoy the twins licking all over him, uncontrollably blushing a small amount while watching and feeling everything

Theo: “I can’t tell which part of this treat you two are loving the most~”

Jake gives one more lick across Theo’s chest before raising himself up to eye level, placing both hands on the vampire’s shoulders.

Jake: “I can assure you, sweetie, that you’re the real treat here~”

He gives him a wink before giving him a tender kiss on the lips. At the same time Kate has wrapped her lips around that large cock and has begun descending down it, her throat bulging out obscenely from the girth. Theo would slightly close his eyes as he would continue to kiss Jake with deep passion as Kate began to work her sorts of “magic” on his cock. Nothing that was being done right now wasn’t pleasuring him which was obvious by his cock starting to leak out a large amount of pre-cum. Theo gave off a small soft grunt of pleasure before saying:

Theo: “You two are about to get your first of many loads today~”

Without hesitation, Kate completely deep throated his entire cock despite his huge size while Jake slowly slid down next to her. In an instant Theo would give one loud deep moan of pleasure before climaxing, Kate would start to and continue to drink as much as she could, the size of his load showing on her as her stomach bulged outward slightly before she lifted off hid cock, yet Theo start gave of one last strong splash of cum, almost covering their faces immediately.

Jake: “Such gigantic loads! Just as huge as I remember~” Jake said as he slowly savors the thick white cum around his mouth “Now it’s my turn~” he said before immediately licking all over the head of his cock Meanwhile Kate got up and took off her luxurious looking top, setting at against the wall before kneeling next to Jake who had already started to deep throat Theo’s cock over and over as he bobbed his head up and down. Kate moved her head right next to Jakes, starting to lick and suck on Theo’s hefty balls. Theo would speak less and seemingly moan more as the faster Jake would deep throat him the harder Kate would in turn suck on his balls, fitting one into her mouth entirely and moving her tongue all around inside before going to the next. Theo spoke very if at all while the twins, even for how amazing this felt it would continue for at least an hour before finally:

Theo: “Time for your healthy second load~”

he says in his regular dominant ways. Immediately Jake would deep throat Theo’s completely, not moving at all until he felt Theo’s load blasting down his throat so quickly, he could barely swallow, as it rushed down his throat. In an instant his belly would start to show the same signs as Kate but even more since Jake wanted every last drop of his thick white cum, after 5 minutes straight of cum pumping Jake’s belly had grown slightly past the size of Kate’s before she pulled his head off, even for the long amount of straight cumming they would still be blasted all over their faces. There they kneeled, completely filled with cum after two amazing blowjobs, of course that didn’t mean they were done as Kate climb onto the bed and position herself right on top of Theo.

Kate: “Theo dear, did you think we were done?~” She said in her most dominant tone

Theo: “Of course not Kate, in fact we’re just getting started~

” That would be one of the last things Theo would say as he slammed her down, forcing all of his cock balls deep inside her pussy. Immediately Kate was a moaning mess as Theo slid down and started thrusting like a jackhammer hits the ground, Jake could only watch as his twin sister was getting pounded harder and harder which would break any woman’s mind, which for Kate it already did. After hours of harder lustful pounding Theo would completely thrust inside of Kate and begin to pump more and more of his hot cream inside of her, cause Kate to finally break completely and cum with him, getting some onto Jakes gaped face. However, Theo was still not done with Kate as he lifted her up and out her into an almost full nelson position before starting to thrust again and again, gaining more and more speed and roughness as he when. Kate could barely even moan as she has gone from a lustful fox to a living sex toy for Theo’s ever hard dick, even in her almost blank mind all she could think of is cumming again. After more hours she would get her wish as Theo pumped one last load inside of her, filling her up to the brim. He’d set her down politely next to the window as cum rushed out of her, causing her to cum again. But even after all of this, Theo didn’t even look tired. He’d turn around to the astonished Jake.

Theo: “Your turn my femboy~” Jake wouldn’t show a sign of resistance or reluctance as he climbed onto the bed, getting on his knees and raising his ass into the air and moving his tail upward.

Jake: “Ravage me~ Make me into you cum bucket slut~”

Theo smiled as he says “With pleasure~” as he walked to the foot of the bed where Jake waited, soaking in every moment before finally getting right behind him, teasing his tight asshole with the tip of his cock before ramming it in, making Jake raise his head as he screamed in pleasure.

Theo: “Good boy~” That’s all he would say to Jake before he started doing more of his jackhammer-like thrusts which continued to get harder and faster over time. Theo continued to grin as he had his way with Jake, taking his time with him as the more time he took the larger his load will be, Theo knew that and would abuse that fact as he took the longest time with him. After the longest amount of time throughout it all Theo would moan as he starting blowing his last load deep inside Jake, which he could only moan for as he came as he was being filled to the brim already. Within minutes Jake had already been bloated but Theo wasn’t done, he continued pumping inside of him until he decided to pull out and splash the rest of this climax all over Jake’s ass. After a couple minutes of panting the silence would be broken.

Theo: “Well that was fun you two, a nice start to the week. But I’m going to get my clothes changed and leave you two to rest, toodles!~”

he said before waving at the twins and walking downstairs. It would take a long while before the minds of the twins could recover from the breaking, they just experienced, near 2 hours later at 10 pm they would be able to at least speak.

Kate: “Jake~”

Jake: “Yeah sis?~”

Kate: “I can’t feel my legs at all~”

Jake: “Neither can I~”

Kate: “This is going to be such an amazing week~”

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